Skate - Type Of Shit Lyrics

This be the type of shit that you ride to before catch a lit
We ain't gonna flex a bit, we ain't gotta flex a bit
And I got a Texas bitch, I ain't gotta tax a bitch
Pull up in a Lexus bitch and everybody saying yes it is, yes it is,
He the man, smoking weed and I pop again.
I been feeling good don't kill my vibe and I gotta lot of business on my mind,
And you know I dance with it, gotta show me I'm the man with it, fuck around and be the next candidate in it.
Ha, nah fuck that shit I ain't in to politics, get a paper put a gram in it

This be the type of shit, this be the type of shit, lil bitch
This be the type of shit, this be the type of shit, lil bitch
This be the type of shit, this be the type of shit, lil bitch
This be the type of shit, this be the type of shit, lil bitch

This be the type of shit, listen to it when you pipe a bitch,
I ain't ever got wife a [?] tell her make sure that my family living right and shit, it's like,
This be the day and age that everybody wanna turn up to, fuck it, fuck it.
We been living day to day smoking paper planes like fuck it,
This be the type of shit, we never hyping shit, I put my life on it 'til die, everybody else wanna take they time,
Seems like they not in the right state of mind,
Seems like they out of the gas, out of the swag, out of the weed,
Seems like they out of the plug, out of the bud, know what I mean? Know what I mean, shit

This be the type of shit, this be the type of shit, lil bitch
This be the type of shit, this be the type of shit, lil bitch
This be the type of shit, this be the type of shit, lil bitch
This be the type of shit, this be the type of shit, lil bitch

Aye y'all ain't think I could fucking snap like that on it
Skaterade coming soon man, January 17, that's the day I turn 21 too
So look out for the kid man, we bout to turn the fuck up!
And we still smoking big joints man, fresh led gang gang

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Skate Type Of Shit Comments
  1. Derrick Brantley

    I hate how this shit got 40k 😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. Kathy Lawrence

    I love u sk8 every song is lit!!!! I'm in love with you

  3. Kyla Lawson

    still my shit in 2019

  4. Thugga Baby LYC

    2019 ?!?! shii still bang idc 🥶❗️

  5. Liyah Woods

    2 years later and this is still my shit

  6. Ricky Holden


  7. Yuliana Tinoco

    This shitz still fire in 2018!!!

  8. Monte G

    i like how he says pull in in a lexus but he standing next to a jeep

  9. Yaya Keita

    This editing was dope as hell! Great video man!

  10. Albert Rodriguez

    Who is the other guy?

  11. Sipan 27


  12. Ohmygodhiscokisbig

    another example of a dumb white rapper. he's talking about how he's the man and all this shit yet he's not on the radio or got a record deal. he must think he's the man in his own mind.


    +Ohmygodhiscokisbig sounds like someone is a bit insecure why pick on someone for being confident ? Daddy didn't love you ?

  13. Drink more water

    this that type of shit

  14. Honor Roll Filmz

    Did You use a metabones adapter on the Sony??

  15. Eva Ave

    He dabbed on it😍 yass

  16. Thermalized

    Good type of shit. I Like it 😀

  17. x d

    This is a type of shit. so, trueee.

  18. Favoritiism

    Wut cinda pc u got? Just curious:P. And that's great news. My edits are going to be delayed:(

  19. alexander uwu

    He did better on Like That with Jack and Jack tbh

  20. Shay All Day

    yesss!!! <3 You snapped skatee this fire nbs.

  21. Dylan Holmes

    It was pretty dope

  22. 805 Mad Hatter

    damm bad ass!! where can I get his music to put on radio bad words are cool university radio stations kcsb 91.9

  23. JJ Hanash

    Who rents a Jeep Wrangler for a music video..

    Elijah X. Media

    +JJ Hanash reall nice

    Sydney Adams

    Your stupid, how bout you try and rent a jeep. Bet you can't. So stop talkin shit.


    +JJ Hanash Someone doing a video in the dirt.


    +EliteHero36 lmaooooo

    Kathy Lawrence

    Might be his Jeep how u know it's rented

  24. Nate

    this shit fyeeee 🔥🔥

  25. Zach Shipley

    the beat is dope tho

    Zach Shipley

    +Elite Beats - | Hip Hop Instrumentals | Rap Beats sure why not

    That1 Dude

    +Zach Shipley original still better tho Off The Record - Promoe

  26. Jason Cisko


  27. JwillMusicc

    This shit fire 💯

  28. Tony Lopez

    this song is badass

  29. Austin Martin

    this is everything wrong with mainstream rap. did you even try when you wrote this?

    Cristian Padilla

    Every song doesn't have to change the world man. Sometimes you just need a nice beat and a good flow to vibe to.

    x d

    +Austin Martin white rappers need to look at samson and put some heart into it.

  30. Chris Consalvo

    this is dope

  31. Jose Ramirez

    try doing how futuristic does maybe that will be more popular.

    Jose Ramirez

    +Reichen W yea he definitly needs girls to bring in attention

    Reichen Whalen

    +Jose Ramirez that would be way better

    Jose Ramirez

    +Reichen W yea

    Reichen Whalen

    +Jose Ramirez I don't understand how people like this

    Jose Ramirez

    +Reichen W I know

  32. Knock /Da Deathstroke

    And I gotta text this bitch,
    I don't even gotta text a bitch

    Jesus my phone's on fire


    Sticky Arrow

    +Knock Matt I think he said, "And I got a Texas bitch."

    Jamison Cook

    Texas. He sad Texas.



  33. Young Savage

    It's dope

  34. Johnathan Colin

    Its Dope

  35. Mohammed Yousef

    Yooooo, mad props this guy is awesome!

  36. Senay Negasi

    damn I thought this shit was some black guy's song but he killed it 🔥

  37. Clouty _Si

    Just in time, great job

  38. Karkat Vantas

    I was watching kubz Scouts he accidentally said shituation then this popped up in my feed

  39. TheBuffNerds

    Skate - Type Of Shit


    It's not a re-upload because it's never been uploaded to this channel. It was uploaded to SKATE's channel