Skate - Time Zone Lyrics

Slip into another..

I slip into another time zone, time zone
You gonn miss me when the time's gone, time's gone

Lets take off
Ride around town with the top down on my level, mane
Ohh the kid got boss but it seems ain't nobody wanna tell 'em, mane
That's cool with me cuz I keep it all yo myself
Only reason they mad
Cuz I'm makin money pardon my wealth
Really it's hard to explain,
How I came up in the game
I was addicted to the life,
I was addicted to the fame,
I was addicted to the fans screamin' my name..
Oh it's a dream,
Always wanted to be part of a team,
My self-esteem
Higher than ever, I do it for me
I do it for ma, do it for pop
You know the grind, it never stops
For all the times that I was caught
Runnin' from cops
Did it a lot (I did it a lot)
And now things changed
And I'm on a roll
Sellin' shows and
I'm 'bout to...

[Chorus x4]

Lace up
This game is competitive
Don' t get repetitive (don't get repetitive)
Right now we turnin' up
All in this party
We don't need a Saturday (don't need a Saturday)
Bumpin' the music loud
I can't hear nothin' but sound
It's goim' down
Ballin' like Kobe Bryant in the full
I'm showin' out
Puffin' all out
Into another time zone
Life has been a knock-out
Time is movin' slow as ever make me pull my cock-out
All I do is smile homie pass it on
Life is another doobie then I find somethin' to ash it on
Latch it on (latch it on)
All these women got me goin' crazy
And all this weed it got me bein' lazy
And baby
Do you wanna be what be what I'm on? well
Come with me and we can

[Chorus x4]

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