Skate - She Don't Know Lyrics

[Jack J:]
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still, I said
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still, I said
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still, I said
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still
She don't know me but she digging me still, she don't know me but she digging me still
She don't know me but she digging me still, she don't know me but she digging me still

Yeah, smooth criminal I'm a young mike
I'm a boss 'cause my clothes are right
Too many outfits, too much swag
Who thought a young boy, do it like that
I'm gonna dive in it shawty gon' vibe with it
Show me your freaky side, I can see you hiding it
Coming through the crib you don't even know me
But damn baby, it's okay you can show me
You came through with your homie
And he'll be leaving here lonely
And I don't wanna front
But we with the team and we roll around and stunt
Like oh,
I'm with the crew
Girl you know what to do
It's a chess game and I'm steady making moves
On a jet plane so I'm flyer than you, you

[Jack J:]
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still, I said
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still, I said
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still, I said
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still
She don't know me but she digging me still, she don't know me but she digging me still
She don't know me but she digging me still, she don't know me but she digging me still

[Jack J:]
Uh, uh, let's get it
Yeah she don't know me but she digging me still
Yeah I do what I feel
We eaten good every meal
I got a show to go kill
Don't see a name on the bill so Please get out my face I hate when people blowing my chill
Girl, we ain't even on a first name basis
You don't know me but I'll keep you up like a facelift
And yeah I see the way you giving me them gazes
I wanna get your number but my phone been dead for ages
So maybe I can slide through
Watch a movie, get to touching when it's time to
You's a five times two
Yeah I think I like you
So much that I might do, girl I'm tryna wife you
Hold up, I'm just playing around
But in your local club, you best belief they're playing my sound
I got my head in the clouds
It's probably cause of the loud
I got the haters asking how the hell I'm doing it but right now

[Jack J:]
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still, I said
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still, I said
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still, I said
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still
She don't know me but she digging me still, she don't know me but she digging me still
She don't know me but she digging me still, she don't know me but she digging me still

(She don't even know about me, she don't really know about me)
(She don't even know about me, she don't really know about me)

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Skate She Don't Know Comments
  1. Mia Orefice

    forever a bop

  2. Mrflamingo 3

    The song that describes me and my ex but it turned out so good before we broke up


    Omg first time that I heard this Master piece♡

  4. Rithi Hussain

    2018 anyone??

  5. Itza Ramirez


  6. jor dab

    im so late but johnson slayed this

  7. Dez Procter

    I love the start when they are lookin at the sign

  8. J Perez

    skate maloley ugggggghhh

  9. Kali J

    I listen to this song at least 20 times a day.

  10. yoon seok

    At first I didn't know it was Jack J *cause I don't read titles lol* and then I heard him say "she" and "diggin" and I was like yep this is J

  11. Gianna Angel

    That moment when JackandJack YouTube channel put this in a playlist

    Im Just Here To Comment On Videos


  12. sydney elizabiteh

    hardcore swerve into J's lane daamn

  13. Im Just Here To Comment On Videos

    Is it normal to like the video before watching it!?

  14. Laura Kobinska

    this needs to be on spotify <3

  15. Shytaysha Chavez

    always was on repeat <3 !

  16. katfendiii !

    how do you make these videos? I've been looking for apps/tutorials for weeks

  17. Jayda B

    Omfg I didn't know skate could sing like THAT😳😍

  18. Bbyg. Jayy

    The song is nice 😀 My two babes that still show us love in one song is the best

  19. kayah marie

    Still Listening❤️😈

  20. Anh Thu Nguyen

    Jack j is talented

  21. Elena Radke

    This is really good JJ and Sk8 need to make more music together

  22. ВИКА Тучова

    I love you, Jack Johnson!!!!

  23. Chanel Higheagle

    Honestly, Jack J and Nate are good friends so they wanted to make a song together, Jadison isn't relevant to this because they aren't mentioned. Stop acting like jealous fangirls because Madison makes Jack G happy so I'm happy. Ya'll need to chill

    Fratt Boy Gilinsky

    U need 2 stfu😂😂😂😂

    Im Just Here To Comment On Videos

    Fratt Boy Gilinsky+ I honestly dont find that funny...

    Mariana Carvalho

    and 2 years later...

  24. Nicole x

    this is still the shit 👌👌

  25. Simone Spencer

    Swerving into JJ's lane

    mel-X-issa sanches

    Simone Spencer always been in his lane

  26. James J

    funny they didn't copyright this ; )

  27. Cat Devil

    1:09 dammnnn nate back at it again withe beautiful voice

  28. Kathy

    Is Johnson the one singing the chorus?

    Elisa Cuesta

    yaas isn't his voice gorgeous?


    @Elisa Cuesta yess it is

  29. Arlene Lopez

    I love this song

  30. dearestbabbe

    this song is amazing your lyrics are amazing

  31. Sicily Birlem

    this is my song hahaha

  32. Sjm Productions

    Jack J and Skate sound so good together❤

  33. Ebony Siepmann

    😍😍😍 im so loving this song 😊

  34. VictoriaMaria Velez

    I love this song. I can just see this playing in a club or at a party.

  35. Hannah Messer

    JACK JOHNSON WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?                                                                                               does anyone else relate

  36. Hannah Messer

    Has anyone herd about Camila and Shawn

  37. Jillian Abshagen

    Love this song it is on repeat everyday

  38. Hannah Smith

    i love this song omg

  39. Carlos Munoz

    who needs Jack and Jack when you have Jack and skate tbh I used to love Madison and Jack G. but she's just messing with his career Jack J. is better without Jack G.

    Amanda was here

    Julie Aubry

    The fact is JJ is most talented. He can rap, write songs, sing, play the piano, play the guitare, dance... JG is very good, really, but JJ is always better, it's a fact. Together they make an awesome work, but JJ could make the same alone

  40. Zoe Andrews

    Thank you so much for the lyrics. I love this song so much, I couldn't find the right lyrics. Thank youuuuuu <3

  41. Lorianaxxx

    Words cant explain how much I love this song ❤️❤️😀😀😀😀

  42. Nurin Jazlina

    This was posted on Jack Johnson's birthday omg!!😍😍😍 Love you forever JJ💖

  43. amaria johnson

    I'm sorry but I don't see gilinsky coming out with any singles . I feel like Johnson does all the work now. no hate towards him and mads but Johnson even admitted he doesn't have any to talk to when he hangs out with Madison. I just feel like Johnson is getting left out.

    Jalonii Agnew

    Exactly tho

    Alyssa Skidmore

    Yeh I see ur point but I guess G doesn't want to not spend time with Mads and one of them is always on tour. I think it's awesome that Johnson is getting himself out there and showing everyone that he can do it himself and he will become hella famous

    Chanel Higheagle

    +Lyss Dodds oml yes but i dont think Johnson will want to leave G bc they are like brothers but idk

    yoon seok

    amaria johnson awww poor jack j I would hang wit em he's the bae and he's so amazing and talented

  44. Nolwenn P

    I love the song 😍👌 but... I am french and I am kind of confused : in school we learn that with he/she it's "doesn't" but here it's "don't" so is it just for the song or can we say both?

    Nolwenn P

    @Aliyah Adil oh okay! Thanks 😄❤

    Melissa Raymond

    I'm sorry that I accidentally reported this comment :(

  45. chloe shirt

    all the fucking hate I have just read about people slating maddison, your probably just jealous also it is his choice I'm sure he wouldn't do something he didn't want to just like any other human being

  46. Baby Cheol

    When this song came out I listened to it like 100 times in a row but thanks for the lyrics:)

  47. Cayla W

    I wish they would've went harder on this rapping wise because the chorus is fireeeee

  48. Oliwia Stasiuk

    Johnson is a very good  singer  ♥♥♥

  49. Sophie Cheung

    Wow!!!! When was this????? I feel like such a bad fan/fake fan...

  50. Jessica Marquez

    I don't see why y'all are bring up Jadison on the comments they don't even mention them in the song so why bring them up? This is Johnson and skate, not jack or Madison

  51. Hannah Lyman

    @Kawaii Emily listen to this! im dying! this is amazing!!

  52. Alina Brown

    They need to make a music video stat!!!!! :-)! :-) :-) :-)!!

  53. Luciana Burton

    I'm really tired of people talking about Jack G and Madison. And I get that she was a "hoe" in all but God. If you really cared about Jack G , y'all would approve it . Do you guys get how he feels that's his fans talk so much crap , Yeah he might be a little distant from Jack J but he known Johnson forever and I don't think he'll just drop Johnson for Madison. Like come on guys. Have some faith in Gilinsky.

  54. Shelby Clifford

    The repeat button is my best friend

  55. Sophie Basically

    Why are people bringing Jack G and Madison Into This .... So what if it's Jack J and Not Jack G get the fuck over it and get on with your life ...

  56. Tori Bryson

    Is it just me or does anyone else love when Johnson was singing and same for skate in where art thou(sorry if I spelled that wrong) they both need to sing more but you know still rap

  57. Katie Martin

    Words can't explain how much I love Jack Johnson

    Hannah Messer

    +Katie Martin  He's the best isn't he =)

    Mahnoor Badshah

    Exactly I love jack johnson

  58. Kamryn Lyons

    Lively Coastin' give me life

  59. Angel

    Ive met skate but I didn't know him then😂

  60. Angel

    I'm gonna cry this is perfect😭💘

  61. Mukta Ubale

    when Johnson started rapping, :):):):):)):):)

  62. Rosario Fernandez Bettini

    JJ always make a good job, I love the lyrics!

  63. Kimberly A

    tbh- ok the songs good💯 .. can we please enjoy/ appreciate it. you guys are talking about why Jack G wasn't on the song like if it's relevant he was obviously not available to do the song and so what if he was with Madison.. that's his life, he can hang or go out with whoever he wants, just because you don't like her or the fact that she's friends with him doesn't mean you have to spread hate.. just chill.. and spread positive vibes💗 //

  64. tatiana berta

    Love you the music❤❤

  65. Monica Mendoza

    OMG THATS MY BABY JOHNSON SINGING THE CHORUS😭😭😭💘omg he's actually singing and he sounds amazing 😍he should sing more 💕💘💙💛💜

  66. ThatSabrina

    why all the comments bashing Madison? Why don't we just pay attention to this song? *which is amazing might I add*

  67. Ro villa


  68. Arliii

    i love this song, cant stop playing it

  69. simplyxangie

    I actually really like this song.

  70. Zahra Atti

    I love this Song! !!!

  71. Savannah D

    Nate's voice sounds sexy af with autotune

  72. destinee mcdonald

    nate and johnson really make like a good pair, like geez i like this better than jack and jack tbh oops

  73. Synthia martes

    This song needs a music video omg*-*

  74. Karla Alvarez

    I just love the beginning and the chorus 

  75. Soleil LaMontagne

    This is not what I expected. I expected nate to be like rapping a lot, but damn it changed up real quick , 100-1,000 real quick

  76. Kat Alexis

    this is goodddddddddd and jack johnson tweeted about it

  77. Rachel Innes

    I'm so happy that jack j and Nate are becoming closer since jack g is with Madison (I don't have anything against Madison beer tho) x

  78. Idefk Mikala


  79. Sophia Calderon

    They did such a good job. I love seeing them getting better and better by each song i belive there gonna be huge singers😊 KEEP IT UP

  80. Hannah Ross

    You guys always upload lyric vids to my favorite songs omg ily

  81. Alexis C

    Congrats!!! Johnson tweeted your video!!! 😁😁😁😁

  82. Pau SupFac

    @JackJackJohnson: … dope lyric video ayeeeee

  83. Diana Navatijo

    Johnson just tweeted this congrats

  84. breena warms

    Johnsonnn tweeted this 

  85. dummy

    johnson tweeted out the video babe !! 😭😭😭💖 congrats

  86. Pau SupFac

    omggggg Jack Johnson shoutout your video on twitter !!!!!

  87. Rebecca Aguilar

    Jack johnson brought me here

  88. Vanessa Campos


  89. Val Thoughts

    Can we just say that your Channel is the best lirycs Channel in the universeeeee!!!
    I love yout account srsly!!

  90. Maddie Mccroskey

    So proud of Jack 😍 And @Lively Coastin' Thank You Thank You Thank You for the best lyric videos!
    (You sound great Jack! -And Skate- And I wish that G would start singing, and worry about his career a little more-Like or comment if you AGREE-)
    (No Hate, Just saying)
    Love ya jack and Skate! Keep up the good work! 😍💎✔

    Maddie Mccroskey

    Ok, Sorry I didn't even see or know why Skates names crossed out, Love ya Skate ;) (And Jack)

  91. Eline Lein

    I love Johnson's and Nate's work on this (: And thank you so much for finally uploading the lyrics!

  92. soul punk

    is that my baby Johnson actually singing in the chorus instead of rapping!?!?!??!? Bchdbsndjfjrk omg a fucking angel

    Chloe L

    Thinking the same thing.😍😍❤️

  93. Veronica Dodd

    I love this song! This my jam! I keep replayin this song. But I wish Jack G was in it but he's too busy hangin around Madison Beer Aka Thoty Beer. Madison is just messin his career up.
    ( Just saying) X (


    +Mixer What are you talking about? I never said crap. I said of course she's going to be nice to fans because they're the reason she's famous, just like any other famous person is. You don't know her. I guarantee no one on here knows her and I mean really knows her. So I'm not telling them that because I don't know her and neither do you

    idk man

    She isn't ruining his career. She doesn't have the ultimate power to do that if his career is ruined than its his won fault. Stop trying to blame MADISON for his decisions.

    Galilea Luna

    I know I'm SUPER late and I honestly don't care about jack and Madison's relationship but I think it's pretty dumb that people say that if we love jack that we have to support him. I disagree. Just because jack is dating someone doesn't mean we automatically have to love and worship them. We all have different opinions on people and if some don't like Madison then that's their opinion. You don't go bashing on people cause of dumb stuff like that. Sorry I had to rant but anyway rant over!!

    Maria Mendiola

    Veronica Dodd. So true


    Veronica Dodd I don't like her don't get me wrong but I'm just angry at her like forever just because she was messing his career up.

  94. Hayley Allen

    Love this so much x

  95. Amya Kimbrough

    Jack G isn't in this because he with that slut people call Madison beer😒😵i feel sorry for Jack J but oh well as we can see. He isn't letting jack g poor decisions on gf material stop him from making music. Keep it up Jack I loveee uuu bae

    AdriThe Unicorn

    True. Plus he could go to jail because he's 19 and Madison is 16

    Liz Van Duuren

    +AdriThe Unicorn really!? they are only 3 years apart that isn't that much -.-

    zariah P

    +Liz Van Duuren she's a minor that's why

    Alyssa Skidmore

    +AdriTheUnicorn Actually Hun so it's not illegal. If Madison and him want to do things with eachother they can she is of legal age. If she was 15 it would be illegal so next time try and get ur facts straight before u go commenting shit

    Alonia Gonzales

    Amya Kimbrough right!! How r u gonna leave ur Best Friend for a little thot thot thot like come on now G wtf r u doing ✋🏽✋🏽

  96. Reign Hibbert


    and the reason Jack Gilinsky wasnt in it is because he's with thotison😂👏

    Jack Fan

    Ruby Brandon G deserved better always but she made him happy, isn’t that what’s important? If any of these ppl actually cared about him, they would respect his feelings and whatever happened between G and Mad is their business, not ours

    Vanessa Arceo

    @Jenna Garcia well it's 4 years later where are we now

    Jenna Garcia

    Vanessa Arceo wdym? If you’re talking about supporting Jack G, then I still support him.

    Jack Fan

    Jenna Garcia and that’s what matters.

    Vanessa Arceo

    @Jenna Garcia No I mean the lies that Madison told and all that shit

  97. marzrover


  98. Gladys Salazar

    i love your channel :))))

    Maddie Mccroskey

    Same! :)

  99. Keylee Mitchem

    Is jack j singing the she don't even know part??

    Jenna Neiman

    +SweetieSims 😂😂😂

    Jenna Neiman

    +SweetieSims 😂😂😂

    Angeli Deleon

    Keylee Mitchem yeah. He is singing the she don't even know part


    Keylee Mitchem yes

  100. Roxane

    Who sing the chorus ?? Is Nate no ??

    lilly ha

    It's Jack J