Skate - Rolling Lyrics

What it is what it be
To the O to the G
Lot of people looking up to me
But they older then me
Lot of women on their bullshit
And they know what it mean
Ima take a bad bitch to the crib
Hit it all damn night and she know when to leave
But I gotta get back to the basics
Lot of people got a dream don't chance it
Lot of people work don't make it
Given up no patience

Not a lotta time
I been on my grind
Do it for the money, while they do it for the vine
I just wanna shine
Prove it to the people I can rhyme
Gotta put it all over the line

I'm rollin' thou'
Got me out here rollin' thou'
I'm riding for my family like there's no tomorrow
I'm rollin' thou'
Got me out here rollin' thou'
I'm riding for my family that shits protocol

We rolling thou' [x2]
It's a party and my homies and we going thou
We going thou
We rolling thou
My team got the juice and we ain't showin' off

[Derek Luh:]
Just a life in a day
From the East to The Bay
Got a J in my face
Roll it all in my waist
Keep a hoe in her place [x2]
I ain't [?]

Show it down and speed it up
Hold it down, till we eaten bruh
Makin' moves and [?]
Sippin' and smokin that purple
Actin like I ain't at work hoe
Need a stack for that verse thou
My shit bang no kurt co
If there's a problem we all rollin' up
My skin tone gone throw them off
My big homie [?]
You say you ain't a pussy but we know it cuz

I'm rollin' thou'
Got me out here rollin' thou'
I'm riding for my family like there's no tomorrow
I'm rollin' thou'
Got me out here rollin' thou'
I'm riding for my family that shits protocol

We rolling thou' [x2]
It's a party and my homies and we going thou
We going thou
We rolling thou
My team got the juice and we ain't showin' off

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Skate Rolling Comments
  1. Anakam Rotciv

    I love love love this song🔥🔥

  2. Benjamin Schiltz

    Who else is still vibing to this in 2020?

  3. STEVEO1966

    The intro alone🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. johnny b

    I've only heard this track once before, and that was on the radio in the summer of 1983 when I was 17, but I've thought about it on and off ever since. It was a beautiful summer here in the UK that year, but I was also going through a lot of angst at the time, and this song has a sense of angst (as does a lot of reggae). What stuck in my mind most is when the song goes into toasting at 3:30! Lovely to hear it again!

  5. Arthur Armonia

    Jahlove from Tahiti 🇵🇫

  6. Василий Питкин


  7. kahu Tonga

    This was my jam and my family loves them who's watching in 2020




    Magnifique song

  8. Imogene's Crozier

    Yes we need to know respect to each other

  9. Sofiane Sekour



    Life without music is boring , for music is soul

  11. shirajai

    I’m hear because of the Fabulous Dancing Dolls and Juke band!

  12. Pablo Agovic


  13. Pablo Agovic

    Like music ! 😘😔😪

  14. Matt Phillips


  15. Pancho Skills

    This my new favorite song 😂💯🚫🧢

  16. S Ghatisingh

    Trini’s in 2020 anyone?

  17. Yosh Baltazar

    dat beginning tho

  18. 8:16 am

    Beavis says reggae at 3:25

  19. 8:16 am

    A more complete song does not exist

  20. Wu Tang

    Coming into the new decade and still a classic. I can’t go life without music!

  21. Jesper Lamprecht


  22. Space Koi

    RIP Grizzly

  23. J Ma

    Life without music clearly isn't life..

  24. Jerome Henry

    Leggo My Radio U No Hear.

  25. nai emma la douce

    J adore 👍🎵🎶❤🙏🕊😘👏💛

  26. Florent Glory


  27. Salvador Rodriguez

    🎶 Life without music I can't go! 🎶

  28. Marioji The Roller Dancer Guru

    I love your Music !

  29. Mary Barrett

    Reminds me of “high school “ in the 80’s

  30. Ron Wright

    Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom, Yes they are the same mon!.......... He musta get a beaten! Classic

  31. Fabien Tassie

    Rastafari sound,thx vibration :)

  32. Wez T

    You can’t take my radio 📻

  33. Jonny Applesead

    Samuel dumbass is a bit lame he must lead a life of shame Soma dem call him uncle sam. Summa Dem call him uncle Tom. Uncle Sam and uncle tom... Yes dey are da same man.

    Drum and the base hafta me move me waist lyricas and song are to keep me strong.

    Him hafta getta beatin. Him hafta get. Beatin

  34. Jonny Applesead

    Guy jumped on me and stepped my clothes.. smash then grab my radio. Calling all detectives.. a criminal at large. Smoking a big fat cigar in a flashy car.. he thinks he's some super star.

    Can't get away.. crime don't pay.

  35. Jonny Applesead

    The only man that I contest is the man who steal my wireless.

  36. Sandy Tarot

    This song needs a video ♥

  37. Aduha Dx

    Hackerhamin, thanks for giving the delorean ride through here 👍

  38. madame top 1

    Life with that music thum thum .

  39. Audette Lissone

    Classic 🇬🇾

  40. Tiffany Muir

    Every day I play me some steel pulse,RESPECT WITH LOVE JAH ALMIGHTY BLESSINGS❤💛💚

  41. Maxcine Harris

    Ivory ivory I can't live without my music give back my raido

  42. net harad

    2020 toujours avec ma paire de rollers MAGIC

  43. Daniell D Musik

    Very nice

  44. Sandy Gilchrist

    Lawd have mercy....Classic

  45. Neiva YuGiOh!*C


  46. Luis Carlos Pereira De Carvalho


  47. Firusse Di

    4:20 mexa,s...f..

  48. Lloyd Moses

    Song will never get old straight classic still current in 2019


    Lloyd Moses, you ain’t neva lied my brotha...✊🏾

    Rose R


    Chris Smith

    But it's the year of 2020!

    Lloyd Moses

    @Chris Smith still listen bro

  49. Met Geezus

    2020 South Carolinian smokin n rappin artist still here rn 10:14pm 11/12/20

  50. A.D DDD

    J'adore ce groupe

  51. Roy

    Eliminate the source. its her

  52. Jose Crespo

    What a story man! Sounds like the streets I grew up.

  53. Mr. Beasley


  54. John Phelps

    Is that HR from badbrains

  55. Charles williams


  56. El Izquierdoso

    Almost reaching my sixties and discovering this wonderful music .Never is too late..


    Love this song the reggae SOMETHING ELSE man

  58. skateMNvx1000

    uncle same and uncle tom yes they are the same man.

  59. Tamyce Tyler

    CHICAGO. ....RITE HERE!!!!

  60. elohssa ym kciL

    this jam bumps hella

    elohssa ym kciL

    chicks and they moms be diggin it

  61. Kanakafarian Raider

    LIFE!!!!!!!! Without music I can't Go Yo....Give me back my Raaaaaadiiiiooooo!!!!

  62. Douhghlie04

    I love this band. Real funky groovy tunes put me in an irie feeling!

  63. babyfirefly

    Heard this for the first time today riding in my friends truck. He was smoking a joint too lol. Love it!

  64. Da Plug

    Out On The Corner With My Rollerskates⛸⛸😏🤙🏾
    Life, Life Without Music I Can’t Gooooo❤️💚💛🥁🎷🎺🎸🎻🎹🎧🎤🎶🤞🏾🙌🏾

  65. Wayne Gourdine

    Life without music 📀🎤☹️

  66. money Mig MM

    First song I heard when I first discovered steel pulse , I fell in love with the vibe 💯

  67. mauri farro

    Check out the screw version

  68. yamcha god of destruction

    I can't go life without music

  69. Michael Berg

    For reggae rock and everything jamming, see my channel!

  70. El Mehdi Hannane

    Peace and love, from Morocco

  71. julie roseberry

    love ittt

  72. Leah Augustine

    no musik
    no life

  73. Saint Bryan

    2019 anyone?

  74. Jorge A. Echeandia Canales

    People who dislike this song, is the kind who believes shakira makes music, or ricky martin fans.

  75. yamcha god of destruction

    I can't go

  76. Hilda Esewe

    Grew up loving this song and Steel Pulse the group for so many years now

  77. Kainy Francois

    This song is So Beautiful 2019 still bumpin this like its Brank knew

    money Mig MM


  78. Stevie Dee

    I can’t live my life with out music 🎶


    Jah no star wicked tune riddim tough

  80. David Maddox

    2019 and FOREVER...........MUCH RESPECT!

  81. zach rubin

    the dislikes definitely came from the scumbag that smashed and grabbed the radio

  82. Kuul

    Bless from Estonia

  83. YuLisha MaDhiOusS

    I gwan 🙏

  84. Frank Vasquez

    Qué rolón

  85. Xeon636

    the rhythm of the lyrics how they sit on top of the beat and instruments. MAN this band just composed some exceptional reggae. One of a kind!

  86. One Bean


  87. Craig Smith


  88. Duke City Music Fest Enthusiast

    Had the pleasure of seeing them perform in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With Tribal Seeds at a local brewery and they were phenomenal. Every song was full of passion and professionalism. Much love!

  89. Mark B

    If you don’t like this music something is really wrong with your hearing!

  90. Sir Basty

    Fantastic band. Light years ahead of everybody apart from Bob Marley.💯👌👌👌❤

  91. Tune'n Fork Records

    Classic dope#

  92. Alisha Tobias

    All time favorite

  93. Leonardo Ortiz

    The picture of them is so nice , they look like really nice friends ...good vibes from mejico !!

  94. Bolawa Ilori

    I just love this track

  95. Traveling Adventure Variety

    The musical genius of steel pulse never fails to make me dance.