Skate - Perky's Calling Remix Lyrics

Thinkin' about my family, yeah, I miss them (miss them)
Thinkin' about em times when I ain't listen (listen)
I been out here ballin like a piston (piston)
Lookin' at my wrist, like how its glistenin'
I been getting lost up in the money bag (money bag)
Do a show in Cali get my money back (money back)
Everybody talking like I'm mad cool (mad cool)
I guess that's why they telling me the cash rules (turn up)
I guess that's why they telling me to sign too (sign too)
It's money only thing that's on they mind too (true)
But I been steady tryna get this rap right
So I can go and get my brothers out the Trap life (Trap life)

When I hit that microphone, I never lie (never)
When I hit that gas, you know I'm hella high (whoo)
Thinkin' about them struggles we would go through (go through)
And I ain't one to say it, but I told you (told you)
I told you that we'd be here from the start though
Cause every single thing I spit is from the heart though (heart though)
I'm lookin' at this music like it's art though
I'm listenin' to this music off a bar though (agh!)

I ain't got no time
I ain't got no time

To waste it on this shit I'm focused on the grind
And I been smoking heavy, lightly sippin'
And lately I've been feeling hella different

I've been on a vibe
I've been on a vibe

Thinking about my life when I be 25
Shit, I guess I'm already 21
On the west coast, soakin up the sunny sun (yuh)
On the west coast, but I'm from the middle
Mama used to cook them eggs up on the griddle (whip it up)
I remember ball when I was little (I was little)
I used to have it all when I was little (when I was little)
I used to have it all, but I wanted more (yuh)
So when I get ahead, I'm runnin' up the score (runnin')
When I get ahead I'm taking over

And best believe when I get head I'm never sober (agh!)
Colder, this world is getting colder
That's why I keep this chip up on my shoulder (whoo!)
Talk is hella cheap, too, imma show ya (show ya)
I'm ready for this war, just like a soldier (stab it)
The industry be flocking like some vultures (vultures)
The government, they wanna just control us (yuh)
That's why I always gotta keep one rolled up (I do)
Know them other drugs are always so cut
So cut, but I'm thinkin' "So what"
Imma try it anyways, I'm dying, so what

So what, whatchu really here fo' (here fo)
Tell me what's your purpose whatchu'd kill fo' (kill fo)
And tell me who you really fucking care fo' (care fo')
And make sure that you watch over the care fo' (care fo)
'Cause ain't nobody safe up on this battle field (battle field)
People snitching left and right
They on some tattle tale (tattle tale)

Go and board a plane
Go and board plane (fly)
Go and fly out to another state (go on)

Forget about that shit, forget about them hoes (forget it)
Forget about them bricks, forget about them O's (whoo!)
Forget about that life, forget about them drugs (yuh)
Forget about that wife, forget about that love (forgert it)
Forget about that bruh, forget about that cuz (yuh)
Forget about that banging shit, it's nothin' much (nothin')

And I can't talk about, what I don't know
I wasn't from the streets, so I don't know
But I was never given anything
You know I had to work for everything (everything)

You know I had to work for everything (everything)
You know I had to work for everything (everything)
You know I had to work for everything
You know I had to work for everything
You know I had to work for everything

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Skate Perky's Calling Remix Comments
  1. s2knott

    Just heard this looking for r&b remixes of this song. Such a great track but terrible original lyrics (future). You killed it!

  2. Nita Rose

    Just want you to know Skate, this is still a banger to me in 2019


    Nita Rose agreed I hope the new song with Wiz will get him noticed more


    Kushkillazkronik facts

  3. Anastasia Zika

    I'm a sk8 fan since his first soundcloud releases, I can't forget rushing home to listen to twenty-fifteen when it released.. that man never disappoints guys I'm telling you stan him

  4. Aj Jaccsin

    On my momma r.i.p this shit off the mfuccing ricter on me 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Timothy Jacobs

    Why isn't this on Spotify fam

  6. Albany Alejo

    This is fucking gay, go listen to undercovers by primo and rascal same best better lyrics

  7. the gigxl

    Wtf why the subtitles. They ruin the video

    S Sastre

    the gigxl bc is a lyrics video 🙄


    Some people can't hear fuckboyyyy

  8. El Kuapo G

    best perkys calling remix

  9. Joseph Ward

    Another dole track by little homie sk8 u my boi stay up no lies n the studio

  10. Alba

    maybe you should change the title or something because it's difficult find this video :)


    I mean, if I look in the search youtube did not appear :S


    I mean, if I look in the search youtube did not appear :S

    S Sastre

    Sí, pensé en eso, gracias!!