Skate - GG Lyrics

I been gettin' gone
I been gettin' gone

I been gettin' gone, kush is gettin' strong
Roll me up a cone, money gettin' long
Take your main girl, dick her down, send her home
And I hit the crib, roll some weed and make my song
[?], yeah
Yeah, bitch, hold up, yeah
Put my team up on the map, yeah
Wildest shit I ever had, yeah
Don't play with my money, don't play with my patience
Remember grindin', flippin' ounces for paper
I used to turn for them special occasions
But lately I been in my zone

And I been gettin' gone, I been gettin' gone
I been gettin' gone, I been gettin' gone, gone, gone
I been gettin' gone, I been gettin' gone
I been gettin' gone, I been gettin' gone, gone, gone, gone
I been gettin' gone

Rollin' dank in the crib, rollin' dank with your bitch
TCH when I piss, pullin' up to the Ritz
Poppin' bottles in the suite, [?] the weed
Air Jordans on the feet, fuckin' shawty, then I leave
And there a lot of people hittin' my phone
But I been swervin' and chillin' at home
Faded too long, I might pull up in the morn'
'Cause lately I been in my zone

And I been gettin' gone, I been gettin' gone
I been gettin' gone, I been gettin' gone, gone, gone
I been gettin' gone, I been gettin' gone
I been gettin' gone, I been gettin' gone, gone, gone, gone
I been gettin' gone

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Skate GG Comments
  1. Vytautas Poskus

    Matt, you look like a chicken nugget

  2. LuzMaria Gomez

    Mathias's sucks

  3. TMONEY & DD

    Ayyyyyyyyy boy wat sup

  4. Molly Tracey

    Hi guys you are the best gamers ever

  5. Deonna Rich

    Hey my thighs

  6. Erin Files

    “ I wanna get high all the time”

  7. Bird 9

    Conner beat skate 1 2 3 but he’s still mongo pushing

  8. Timmy Ceraldi

    Their is a speedy glitch

    2.jump and catch the board
    P.s you can get the board

  9. NayNyy

    Why is this Fail Time

  10. bob thebuilder

    he has no brain

  11. Edric Chang

    Conner's point: 173,022 and Matt's point: 124799

  12. Zain Al-Saood

    Team edge gaming?????

  13. Ashtag Dicken

    connor wearing at shirt saying conner

  14. Trey Baire

    Ya me too I had this game on my Xbox 360 put likes if you had this game on your Xbox 360 or Xbox1 or ps4

  15. Ian Snyder

    Superman flies 9:59

  16. Eminem

    ᴡʜᴀᴛ ʜᴇᴄᴛɪᴄ ᴍᴜsɪᴄ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇɢɪɴɴɪɴɢ xᴅ

  17. Turtlelever 23

    I don’t think I have a plate in my head but I can do that to without it hurting

  18. Fatal Runner

    Matt is just bad

  19. dj da goat boy

    Oh my gosh

  20. Jacob Garcia

    Whenever I play skate three my score was 5 million thousand 777,000

  21. Nickolas Drescher

    Do super ultra mega park

  22. Debra Reilly

    conner #1

  23. Colton Jace

    Matthias exclaims: I’M GOING TO DESTROY YOU KNOW!

    Connor casually says: No.

    (Sorry Connor/Conner if I spelt ur name wrong. I have a brother and he spells his name Connor.)

  24. Chase Curry

    Skate 1,2 and 3 is the best

  25. Chase Curry

    Matthias is bad at skate boarding video games

  26. kamryn boyd

    make s cheat code video

  27. jefufa jefufa

    I have one million board sales

  28. Brianna Harrison

    Do A glitch

  29. Almogozi

    Now it's Fail Time

  30. Prince Diamond Blue Geminite

    When you find the Old Team Edge Gaming channel and wonder why they didn't move all their videos to GG.
    So team edge gaming is a "Fail"?


    That's what I thought....

  31. Sparks AnIMaTION studios/Gaming

    I found team eage gaming in 2019!

    Sparks AnIMaTION studios/Gaming

    i thought i was dead xp

  32. Sherrelle Richter

    I did you buy this game fo 360

  33. Nancy Quiroz

    Im sad that team egde gameming was canceld

  34. Ayden Tursun

    Team edge gaming rip

  35. Panda Savage

    0:26 that’s the definition of what she said
    Edit: never mind it is 1:18

  36. Michael Dodd

    Connor is like yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  37. Torrie Paninski

    I like matt the least

  38. Susan M

    Milly cirus

  39. joejigglez1

    How do you turn on hall of meat

  40. B Stewart

    That's because you don't have a brain.

  41. MasterXdatoy

    Who else remembered team edge gaming

  42. Connie Hocker

    At a point in the vid mats character flew like a superman in training

  43. Mad Alex

    At the observatory there is a giant ramp you could go on.
    Like if you have tried this.

  44. taqy nouiouat

    this really is so hilarious try to make a try not to laugh game thingy

  45. taqy nouiouat

    connor has a wooden head

  46. Kathy Hemphill

    Play roblox

  47. Anthony Dimauro

    do you mean fail time

  48. Pluto the planet

    Were are the Daisy's!!!!! 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 idk why I commented this but also aim left

  49. Rena kobi

    ANYONE please matt looks 15 years younger withouy a beard but he still looks good both ways

  50. Cros H

    This is on gale time not team eage gaming

  51. Brandon Davis

    That's what she said that's a nasty thing

  52. bumbleBstrong6 U

    So anticlimactic take that to my channel

  53. Tristan Whitehead

    Rip 😢💰🔫🌈⭐️⛈💶💫🌬🧬☄️👺🔪💨⚡️💨💥👺👿⛅️☠️⛅️☠️💫💀☂️💀⛄️👽👽

  54. Tristan Whitehead

    Dead 💀

  55. Ight Bye

    Who’s in 2019

  56. Wanderson Queiroga

    My b day is on the 6th

  57. Jakester gamer Gore

    Connor you are the best at gaming

  58. Jakester gamer Gore

    I’m here

  59. Landun_p Haha

    its sugar glass EXPoSED

  60. Muhammad Aman

    Yah cemen😎😎😎😎😎🐰

  61. Machinegun 6997

    Why is it called fail time

  62. the most ultimate challenger

    Dude nadado

  63. Dragonquest 123

    Conner has a plate in his head?

  64. Rose 365

    I miss this channel! Bring it back plz

  65. Melissa Evans

    My dad shattered both of his heels

  66. Luz Nino

    2019 im from the future

  67. Mika ammons

    notifacation spuad!!!!!!!

  68. Roper Periman

    Connor gets shot in the forhead he says I don’t feel it

  69. Sike_evolved

    Y do they look green like if u agree Lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

  70. Chayce S

    iDOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooo

  71. iDab

    "I wanna get hiiiiigh!" Matt

  72. Faded Cayde

    OMG Matt where's your Beard

  73. Cassandra Perna

    When Matt said nothing and the look on connor’s face made me laugh my head off!🤣

  74. keandra revian

    im laughing at 6:12
    and 2:57

  75. SquareApple YT

    does it bug anyone else that they are mongo pushing

  76. BNTN Respawn


  77. BNTN Respawn

    Your score was 63,6433

  78. Roper Periman

    Mats for head is as high as wiz kalifa

  79. Lamar Johnson

    every bone. that breaks i feel like that was my bone

  80. Bethany Campione

    This'll sound random if you haven't watched the video, but Connor's head is really cool!

  81. Squidle y

    This makes me want to play skate 3

  82. Monae’ Elaine

    My. Science

  83. Nelson Leung

    Hi I’m feeling better today

  84. Kortex 101

    It was 46036

  85. AnZ Sam

    10:23 but connor wheres your friends


    so cool Matt

  87. Jumpstart64

    At 8:53 he says to stop and so it’s gonna stop. Lol. Like if you liked it and thanks for the likes.

  88. Pohhhu gyhb


  89. AL545

    Hi my these

  90. Evap kai

    Bet u all $1 u read this