Skarlett Riot - The Wounded Lyrics

From every wound there is a scar
And with every step I take
The longer they take to heal
The weaker that I feel
Oh, and I can't commit
To this fragile heart
The pain that's taken over
The outrage, the heartache

Oh, you're the weakness inside me, the poison
Oh, you're the venom I can't see
You keep pulling me in, to the darkest place
Face down in the dirt
You love it when I hurt
Oh, you're the weakness inside me
Inside me

I suffocate with every word
Every lie, every move you made
I detoxicate, eliminatethose mistakes
I won't let you suck me dry
I'm stronger now from all the scars you made
They fade away, you slip away, I escaped
You mean nothing to me

Oh, you're the weakness inside me, the poison
Oh, you're the venom I can't see
You keep pulling me in, to the darkest place
Face down in the dirt
You love it when I hurt
Oh, you're the weakness inside me
Inside me

Oh, you're the weakness inside me, the poison
Oh, you're the venom I can't see
You keep pulling me in, to the darkest place
Face down in the dirt
You love it when I hurt
Oh, you're the weakness inside me
Inside me

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Skarlett Riot The Wounded Comments
  1. ghost



    I want to sing with her

  3. Richard Miller

    Electronic harmonizing is generic

  4. Gautham Menon

    The riffs are pretty cool for a rock band...they need more attention...

  5. Ivan Septian

    I like this song
    #imfromimdonesia 🇲🇨

  6. Saiku

    Vocalist looks like The Waitress from its always sunny, except this must have been her emo phase.

  7. Miguel Zagal

    Holy fuck! You guys bang! 🇺🇸🤘🏼 This song is definitely a riot!

  8. Leonardo Paoletti

    Saw them 2 years ago, awesome

  9. Sam Estrada

    Looking all over for tabs ....... cant find them 😢

    Andy Lee

    Same 🤷

  10. Iron Ballz

    Here is how you calculate billions of dollars... you take the project and problems that I solved for the USAF that succeeded and the ALQ-213 is mounted on 2,000 aircrafts world wide... F-16v cost $100 million dollars per pop If shot down without EW/ECM PROTECTING... which it will if these specs and detailed designs falls into the wrong hands... you still want me to buy those cyanid pills if I ever get captured and tortured??? hmmm this is what the future will look like in this country and y’all will have to trust me again with my life and career and work and A QUIET ACADEMIC LIFE WITH MY GOD AND MY CAREER IN THIS COUNTRY IN THE FUTURE. Are you sure you can protect me everyday for the next 40 years of my lifespan!!!??! Hmmm this is what y’all do for a long time while the kids have to work in a new way to make it work...

  11. Vasy Vasin

    Started with Arch enemy!!!

  12. Veruslux

    Nice Song!

  13. Norm Lawrence

    Then who was you talking to

  14. Iron Ballz

    Ain’t nobody good but GOD ALONE...

    I do this for a god damn living ... ISLAMIC TERRORISTS!!!! Hahahahz

  15. Norm Lawrence

    what is this? I like your music that's all

  16. Naylet C

    Voz ultra popera, mejor me voy a escuchar a dua lipa, ella si tendría voz para este género. Pero mira cómo es la vida, tú aquí y ella allá

  17. Iron Ballz

    “Innovate to SURVIVE.” - Jews on why Israel is a START UP NATION

  18. Iron Ballz

    I cannot sleep in the same bed as someone else. I don’t want to live in the same room as someone else at night. I don’t want to live in the same crib with someone else 24/7. I need my own place right here. My parents have 10 houses. Pick one and I will make sure to make it a beautiful home for you. But I refuse to leave here. I like it here... all of his hostile foreign energy keeps me on the edgy at every second of the day... like the Jews in The Middle East. I am pretty sadomasochist. I like the pain and the threat against me at all times... it keeps my mind SHARP AND LUCID.

  19. beans

    LMFAO, The only other person I've ever heard sing like this, was Ian Watkins, end of.

  20. powerofbass

    miss some growl etc in it :D ... just sorry, this would be better in black/dead metal version :D

  21. AndreiDrearts Ultra

    O meu ovo!

  22. Jesse Emerson

    November 2019, and I am still wounded by how much this song still rocks! <3

    Ian Price

    Unbelievably was sat next to Chloe (Skarlett) at a Halestorm gig this week! What a lovely woman, chatted to her for quite while! Can't wait for the next material

  23. El Poderoso With The Mic.

    i love you

  24. Сергей Поздняков

    Если честно слабовато, девушка не вытягивает, а хуйня война 2-3 года практики и будет норм) в остальном все гуд


    *(((((((((( 2 0 1 9 ))))))))))*

  26. Ian Price

    I need another skarlett riot tour!

  27. Victor Von Deathstroke

    Paramore 2.0

  28. Throatwobbler Mangrove

    Excellent instrumentals, and it sounds like she has a good voice, but I think it's mixed poorly because her voice is drowned out by the instruments. It really needs to stand out more, and I'm listening with headphones.

  29. Steven Metal

    One more song!!!!

  30. Z-star *

    New guitar goal

  31. Razar Raz

    Not half bad. I was expecting to hear metal roaring from her not singing, pleasently suprised. Definitely worked.

  32. Futa Rede

    Uh not scream musix

  33. James Mcnaught

    Those vocals are heavy she has vocal authority you hear the power in her voice

  34. Open Source

    Not bad

  35. Rafael Oliveira

    Achei essa banda do nada, e me apaixonei, do nada! Instrumental foda!

    Rick Rodriguês

    Slc... Muito foda !!!!

    Rick Rodriguês

    É disso q eu gosto!!! Tavo procurando faz tempo um estilo assim ,música foda!!! Né man

    Kern Storge

    Também curti muito o instrumental! \m/

    Karolyna Pz

    Procura por In This Moment!!

  36. Ian Price

    You can always judge a band by how good they are live compared to their albums! This band don't disappoint, awesome comes to mind. Cant wait for the next tour, please come to Hull!

  37. James Mcnaught

    They are at their best when they are heavy dam she is good the band too

  38. Mark Pugh

    Love the heavy music with clean female vocals

  39. myself&me

    silversteinish but it´s a woman

  40. uyunk Wahyudi

    Pokal rendah music geber, kurang enak

  41. Viq

    Her performances always come off so over reacted but the music is good and she is hot.

  42. Vomit Girl

    Skarlett Riot really kick ass metal

  43. cole young

    my first time hearing your music. I'm a new fan. awesome!

    Darth Revan

    Same man

    Darth Revan

    Hearing this girl voice first time makes me appreciate girls in rock music more

  44. Fabiana Araújo

    Cadê os BR nessa porra?

  45. Skrmng Hrd

    come to Minnesota

  46. Kolya Коля

    офигенный голос!!!!!! просто бомба!!!)))

  47. Monnie Riot

    Lol are we related?! You have my stage last name >.< ha

  48. Tom Dodds

    Awesome group period

  49. William Masters

    There is Fame in the wind when you here this......The Writing with the grove .. OMG you guys go beyond rock... never lose it amazing Group Chemistry ....

  50. Satoa Pendragon

    Stumble across you guys. End up downloading from iTunes. Loving the music❤️

  51. mark clift

    But does it djent?

  52. TheVandalia

    the beggining with 1.25 speed

  53. Israel Carvalho


  54. 1969YOKO

    I love u Chloe...

  55. Roman Vlad

    Damn the guitar guy is killing it.

  56. donkey mr donkey

    She is beautiful
    The girl is beautiful
    -Andrew WK

  57. Drift wood

    The drums 😍

  58. Diones Santos

    Algum BR Safadão

  59. Faded Illusions

    I was distracted from the song by the beauty of the vocalist...

  60. steven lynch

    Incredible voice Ultimate proof that Heavey Metal music will never die.

  61. Andy Lee

    Anyone know where I can find tabs for this?

  62. Alexandra nyc

    loooooooove it.

  63. SlyArtË

    It seems Power Metalcore, great combo! And nice vocals!

  64. Marvyn Thaxter

    Love this band every song is amazing

  65. Dalvanir A.Queiroz

    Linda canta dimais🌷

  66. Impact-Go 90

    Love it! It does slightly bother me she's not ACTUALLY headbanging tho

  67. grantg98

    How this band isn't famous is a crime. They're SO good.

    Marvyn Thaxter

    I totally agree

  68. Pawel

    good music,pls more

  69. nier auto

    AWESOME 😁😁😁😁😁

  70. Jason Ignasius

    I pressed the like button immediately only just after i heard the intro. Lol. And it would be nicer if there were a little bit of screams in this song.

    J. Ruben Avila

    I agree completely with this comment. Some screams would be nice, but it's a good song either way. 😎

  71. lebor bamon

    very good song...loved it

  72. Ian Price

    Watched them 2 weeks ago on tour.... Amazing & when you look at the crap on the radio these days, you have to wonder what the hell is going on when bands like these are overlooked. All you can do is keep supporting them & hope they get the break they deserve!

  73. {Gorina} ALL_STAR

    i love it

  74. Sam Estrada

    That riff that bass those drums that voice........I hope they go the distance

  75. Jackson Greene

    nice shoes

  76. Adam kahn

    i dont know how to feel about selling off adult material to finance your music, but im not one to judge. do what you gotta do to win, because if you really wrote all of these tunes ive heard so far, it deserves to be out there. just the first time ive ran into something like this lol


    what do you mean selling off adult material?

    Adam kahn

    @ShadowManV3 im not gonna put her on blast for it, but dig a little deeper into who she is and all the things she does to finance the band. It didnt take me much digging


    @Adam kahn I mean you already kinda did haha I looked her name up and the only thing I could find wasnt even that bad, just some pics of her in her underwear.

  77. Pete Thorley

    Does anyone know where i can get a belt like Chloe's?

  78. Music You Need To Hear!!! Top 10 / 20

    Although "Feel" is their most popular song, I think this song is my favorite.

  79. Manuel Silva

    Great voice! I'd love to hear her do some pat benatar covers. Maybe 'Shadows of the Night' and 'You Better Run'.

  80. Gen Wilk

    Too many computer generated,autotuning worthless so called musicians out there. This is a total breath of fresh air.

  81. Gen Wilk

    Where has this been all my life? Awesome. ROCK LIVES🤘

  82. stefanos greece

    Nice,very nice!

  83. TinkerBushatron

    I'm actually gutted. I saw you guys when you supported funeral for a friend in grimsby a few years ago and I hadn't heard of you before then, now im really liking the music and its a bit late for me to be doing so :')

  84. Pirat Eden

    awesome song!

  85. Manga Fan

    turkish subtitle pls

  86. Radsan

    Not too bad at all!

  87. Karen Ahtram

    2019 xD

    Eren Yega

    Tamo junto girl

  88. Kai Gorkila

    I remember the first time I heard this intro I was like :o

  89. HxCxDxE

    Another "Metal" girl singing alt rock with a generic voice and nothing unique about them.... no wonder I had never heard of them before

  90. Angy BMTH


  91. Antonio lewis

    Bullet for My Valentine, nice!

  92. Nícollas Verner

    Chloe Drinkwater ❤️

  93. เค้าอ่ะน่ารักนะ 00


  94. Music You Need To Hear!!! Top 10 / 20

    Recommend this group. So far only one or two tracks I did not like. But that's standard.

  95. Paul Bystrzan

    Drums.... hard to cover - the syle is amazing - For me80% of this song is about grate drums and bass.

  96. alex dalton

    I hated that drum intro just came on my ps3 sounds so much like miss may I

  97. Roberto San

    Love s2s2s2 SKarLeTT Riot