Skaggs, Ricky - Soldier Of The Cross Lyrics

Soldier of the cross soldier of the cross You carry the sort of fate
Soldier of the cross soldier of the cross You bring love to those who hate
You bring love to those who hate
And the pendulum swings side to side
Where you gonna run where you gonna hide
When he comes down only you can tell
What it's gonna be heaven or hell
He's a stranger in this valley where many a men met his grave
And the voices in the silence sing od the life he can save
But the river runs deep and the river is wide
How you gonna get to the other side
Pendulum swing only you can tell
You gotta let them choice heaven or hell
And the pendulum swings side to side
Where you gonna run where you gonna hide
Living on the line only you can tell
What it's gonna be heaven or hell
Soldier of the cross soldier of the cross
You carry the sort of fate
Soldier of the cross soldier of the cross
You bring love to those who hate
You bring love to those who hate
You bring love to those who hate
You bring love you bring love
You bring love you bring love
You bring love you bring love

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Skaggs, Ricky Soldier Of The Cross Comments
  1. German Lopez

    Good Lord almighty.

  2. Susie-Q

    I just love this orchestration, with the bluegrass group ,especially the song, keep coming back to listen over and over , it's just that good, every musician spot on :)

  3. Captain AhabO

    I am not religious at all until I listen to this album! In my opinion Ricky Skaggs and his band are the cleanest, tightest show in the world, you won't find one better anyway. This kind of commitment to excellence is very hard to come by these days...especially in music.

  4. Jeff Morton

    The Osborne Brothers did an album with an orchestra...very good it was called "I Can Hear Kentucky Calling Me" recorded in 1980. I found it on here ont he Takes bluegrass album channel.

  5. Susie-Q

    I love this performance...

  6. Mindset

    The most talented bluegrass band that’s ever been, everyone in it is a master at their instruments, and there’s so much power in the harmonies

  7. Hardworking Peasant

    God Bless you thank you for posting this it gives me strength to fight the good fight ever moment and keep my magic in my heart. Times are not easy for true believers with Faith Hope and Love of all natural Gods creation

  8. Brett Bevill


  9. Gion Tesla

    This is the culture you Americans need to spread across the world. Music brings love to those who hate!

  10. GP McD

    Always loved this song.

  11. Stanley R Carpenter

    Good and pure.

  12. Avis Swope


  13. Sean Martinman

    Is that Jim Mills on the dobro.?

  14. Sam Artist

    Praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus.. He is my Redeemer..Shed His blood on the tree.. God raised Him from the dead, To me, This was truly touched by The Creator..Amen..

  15. Avis Swope


  16. Avis Swope


  17. Deborah Bailey

    Wow! That's beautiful!!!

  18. Susie-Q

    Oh So much better than pretty well, it's Awesome.....every instrument and every hand that played ...

  19. Samantha Eddy

    Wonder who this song is about?

  20. Samantha Eddy

    just awesome,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  21. JJCaesar

    He reminds me of Varys.

  22. Michelle A


  23. Randy Goff

    Can anyone tell me how do I purchase a copy of this arrangement?

  24. Sam Artist

    Splendid!! Doesn't get any better!

  25. Sam Artist

    Splendid!! Doesn't get any better!

  26. Trouble Maker

    Really remarkable David..great stuff..this song gives you goosebumps..well done sir

  27. Peter Hall

    What is the guitar tuning Ricky is using ?

    Matt Cook

    Regular 440 tuning. He's holding a B chord with the B and E bottom strings open

  28. James Carr

    the notes off that fiddle were the blood of jesus-power in the blood 4 sure!

  29. GIB

    "Pretty well" is the understatement of the year Mr. Powell!

  30. sexxycowgurl88

    just give ur hearts to Jesus people

  31. Link Union

    Without a doubt One of the best bands of all time.

  32. Holly Campbell


  33. liktom

    Oh David Powell you did good, real good... Beautiful... Thank you for this...

  34. Gion Tesla

    This is the strenght of America. Let your children listen to bluegrass, they'll learn to love music. Thank you americans!


    No. The strength of America is that there are still HUGE swathes of us who are not ashamed of Christ, and NO ONE will bully us into being ashamed. We DO carry the sword of Faith.

    Gion Tesla

    Ih8tGugel Setting religion apart from this discussion, which is great, but I am speaking about musical culture!

    Captain AhabO

    I am not at all religious but I don't need to be religious to appreciate the passion that it produces...I think soldier Of The Cross is one of the best albums ever made.

  35. Tom Harmon

    You bring love to those who hate....great message...beautifully done!

  36. Bruce Deville

    It turned out well, thank you.

  37. josh napier

    So beautiful

  38. Juanita Buron

    This is pride, purdy. Nita

  39. Scotland McKinzie

    Holy crap, at 5:14 that is Darren Vincent.  I knew he played with Ricky Skaggs, but that is the first time I have seen on stage at the same time.

  40. Edro Hillbilly


  41. Charlene Gross

    <3 Beautiful.

  42. oh my god surface

    I love this song!!!

  43. ducko2424

    Greats song! I Loved it!

  44. Celabelle DeCadix

    I just love, love the harmony and the fiddle player is fabulous.


    Andy Leftwich on fiddle,is allso a fantastic mando player!

    Celabelle DeCadix

    Thanks for the name, Targetteer1, I'll check him out. (In my next life I want to play just like him.) They're all fabulous anyway. :)


    Absolutely fabulous !!!

  45. doobster2010

    This is an awesome song. Great with or without the orchestra.

  46. Roy Kassey

    Fantastic mix love Ricky Skaggs and KT and with the Boston Pops thanks a lot

  47. Charles Riley


  48. MrsFiddlePlayer

    There is nothing like having the Boston Pops as your back up 'band.' lol :) Great song AND arrangement. Thanks for posting. :)

  49. David Powell

    Thanks so much!

  50. David Powell

    Nothing is available commercially. Sorry

  51. buckwheat

    David-beautiful arrangemnet!!! Simply beautiful what else can I say. I do not have the words!!! Thank you and GOD BLESS!

  52. L L

    David, I have looked a little across the internet for this arrangement. Specifically, I am looking for the fiddle/violin arrangement. Is this available somewhere? Thanks

  53. lisa mann

    wow love it

  54. Bobby Renfrow

    I have followed Ricky Skaggs music for some 30+ yrs. and this is one of the best I've heard in a long time.

  55. Alwey Wong

    Do you believe for a moment that Ricky would show up at an event like this with second rate musicians? He knows the best and they are on stage with him.

  56. solodini

    That fiddle sounds so nice. Great recording, great performance, great arrangement. Bravo!

  57. Jeff Murdock

    Hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for the arrangement, and thanks for posting.

  58. tnthorses

    I hope that you will not only become a believer in Christ (God) but also a follower too for even the demons believe & tremble. When I was 17 I was in a deep depression. I was in my room & got down on my knees and & prayed a prayer something like this: I don't know if you exist but if you do please help me. God healed me right there. I became a believer but not a follower. He let my self will run riot for a while, 'till about 24 then he called me to let go of all that and surrender my life- will

  59. Debbie Anderson

    Love Andy on the fiddle!!!!

  60. Pam Crews

    Great job David Powell!

  61. Timothy Woodcock

    !st of all...Someone mentioned that these guy's are master's of their instrument...As a bluegrass musician, I can testify for each one of those gentleman that they are master's of ALL "bluegrass" acoustic instrument's!..2ndly...The message that this group send's with each and every song is powerful and, has even gotten the attention of the non-believer. Blending them with the Boston Pops was ingenious! Thanks for posting!

  62. Timothy Polley

    As a pastor writing his Sunday sermon today, I truly appreciate the music of faith and conviction that Mr. Skaggs communicates in his ministry of music.

  63. Bobby Renfrow

    You could have not put a better group together than this. I've listened to Ricky Scaggs for many years. And along with the Boston Pops Orchestra this was just great. The song really make you think.

  64. Bobby Renfrow

    The Lord is going to spread the waters so I can just walk across.

  65. Tyrone Buckley

    This song asks the most important question we will ever be asked....and it demands an answer whether we like it or not.

  66. Kathie Kennedy

    Gives me chills! The most beautiful song ever - and no one could do it like Ricky and KY Thunder. Having the Boston Pops behind them is just delicious! I bet that is the most fun the Pops has ever had! Reckon some of them ended up crossing over to the promise land of Bluegrass! Love it!!

  67. Kathie Kennedy

    It doesn't get any better than this! Ricky Skaggs and KY Thunder with Boston Pops - true musicians and incredible harmonies. This song brings the chill bumps.

  68. meme12

    But the river runs deep, and the river is wide, how you gonna get to other side????

  69. bbouch111

    Anything's possible. Go for it.

  70. diprimareber

    @BatMastersonJr thank you

  71. Bat Masterson

    @diprimareber : In a word: no.

  72. diprimareber

    is it possible for a saxophone to play blue grass music

  73. DogsInAPile83

    Fantastic work David Powell. That was simply stunning.....words fail me.

    Thank you.......

  74. roselovr2004

    Omigosh, I've never known that they did this--I'm one of Lorin Rowan's fans and have not had a chance to really check out Mr. Skaggs' music a whole lot. WOW. His voice is clear as a bell and this is just beautiful. THANKS FOR POSTING!

  75. samoanfun11

    I too am a soldier of THE CROSS.

  76. LordJesusIlove


  77. Ricardo Ferreira de Oliveira

    superb performance!

  78. David Powell

    @JerusalemTomorrow24 Thank you for the kind (and observant) comment. This was my favorite of the 5 of my arrangements they played.

  79. Denny Tidwell

    I love good fiddle.

  80. dwt56

    Used to stand outside the window at my homeplace church on homecoming..the adults would be inside listening to downhome gospel...the songs would stop me in my tracks from... playing....This stopped me in my tracks today ...just like back then

  81. Allen Deaver


  82. plucknpick

    Funny, the audience PAID to see this music...Bluegrassers get to play/hear this music, all over the country, at countless jams (house, city squares, etc) .
    And Ricky is just bringing the tradition we grassers enjoy to ya'll!!

  83. plucknpick

    Funny, the audience PAID to see this music...Bluegrassers get to play/hear this music, all over the country, at countless jams (house, city squares, etc) .

  84. Jeff Boudreau

    I believe "Soldier of the Cross" is based upon Lorin Rowan's "Soldiers of the Cross". Somehow a "s" got dropped.

  85. ronald gallant

    im going to see him and kentucky...... nov.6..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..omg omg.

  86. Graymare78

    This is absolutely one of the most beautiful arrangements for a song that I have ever heard! And believe me, I have heard a lot because I love bluegrass (well, all music!) and have tons of old bluegrass albums and tapes. This chokes me up every time I hear it and I try to listen at least 3-4 times a week.

  87. andrewschmidt20

    Is there a recording of this concert? CD or DVD or whatever?

  88. Tim Simpson

    This is one of those arrangements that you get caught up in and
    never want it to end, Thanks.

  89. Bob Ginn

    David, where can I get a decent audio file of this?...or even an un-compressed video?...actually, I would love to have all 5 songs!!! Wonderful, wonderful arranging!!!

  90. John Randal Alden

    Ricky, i want to talk to you. I want to know how many people got Saved that night. I hope the conductor. man thank you for your good work. God bless.

  91. Eddie B

    This, is harmony. And it wasn't manufactured in a Nashville studio.......the Man upstairs created those voices.

  92. John Randal Alden

    this is so good. the best.

  93. John Randal Alden

    all these people got saved that night. praise God,

  94. BJ TheChristianTrucker

    Great job to David and Ricky!

  95. BJ TheChristianTrucker

    Great job to David and Ricky! God Bless you! B.J.

  96. GuerillaReporter

    Outstanding! Hoo-ah!

  97. Daniel Waun

    Such a heavenly sound really lifts a man's spirit when in need. God bless bluegrass.

  98. kevin kinder

    i played this for my girlfriend at her dads grave on the Ohio river-Thank you!

  99. Robert Phelps

    sweet cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  100. Lucarius1

    sounds really great.