Skaggs, Ricky - Give Us Rain Lyrics

Grandpa raised a family on a worn out cotton farm
Borrowed money on his word he never did nobody harm
Sometimes he'd get discouraged when a dry spell came around
He'd go out in the cotton field and kneel down on the ground

Give us rain on this dry ole ground today
Give us rain wash the trouble times away
I believe your faithful i'm not meaning to complain
But Lord we sure could use a little rain
Lord we sure could use a little rain

I moved to the city when I was twenty two
I saw a way of living that my grandpa never knew
I'm a different kind of famer in a different kind of field
Planting words hope in a ground that's hard as steel
There's a crop of thirsty people in this dry ole dusty town
Grew up fast but withered when the scorching sun came down
Although there is a difference the need is still the same
Just like Grandpa's cotton field they need a little rain

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