Skaggs, Ricky - Coal Minin' Man Lyrics

Daylight or dark in rain or shine
It don't much matter down in the mine
Where the tunnel's deep Lord the air gets thin
That's the way of life for the minin' man
His lungs are weak his back is gone
His sixty years are plainly shown
Lived half his life down in the ground
A cold steel hammer rings a mournful sound
Daylight or dark in rain or shine...
I'll tell you son he said to me
There's just two things I pray to see
That the day my Savior calls me home
And to see my son stop minin' coal
Oh daddy dear I'll tell you true
There's nothing else for me to do
But to make my livin' underneath this land
And live and die a coal minin' man
Daylight or dark in rain or shine...

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Skaggs, Ricky Coal Minin' Man Comments
  1. Christian Evans

    “We got zipose in our pockets camel cigarettes, Merle Travis sang about us when he sang 16 tons, here’s to John l Lewis still our favorite son” - my pap (Delmas evans) 1944-2019

  2. Joe Minor

    Love it! Thus my last name...

  3. Alabama Fisher Of men

    My great grandaddy was a coal miner in Kentucky, God bless coal miners and their families

    joe blevins

    I'm also a coal miner from Kentucky. God bless the coal miners.

  4. Johnny LAW

    What kinda man gives this thumbs down? Go listen to flordia georgia line!

  5. shane m

    BURN MORE COAL !!!!!

  6. John Bird

    I'm a underground coal Miner since 2004 now,there is not a better job in the world, it gets old working your life away 6-7 days a week but it's a good honest living and unless you have worked underground you dont and will never know anything about it, it's a good living but you earn every penny you make,God bless the mining man

  7. Robert C.

    Nice song .

  8. Matthew Nance

    As a coalminer myself glad to see this video

  9. Steven Damron

    My great grandfather died in the coal mine in West Virginia

  10. Raven Gulley

    Amazing song my grandfather worked in the mines for over forty years. Deep respect for all coalminers!

  11. Mary Bush

    Love Ya Ricky! (Homeboy) <3 Mare

  12. Gil Knutson

    Great song. What album did it come from?

  13. Lowell Morse

    Sing It Son.

  14. Ronda Witt

    I start mining classes next week. I am excited.

  15. Jd Fishnerd

    God Bless... surface or underground these things all haunt our sleep till we die. Love the money but hate the life. just make it better for the kids. your days off are what you live for and they are PRECIOUS!!! amen and thank you to the dedicated souls that dig the black gold.No finer people to work with or to say farewell... I love you all!!!

  16. jerry coyt

    there is not a harder working man than someone who works in a deep mines.Been there and done that.

    John Bird

    I've been underground for over 15 years now, it's hard work but you love it,it gets in your heart and soul once a coal Miner always a Coal Miner!! God bless the coal mining man


    What about navy seals

    Austin Campbell

    God bless you

  17. Eric Skaggs


  18. Lonewolf 55

    God bless our miners my great grandpa. Died in the mines and my grandpa had black lung

  19. Ruth Robinette

    I'm a coal mines daughter my father died in 1999 by black lung cancer rest in peace daddy I miss you Clyde Robinette 1912-1999

  20. Alphonso Tate

    Great video

  21. Prime Jeremy

    My grandpa was put in a mine @ 7

  22. gold miner 49niner

    Thank  you  awesome song . Grandfather worked  65 YEARS  in coal  mines in USA Never got black lung .Passed away about 100 years old.

    Robert Henry

    Huh I can't believe that he lived that long with no black lung BC he did that so long bud I think it's impossible

    Raven Gulley

    My grandfather worked in the coal mines for over forty and died at the age of ninety!


    I always wonder how did some get it and some didn’t

    Raven Gulley

    He had black lung and knew about it after he got out of the mines but chose not to have treatment. He lived many years before passing away of black lung.

  23. NBA Playgrounds dribble god

    rip to my dad grandpa my nephew ill see u someday but with a buggie and shovle and pick axe

    yo Stonier

    NBA Playgrounds dribble god ' Veronica stonier love the video buīt my hearing isn't the best and there were a lot of words I couldn't make oùt. How are you doing Tommy , hope everything is good with you and your family. God bless Veronica stoniery

  24. Mike Barnett

    My G PA was a coal miner . He was from SW VA. but mined his coal in southern Wv.

    Mike Barnett

    joe blevins It's been a long time,but I think he worked at Pocahontas coal mine.

    joe blevins

    Mike, I know Pocahontas well, but I never worked in that part of West Virginia...I worked more in the Hatfield & McCoy's stomping ground...Mingo County West Virginia... I worked mostly in Matewan WV...You ever see the Movie, Matewan???...Great movie.

    Mike Barnett

    joe blevins Heard of Matawan .Don't think I saw the movie though.
    My grannies family ( Whitaker's ) had a feud too , that had a lot of similarities to the Hatfield's and McCoys,just not as famous!

    Dustin Vanover

    Mike I probably know some of your family because I'm from McDowell Co. wv

    Trads Salesone

    @Dustin Vanover Sorry, I just saw your post. My family is Barnetts, Whitakers, Burkes, wallaces etc.. Like I said, theres more of my family on the Virginia side.
    Yall doing alright? I know its rough times where you are with the mines shutting down and all.

  25. UAV PAP

    Hi, great video. I have done 2 short movies concerning mining in South Wales on my Youtube channel "UAV PAP". I hope to do more when time and weather permits.

  26. Michael Thomas

    this is a great song and family blood line to step son and grandson to.


    "Each dawn as we rise, Lord we all know too well,
    We face only one thing - a pit filled with hell.
    To scratch out a living the best we can,
    But deep in the heart, lies the soul of a man.
    With black covered faces, and hard calloused hands,
    We work the dark tunnels, unable to stand
    To labor and toil as we harvest the coals,
    We silently pray "Lord please harvest our souls".

    The Coal Miner's Prayer, By: W. Calvert

    God Rest them all. Will



  28. Sherry Green

    this is amazing, coal mining runs deep in my family. this song brought me to tears.

  29. Dookie Possum

    If you know a coal miner and this doesn't bring you to're cold. This is so amazing...great tribute to miners.


    My Dear Ronda, if you go to work for Mother Consol, or Bob Murray remember to check the roof, never go inby and for Gods sake never shit in intake air

    Ronda Witt

    ok. but I am not sure of what you mean. I complete my mining classes soon. I am excited in becoming a coal miner. thank you for your reply. thanks!!

    Ronda Witt

    I will be applying for Murray Coal in PA

    Sargehill67 Rudnick

    Dookie Possum I knew two my grandpap bring lump to throat Evey time seen my last grandpap half walf around oxygen on him so he could breath god bless every coal miner

  30. Crystal Belle

    Thank you, Joe, for sharing this beautiful song. I'm a coal miner's daughter from Wv, transplanted to NC many years ago with an out of work ex husband. He was a miner too. I've just stayed put and watched my son become a mechanic, raising his family now. This song was a reminder to me. Dad told me he spent much time under there talking to the Lord while working. Yes, he said regardless of weather, it was always the same there once so far back in. Thanks for the memories.