Sixpence None The Richer - Silent Night Lyrics

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round your Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Silent night, holy night
Shepherds quake at the sight
Glories stream from heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia
Christ, the Savior is born
Christ, the Savior is born

Christ, the Savior is born
Christ, the Savior is born

Silent night, holy night
Son of God, love's pure light
Radiant beams from Thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth

Christ is born, Alleluia

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Sixpence None The Richer Silent Night Comments
  1. Frank Mosterd

    Mijn kerstgedachte blijft voor altijd bestaan!!❤

  2. d sandy

    Selamat Natal.. ✨

  3. Cláudia Lisboa

    Melhor versão de todas ❤❤❤ feliz Natal!!!🙏🥂

  4. Alexander LC


  5. Llioness Jader

    love this version so much

  6. Roberto Sant' Ana

    Minha versão favorita... amo essa música!!

  7. Hand Rian

    The best version...

  8. mszama79


  9. Primarity 666

    i used to listen to this song when i was 9 yrs old, and now, im almost 20 and found this song again 💙

    Eva Haha14

    I feel you . Me when I was kindergarten my teacher recommended a song to us the title is angel we have heard on high until I saw this and make my one of my favorite songs and then I forget this song . That now I'm in fifth grade and remember this song , I remember my childhood memories and the great moments we have that old days and still I will love this song and especially GOD my saviour

  10. Matt Atthapon


  11. Onésimo Batista

    The best version of this song

  12. Leah Rasmussen

    So beautiful! I search it out every year!

  13. isfj1009

    This was beautiful.

  14. Audrey Rashelle

    she has scary eyes

  15. Bonnie Jane

    . soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! her voice reminds me of Dolly P.

  16. Jay Sut

    great voice good version

  17. ChromaticPlayer Paul

    Indeed a wonderful "silent night" version! Best regards

  18. Annie

    This was the very first video I've seen on Youtube.



  20. Camren Healy

    It makes me cry

  21. Nick Kickball

    2nd fave on my Christmas song list...AC/DC still has #1 slot


    This needs more views and likes

  23. Remo68

    This is the sweetest, cutest version ever! I love it so much but I don't know why it brings such a tear to my eye 😏 ❤

  24. Lil Miss Patriot


  25. Lil Miss Patriot

    Merry Christmas and God bless everyone!! ❤❤❤

  26. Tony S.

    Beautiful! Merry CHRISTmas, everyone!

  27. Ayanna Watts

    This is my favorite version of Silent Night ❤🎤

    Eme Be

    Mine too. I love this band, hope Leigh releases new material soon

    Ian Capara

    yeah. I always visit this every year when it is the season for Christmas

    mark austin

    Agreeed!! Mine too!

  28. MsLilpj

    Why didn't i find this befoorrreee 😤😤😿😿😿😿

    Ricardo Andrés

    Exactly I thought that. xD

  29. Dayana Madrid


  30. Sonja Fee

    Wieso höre ich keinen Ton?

  31. Diễm Trần

    a beautiful song

  32. Boaz Samson


  33. latware

    I always thought that nobody can bring anything new in something notorious as Silent night. Sixpence & Dan convinced me that yes, they did. Thank them and thank to the author of nice tiny video story! And peace and love to everybody (for the whole life) :)

  34. Paulino Albuquerque Neto

    Leigh Nash is a great singer !! Her voice is a gift from heaven !!

  35. Wanda Moulton

    Every single December I listen to this version. So peaceful...Wishing you all a wonderful and happy day <3

  36. diggity dog

    This song is always an emotional christmas song for me.....and this version is spectacular.

  37. observer on web

    bellissima versione. Bravi.

  38. surana9x

    best version 

  39. sk8412c

    Their voices are like sister and brother - Love it

  40. pilar anaya

    Gracias por regalarnos un material tan bueno durante el adviento y concretamente para esta noche tan especial. ¡Feliz Navidad!

  41. sammvoyager

    Seriously Google -- Ads in the middle of the playback?  douchebags

  42. melani loen


  43. Kim Wold

    i just discovered this band April 2014, where have you been? 

  44. evensout

    beautiful version and a very nice little video...

  45. Spencer Johnson

    wise-men.........came a year or so later.........:) awesome song:)

  46. Rhi Lawton

    It was my pleasure M... =)

  47. Manuela Wahnon

    I was feeling so very very down due to a diet of tv commercials about what they THINK is christmas is about.. when my young friend sensing my sadness sent me this ~ have heard it four times already and the best part is the star at the end...very well done all who made this and contributed to it... Manuela ..

  48. dcaffee

    Such a great video

  49. noonelikesluigi

    I enjoy singing this song all year long, such a melody.

  50. Mária Kollmannová

    Nadhera precitene tak a otom su Vianoce prisla k nam LASKA.......pozehnany den

  51. Heba Musalli

    Uuuuuuuuuummmmmmm oooookkkkkyyyyy

  52. juliadennehy

    "Love's pure light."
    Merry †mas. ☺

  53. Davi Gerlando

    Arranjos incríveis e a bela voz de Leigh Nash, fizeram dessa versão a mais bela de todas* Fantástico!

  54. John RossStar

    Anyone seen their Xmas show before? Is it 100% Xmas songs? I might go see them soon but hoping they play their hits as well...not a fan of Xmas.

  55. Olivia King

    Can't wait for that feeling Christmas time! :) I'll have that feeling in a month, after Haloween!

  56. JasonEasthamCC

    Heading into 'the season...' =) Not sure when it begins for you, but November 1st for me. Believe. †

  57. Stan Hong

    Love your Silent Night.
    Also like to thank you for your article on Resume playing videos on the same position where you left off. This led me to KMPlayer which works great.

  58. FavreianVengeance

    Yea, because that's what people are thinking when they use X-mas. If you want to honor Christ in this day and age; call it Christmas. Because in the 21st century, people use the X in a different way.

  59. Antonio Flores

    Que buena rolita pa irme a descansar tranquilamente, Feliz navidad!!!!

  60. PrisonbreakSPNheroes

    @xXOlgaXxBonaparteXx it is that good this is a beautiful version

  61. PrisonbreakSPNheroes

    I enjoy the song and that in part of it Dan and Leigh are singing two different lines I forgot the technical name for it but I love it. Merry Christmas

  62. Donna Schnaath

    This song always makes me think of my Dad. It was his favorite Christmas song. Sometimes he would sing it in German. Sweet video.

  63. juliadennehy

    Absolutely beautiful. I'm crying.

  64. TheKittenchica

    I prefer this version to all the other boring conventional types

  65. Hani_Wiz

    he crecido y soy una de las persona que disfruta con la navidad, no por los regalos sino porque puedo estar mas cerca de mi familia.

  66. Olga Bonaparte

    @bfskent And i'm one of the people who LIKED it.

  67. MsPeterpanda


  68. juliadennehy

    Please don't forget the Epiphany on January 6, 2012. Keep your tree lights on. Give a little gift to someone you love on the 6th. We are in the 12 days of Christmas right now... and the Three are still travelling. =)

  69. Obusan Rafael

    feels like I'm floating in air whenever I listen to this song...

  70. Clematis Larix

    How can you said that this isn't good?!?! This version is the truly spirit of Christmas

  71. Eric Burton

    Is there a way to get the video without the audio? Not that it isn't awesome - I LOVE this song, and Dan and Leigh are among my favorite singers and all - but I want to use it as a screensaver/wallpaper thing at a party. Anyway.

  72. watashi evilz

    Get A Nice Dream At Silent Night<3 :)

  73. NICOLEsnothere

    im starting to like sixpence none the richer !! are you guys a christian band ?

  74. Deffny Yubidi

    ooohh.,what a lovely christmas song.....

  75. Shar Ostrov

    Beautiful... cool! God Bless! ~Sharon ·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  76. juliadennehy

    @ninageorges7 =) Peace.

  77. juliadennehy

    Please come back, and save us all.

  78. Mariel Grace

    This song is freaking amazing. I dont care what anyone else says :)

  79. gothmum73

    I love this version of silent night,it's so beautiful

  80. Carlos Velazco


  81. Keith Osterberg

    For all those bend out of shape about using the X in Xmas, here is a little history lesson. The early Christians used the Greek letter Chi (X) to represent the word Χριστός, or "Christ." If it's good enough for the first century CE Christians, it's good enough for me. Also, the X reminds me of a cross, and that's not a bad reminder either; as beautiful as the nativity is, it is the resurrection that is central to our Christian faith.

  82. Mr Stewart

    @ninageorges7 Hello, I think you need to google "is Xmas Blasphemous?" ... Xmas really is not a blasphemous term sadly for your argument. :) the cross is one of the most holy image known to man for starters, it is a world recognised symbol. but also look up the origins of this 'X' when it comes to Christ. Thanks for reading - enjoy your research!

  83. Awkward and Awesome

    @ninageorges7 I'm not the one who typed 'X-mas' I was just laughing at your hypocrisy. If the Christmas holiday really has nothing to do with the birth of Christ, then why get your back up over calling it X-mas? Christ's mass without Christ = X-mass! =P
    As much as I appreciate you not trying to pick a fight, I feel I should warn you that the BEST way to cause a fight is to tell anyone how to think, what to feel, or in this case, what should or shouldn't sit right with them. ^_^

  84. Nanna Moon

    @eternamenteUcrema xmas? your Christian? lazy or just ignorant?

  85. Awkward and Awesome

    @ninageorges7 Actually it's speculated that Christ was born nowhere near Christmas day. Christmas is just a Christian-created holiday to replace the pagan holidays they were strong arming out of the picture.

  86. ctw

    i was listening thinking this is nice...then they started singing in harmony, and my heart melted. <3

  87. Stella Tutoriais

    very good! the music and "movie" kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  88. myjunefairy

    Most beautiful rendition righ there

  89. Alyssa Webber

    I love this song and I love the pampers commercial when they sing this song and the babies are sleeping iit is soo cute.

  90. Kinga G.

    kocham to! i love it is silent night!!!

  91. mdouthart

    This song, especially this particular version, always brings me to tears.

  92. Hugh James

    @alexjin83 U can B a Christian. Jesus came a baby, lived human life so He could offer us wonderful, beautiful Peace that's so, so real. God loves us. God has a wonderful plan 4 our life. But our sin separates us from God, His Love & His plan. Worse still my sin earned me eternal death in the lake of fire. I didn't want 2 go. Jesus came. He pled guilty to my sins. My death penalty was announced, HE paid it on the cross. I accept His death 4 me. I ask 4 His Peace. He gave it. ITS GRREAT! Try it.

  93. lai wei jin

    OK im not christian, but i like this song very much !!!! and im born on 25 dec 1983 wish the whole world merry chrismas !! From Jin