Sister Hazel - On Your Mind Lyrics

To sit here and wait
It goes against my will
What I can't replace
Is the time of mine I spent so far away
Can I remind you
Can I piece together a scene of what we were
If I'd only known
This was just a start of a long goodbye

I'm waiting to be on your mind
I feel like I'm falling through
I'm waiting to be on your mind
To show you I'll be fine

Where did you go
I thought I saw the light inside your eyes
Oh.. How will I know
If you can even hear yourself inside
Body or mind, Whatever can hold you
Better than pretending that this is a life
Oh... I'll let you go
But I need a hand to push you away

[Repeat Chorus]

I, I've been waitin'
And I feel like I'm fallin' through

[Repeat Chorus]

I'm waiting to be on your mind
I feel like I'm fallin' through
(Fallin through time)
To show you I'll be fine
(Waitin' and Waitin')
I'll be fine
Fallin' through time

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Sister Hazel On Your Mind Comments
  1. Artbymug Official

    Thought this was Miike snow for a sec

  2. мужчина кающийся

    Selection from the original motion picture soundtrack "Bedazzled". They couldn't play a better song for finishing the film. It is mad funny!!!

  3. Truth Told

    It’s a very nice song with meaning behind it. It’s so sad we have many idiots in this country who are nothing but posers. Especially, with the one’s who are getting tattoos now. I guess these people want to be someone else so they can somewhat stand out, that is extremely pathetic.

  4. John Barker

    Is this band bad influence on Denise wulliams and Brian Winchester because they mentioned them in trial wen Brian tells it how he killed mike William's

    John Barker


  5. James Skelley

    2:38 :-) x

  6. Ordi

    awesomeness at its best

  7. Manuel Aranda

    Genius lyrics

  8. Whatsit Matter

    Southern boys killing it as usual!!! Why does that region produce such amazing music?

    Manuel Aranda

    The more you go through, the more soul you obtain.

  9. Supermandtm23

    Slappin' da bass mon!

  10. David Rogers

    awesome song

  11. bryan findley

    awesomeness.. should be on tour w DAVE MATTHEWS>>  great talent

  12. C141421356

    Holy hell...what an awesome live version of this great song!  Would have LOVED to be there!  OutSTANDING message as well!


    I was lucky enough to be there. Awesome show!

  13. Adam Pensel

    Aww come on Sister Hazel... don't autotune.  Harmonies are fun, but being raw is way better. 

    Adam Pensel

    +Daniel Sloan It's mostly noticeable in the chorus when he's hitting the higher notes. If it's not autotune, it's some kind of vocal filter. Which is surprising because I've heard some of their acoustic stuff on here and it seems to me like there's no need for it whatsoever.

    Adam Pensel

    +predater208 autotune or vocal filter. There's some kind of phasing or something going on there. Not a fan.

    Tyler Lowry

    Yeah, I agree, they're totally using it. It would've sounded much better without it.

    C Byers

    Could be using a phaser/chorus for effect, without autotune

    caue rego

    as much as i only know this one song, and love it, i'm not surprised. it doesn't seem like they're all that creative and going mainstream like this must have put some pressure in them to make some sort of voice distortion. and so they just did it. i suppose. no biggies. it's still a cool song and a cool band. hope they're enjoying it.

  14. John Cusato

    There's only one Ken Block, dear me.  Obviously it's a band and the other guys are important too.  Wish they'd come over to England...

  15. Khaos969

    what a positive song... simple versus like this can just put things into prospective !

  16. Vladan Obradovic

    Unfckingbelievable !!!

  17. titballs12

    B double E double R UN. Beer run

  18. Anna Gro

    I wouldn't say that their better, but I definitely enjoy what they put into their live shows. They really know how to put on a good show. They are such great musicians and singers.

  19. Chris Bryant

    you should dude. Yeah.

  20. titballs12

    love this song no matter what. It make me feel good about when i grew up

  21. Ильдик Нескажунович

    Lagu yang bagus dan baik efek.

  22. Fe Mz

    my favorite song.just a great song and a great band!

  23. Jovin Eli

    nice 0 dislikes!!!

  24. LalliaPlaysMC

    Superb Song and a superb film to soundtrack it on as well.

  25. juliano perez

    Que tamazo ...

  26. Tim M

    such great harmonies

  27. mainemember

    This makes me think I should start smokin weed again.

  28. Jeff Pettorino

    Great song!

  29. Omarguevaraz

    Totally agree, great song for motivation and leaving all the hate, indecision's behind.. See's the day.... It's all up to us, we decide...

  30. Omarguevaraz

    @bs1174 Totally agree, great song for motivation and leaving all the hate, indecision's behind.. See's the day....

  31. Javier Alonso Bustamante

    awesome, make me love mi life.

  32. predater208

    Amazing performance! Thanks for posting

  33. Robert Haskell

    Great video. Thanks for posting