Sir Mix-A-Lot - You Can Have Her Lyrics

[INTRO: Chris Rock]
...All this ill shit
This fuckin Sir Mix-A-Lot shit
What the fuck is this shit?
See the shit's video?
'Put yo TITTIES on the glass'
This is like a pick-up line:
'How you doin?
I was wonderin, could you put yo BIG FUCKIN TITTIES on the glass?'
'No, I don't wanna go to a movie, could you PUT EM ON THE GLASS?!'
'Put your titties on the glass'?!
What happened to 'How ya doin? Whatcha doin later? Let's catch a movie'?
No, 'Put em on the glass'
'Put em on the fuckin glass'
What the fuck is this shit?
The girls got on bikinis - he got a fur coat on
What the fuck is the weather like in Seattle?

[Sir Mix-A-Lot]
All my ex's, eat this one

(You can have her)

I used to have this girl, let's say her name was Mona
Mona, fine young sugar comin out of Arizona
5 ft. 6 straight thick with a switch
And a set of them juicy-ass lips (Mmh...)
Kinky, just like me
She can take a straight gee
And put him down for the count 1, 2, 3
Needless to say I was kickin it
Cause I know when I'm the only one gettin it
But - ooh, things change when you don't maintain
The same game you got her with, mayn
Flew back home, and I was slippin
Cause as soon as I left, another brother starts spittin
Throwin drag about wantin a family
Tryin to front because he wanna be manly
Tellin my girl how I'm playin the field
Boy, you'se a jake for real
Now a player I like, but you know I can't stand no snitch
Tryin to front like he rich
Done shot your credit, cause you bought you a new E
320, and you wanna be a hoe like me
Now you done salted my game
Told my girl I'm a player, and you bought her a ring
You paid a lotta money just to grab her
I'ma tell you like this, trick: you can have her

(You can have her)

I gotta do what I gotta do
Baby girl's through, so I need somethin new
You can't keep a good mack down
I get around cause I got a tight thing up in Sea-Town
5'9" with dimples
Caramel skin, straight fine, hella tight, no pimples
Thinkin my game was concrete
But I gotta watch for them other entertainers and athletes
Especially the ones who wanna settle down
Cause they'll beg and drink out your shoes and get they nose brown
Just the kinda man you wanted, ain't it, honey?
A big buff dumb-ass fool with hella money
Down to spend till his knees bend
Then the athlete's broke and his girl's in the wind
And my girl gets mad, cause I never spend time like I'm s'posed to
Plus I'm a boaster
Shaggin up too damn quick, now she's lookin for a sugar daddy
Just to get a '96 Caddy
A big truck she found
You young scrub on the bench for the Cleveland Browns
He never had nothin, thicker than a cheerleader
Now he got juice, so he eats her
And treats her to a big wad of cash
Too weak, so she left his ass
You can have her

(You can have her)

Just rollin by the Playboy Mansion...

I got me a, I got me a, I got me a, I got me a
Young bunny, young bunny in La-La Land
Wanna get freaky with the papa man
I smack her to the front, I smack her to the back
I smack it with the whiffle ball bat, remember that?
One happy black man I be
When my L.A. bunny wanna trip with me
Her name is Teresa
She was freakier than me, but I figured I could please her
She had the long braids
Chocolate sister, loved to cuff men like slaves
Arrived at the house at last
Seen two shades of lipstick on the same wine glass
Provocative artwork around me
Four pink slippers on the floor surround me
One pair's for her, the other pair's for who?
Plus she only lives in a one bedroom
Well hm - it might be on
Ménage-à-trois, open la bouche, taste la bomb
Teresa's roommate walks in
6 ft 2 with a wig and a stupid-ass grin
(Oh my goodness!)

(You can have her)

You done brought a big-ass man up in the room?
Girl, what's wrong with you?
Honey, that is gay
Yo partner, you can have her
Cause I don't want none of y'all
3's Company, if you know what I'm sayin

Put it on the danceflo'

Bring it back

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Sir Mix-A-Lot You Can Have Her Comments
  1. Gama Bomb

    Hoax 3🔥

  2. Mike Gailey

    U can have all my ex girlfriends/wife

  3. Ashley Meadows


  4. Bubba Julian can have her....the bumpasaurus still thumpin hella hard

  5. andrew mercer

    20 f******* 19 💪

  6. Kirk A Roach

    The Lyrics R So funny as I don't know what.

  7. Guy Irvin

    All my exes eat this one

  8. kaadauwgg

    Haven't heard this one

  9. kaadauwgg

    See there? Screw Chris Rock!

  10. stojan kozic

    Super Song!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ashley Meadows

    2018 anyone???


    Sir Mix a Lot is Timeless...


    Feb 2019 or gtfo lol


    They can have ya!

    Rachael K

    No. 2019

    Gama Bomb

    2020 🔥

  12. Jigga jok


  13. Lance Rambert

    5 Bremalo's couldn't hang...

  14. Marcus Reeves


  15. Thaydrian

    After my ex-wife left me in 1996, THIS WAS MY JAM!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU REBECCA!!

  16. Bokkepruiker Records

    im 42 years old and know all the words to this song

    Bubba Julian

    Bokke Pruiker I'm only 31 but singin it right now


    Same here bro, I'm 41 and I remember when this album came out, I think this album was very underrated at its time.

  17. Rob Sorgdrager

    this is playin on my fifteens and its pissin all the hipsters offffff!!!!! ha eat shit ! you and your flannel!!! ohy! yeah yer girl, the one with the ass! put em on the glass !!!

  18. Totally Radical

    How you doin? I was wondering, could you put your big fucking TITTIES on the glass??

  19. Earl Straley


  20. dankster

    This speaks volumes about today's typical bitch.

  21. bootsnbolts

    you can have her....;) she only has a 1-bedroom apartment.

  22. War Fivevyone

    Mix a lot Master Piece

  23. KevinTheCarGuy

    lol put ya tities on the glass

  24. Sam B

    All my exes eat this one.

  25. Jonny Rowden

    My name is Thomas, I am ze bus driver..

  26. Kinky Panther

    Usa section

    favo. song (Hoax3 was my first Vhs skate-movie) :D

  27. The7ftsoundsystem

    VG3 in holland with jon julio

  28. Detman101

    OMG, the days of skatin to this song in my K2 Backyard bobs...
    Missin the old days.


  29. Lee Gregson

    i remember this song! Bought the album in HMV and went to dixions and they actually let us play it. Hoax 3 set the the benchmark for skate vids.

  30. PietRock85

    Hhaahha awesome!! only Hoax 3 comments :D:D this track is going in my "Songs from oldschool inline skate movies" playlist!!

    Michael Field

    PietRock85 share the playlist 👍

  31. OregonNative1

    NW STAND UP!!!!

  32. reggaefever

    HOAX III - best video ever! "one set of wheels, one night..... maybe its finish!" so much love!

  33. Damnkid76


  34. Remco van Dijl

    @reddypops Hell yeah Ernie Villerino.. I even know what kind of tricks he did.. he did a hobo on a ledge and a soyale on a rail.. goddamn.. good ol classic shit!!

  35. fuckgoogleplus

    haha fuck yeah, hoax 3. 96 stylee

  36. rohleks

    lol you heard on there too

  37. BigChunkySkates

    i love that its all rollerbladers who remember this song. i'm bit torrenting the mp3 now. if it it works ill share. anyone else who has it hook it up!

  38. reddypops

    Dirty broken leg at the end of hoax 3, could never watch that... EVER.

  39. reddypops

    ernie villerino?

  40. jonoisgood

    What the fuck is the weather like in seattle?

  41. zxTommynatoRxz

    hoax 3 rox :DDDDDD

  42. Rhadiel

    Huah I was listening to this back in the days when I liked hip-hop. 5*!

  43. Remco van Dijl

    goddamn.. me too!! Hoax 3 with that Ernie Valerino profile .. good shit

  44. whtbt188

    lol i was looking for hoax 3 as well

  45. xchrisdeex

    haha ye hoax 3 was best ever, good old times

  46. Digitally Afflicted.

    hoax 3 old skool times...:)

  47. sladey02

    ha ha, man i had the hoax 3 this is why looked for this track

  48. test1uci

    hoax 3 rox!

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    this is the mad ernie the itallian stallian villarino track from hoax 3!!!!!