Sir Mix-A-Lot - Ride Lyrics

Shake, to, my flow
Let it go when you shake that coco
+I Got Game+, so whatcha know
Get it up, then I hit her with the Rambo
Oo-chie, coo-chie
Still lookin for the supa booty
Rump, chaser, rump snatcha
Huh, get 'em on camera
Call me a jockey
Cause I'm ridin them skirts and I talk real cocky
Ol mackin-ass Mix is back
I'm slangin that game on 28 tracks
Yep yep, pack 'em in a Benz
Take 'em to my house, straight let 'em all in
Call Mix-a-Lot a slut?
I might get banned, but I still like BUTTS
Mmmmm! lay 'em on the table
Dr. Richard's willin and able
Not sexist, just sexy
Do I like sistas? Well, let's see
She's thick, walkin with a switch
Carryin a beeper, ya betta not call her no bitch
When it comes to a snack-pack I can't lie
I wanna RIDE!

I wanna RIDE! [x2]

Shake 'em up like you're playin them craps
Two snake eyes puttin fellas on tap
What I'm sayin ain't popular nowadays
But it ain't good without the mayonnaise
I, can-not dance
But I'm good when ya hit that stance
Wham, bam, met a girl named Pam
I poke and thank you ma'am
Ain't no, drag in my bag
Gotta do me cause I don't play tag
Six-double-o hoop, costs loot
Hit the gas she'll scoot
When ya dance, I'm on ya
When ya walk, I'm on ya
When ya moan, I'm on ya
I'm that +Nasty Dog+ and I tried to warn ya
To the 'tel, to the 'tel we go
Don't need a bed cause I'm good on the floor
When a chocolate masterpiece walks by,
I wanna RIDE!

Can I RIDE, baby?
I wanna RIDE!

I'm like Tyrannosaurus Rex
I sense movement then I gotta wreck shop
I'm on top but down to flip-flop
[scratching] "Don't stop"
So, I, won't stop
Love to see that thang go pop
Don't be, phony, baby show me
I can ride yo pony
Saddle up n' go, you can show Bo
He don't know
You, can, put it on a man
Make me yo number one fan
Some brothers wanna claim they're down
Puttin on fronts like clowns
But I'm packin this 9 in my glove
Givin nothin but the females love, yeah!
Ain't no sissy in me
4-4 mags ain't never been friendly
But I like the girls
+Cake Boys+ get scared in the kitty-cat world
But I'm not the one to come cake
Baby this game is straight
Fellas in the house, you can't deny!
ALL y'all wants to RIDE!

I wanna RIDE! [x3]

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Sir Mix-A-Lot Ride Comments
  1. Carter Anderson

    Fuck I need a time machine

  2. Carter Anderson

    My dad had this album wen I was like like 8 or 9 me and my cuz would stay up all nite over the summer bumbing the year was 2004 lol good fucking times

  3. Curtis C

    God, i remember when this came out #1 song in the strip clubs.....fucking loved it.

  4. sklator.


    Andre Cunha

    Maybe when you(girls) have respect 4 urself 🤨

  5. Geo

    This song needs a remix with Luke

  6. Addison Pace

    Ol school

  7. sergio santos

    Esse é o cara da anaconda

  8. Joshua Brooks

    Old school!

  9. sigue04

    One of my favorite MIX A LOT songs.

    Daniel Lindsey

    Mine too, the video is hard to find for some reason but I am glad it got reposted

  10. mari floriano


  11. C9epticYT

    Hello hi there

  12. Deese Knutz

    hip hop hoes were sexier back then

  13. kelvin hightower

    This my shit yeah

  14. BAS channel

    good video, let's be friends ......... support again ..

  15. Martin Ferreyra

    Hello I'm Martín Ferreyra I Remember From The One Episode By MTV Animated Television Series Beavis And Butt-Head When Watching By The Music Video

  16. ImmaRussianSpy

    This has been stuck in my head for a long time.