Sir Mix-A-Lot - Resonate Lyrics

How you like your game, baby?
You wanna sell hot?
I make this game resonate baby, yeah resonate

C'mon c'mon
I put the ball in balla I made it resonate
I put the pop in these girls and made 'em shake
I put the b in the game and kept it true
No cock blockin' this game for you

New star, big cars, some of this game with a big cigar
Cashmeire, cat fat, six foot broads standin' on stacks
I understand, no plan, you stole my banner, southern 'bama
Sellin lies when you was dumb and broke
You never had a topknot, joke!
It was the shit you spoke
No rhythm in your spittin'
I don't need no bling things to make my game swing
Your game is runnin' tight but your motor pings
I make it resonate

[Chorus x2]

You drive a nice truck, Escallade
Gotta show 'em all you're paid
But the truth is you're lackin' what you're mackin' if you're paper fed
Your payins last to fuck 'em
If you're broke then can you trust 'em
Give her diamonds and a beeper but you can't keep her
She gets the benefits
Go on, girl, treat that man like a bitch!
Takin' from the rich, Robin Hood
Get it back to your crib
Another rap star slaving to this game he claim he's saving
Cut his legs when he's shaving cause he bitch made
I make it resonate

[Chorus x2]

I make it resonate
Rap's first super-balla
Yeah, before y'all could spell balla, I was ballin', fool
Blew 15 large in the 80's, nickrally

You work a max scheme, clean
Bought her that Lexus, bought it in Texas
Just like Dada bought you a mansion in Nevada
Situation bleak, your girl got a new physique
You got a baby comin', wife naggin, bought a Taurus station wagon
Aha! Put em on the glass and made your ass a balla!
Now you got a naggin' wifey and a toddler, ahah!
Don't wanna be a playa no more?
Mack with your mouth and match your dollas
I swing a mean verb, big word, some if this game you've heard
I gotta hear it, your appearance shakin' Daddy's lyrics
I ain't an OG, I'm an OP, original player
Papi gran-D, I signed your wife's booty, remember me?!

[Chorus til end]

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Sir Mix-A-Lot Resonate Comments
  1. Marvin Rodriguez

    PGR 1
    Old Skool ☺

  2. Marvin Rodriguez

    Project Gotham Racing 1 brought me here

    J C

    Marvin Rodriguez we would get alot for sure.

  3. orasis


  4. orasis

    What's with the high pitch voice? ... He doesn't sound like he did.