Sir Mix-A-Lot - Put 'em On The Glass Lyrics

"C'mon now" [repeated]

[Verse 1]
Got 'em up, yeah my Taliano, not many brothers is rollin in Diablos
Hittin the hard rock, to finish my work spot
I'm lookin for females to cop (yeah)
You thinkin past me, I'm rollin up a five point O like pimps on ho, G
And I'm sittin in third, I'm never on swerve, to the right I merge
Now I'm patrollin and I'm lookin for a skirt, this thing I'm holin
I still got game ain't a damn thing change
I spot ten V's in the left lane
Eye contact is on, I'm rollin down windows pointin at thongs
And she's poppin them buttons and yankin that blouse
Girl let it all out!
And that's what she did, baby ain't no kid
36 D's a make a man skid
I'm puttin in work on the freeway pass
Cause she put 'em on the glass (yeah)

[Break: w/ ad libs]
Put 'em on the glass ..
Put 'em on the glass, girl
Put 'em on the glass

[Verse 2]
Yes he's kinky, weenie and jinky
Got fresh rock on his pinkie
He gets paid to stay laid
My copycats fade, evade to unpaid who's stay played
Girls when I'm on the freeway
Cats jumpin in, givin me leeway
And then drop them things on the dash
This Porsche is quick so don't try to run fast
At speed I got a need to see you breathe
And proceed with the kinky tease
Indecent exposure can't hold ya, it's makin you bolder
Cause baby is a Mix-A-Lot soldier
But lusting is on balls
Everybody's beggin to get into your draws
What's makin you hit brown?
+Baby Got Back+ or (shake it up and down)
You can follow me home cause this bone is on full blown
Straight growin all night long
I like my females nasty
Never try to drive straight past me
Just get in the left lane and show me your insane
And fill up the window with fangs
Puttin niggaz on skids, jump out and straight crash
Cause she put 'em on the glass

[Break: w/ ad libs] [scratched]

[Verse 3]
How many times will you play this
before your ban this, I heard Mix so I can't stand this
But I got a family, lovin this scandalous rap
Guess who I got layin on the canvas
Hard from the three way party
Baby them things is workin
Fillin up the passenger window with Jergens
You hit the gas I hit my drool
Baby can I get with you?
Rush the blood 'til the glass gets dressed
Obsessed with the ways you express yourself
Some say I only rap about wealth
But baby can I talk about your health?
Lungs, lungs, motherfuckin lungs
Get a brother oh so strung
I'm lovin this window draftin
The whole right lane is draftin
Offend me, offend me, you can freak me if your friendly
B double O B S, straight sittin in the window
I'd rather kiss them than indo
And if you see me on the freeway, baby don't pass
Slow down and put 'em on the glass

[Break: w/ ad libs]
Put 'em on the glass
Put 'em on the glass, girl
Put 'em on the glass
Now shake them titties ..
Shake 'em ..
Put 'em on the glass ..
Put 'em on the glass

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Sir Mix-A-Lot Put 'em On The Glass Comments
  1. Georg Andexler Andexler


  2. Nyarlathotep

    Put Em on the Glass > Baby Got Back

  3. The Rusty Hubcap US

    They should've made a version for a Need For Speed game

  4. Gabe loCC

    the girl n the pinkkk yeppp

  5. B. jackson

    I like a nice set of tig ole bitties too but damn! No wonder this wasn't a hit. This made "baby got back" look like an after-school special lol

  6. Raymond Frand

    ass, what's next? TITTIES!!!!

  7. dieselshug

    Definitely a BET Uncut video

  8. Lafayette Terry

    Lala t. Records l Facebook page

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    Lafayette advertising agency

  10. Lafayette Terry

  11. Lafayette Terry


  12. Lafayette Terry


  13. Mutton Madness

    My mom was showing me this video at the Doctors office, cause she always says "put em on the glass" but she'll replace "glass" with whatere word if we're asking where to put something. haha anyways the doctor walked in the camera was showing boobs, then butt, then boobs. my mom freaked out cause the doctor saw it. funniest thing ever.

  14. siccboysicc

    Welp. I have a boner now.

  15. Brandon Canady

    I still love this song frfr lol

  16. sam coffin

    One of the greatest videos ever

  17. Lafayette Terry


  18. Trancefreak64

    Mix Rollin threw San Fernando To Tacoma

  19. TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate

    Tune It Up tune it in and if they say tune it down tell them put it on the glass

  20. TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate

    Tune It Up

  21. naudia

    thank you justin mcelroy

  22. specific78

    Not sure how i ended up here but now that i am, it is clear that none of these girls are to his liking because they have small butts. That’s why he is looking at the camera the whole time

  23. Thomas White

    Good old school

  24. The Man

    Who here in 2019

  25. Jayson Kaufman

    This was the Video in the 90s

  26. dhsbones03

    Well i fap to worst and still achieve maximum jizz

  27. Eion Lovejoy This was by far his best song.

  28. Kuba Zając

    Thats art

  29. Xavier Gillette


  30. Darren Laferriere

    This video changed my life


    Il love you I living in india 7417410676

  32. splinter1psi99

    Man, I definitely used this for jerking off material when this came out. Until we got one of those cable scrambler boxes and I suddenly had access to Playboy and Spice channel and Skinemax.


    @C R03 the 90s.....amazing time to be growing up.

  33. BlueRayTV

    Sir Mix a lot is a genius. I use too this video back in the day.


    Came here cause of the MC Hammer dancer

  35. Jarah Gibson

    i can’t believe my mom used to let me watch this music video lmaooo straight tittys every where 😂😂😂😂

    Don Pimpón

    I like big boobs and i cannot lie

    Oliver Delgado

    You like em?

    Don Pimpón

    @Oliver Delgado Las tetas grandes, Oliverio, las tetas grandes

  36. Nori Rak

    I came here to see Hammer's Dancer!

  37. JBIRD575

    Song sucks nice ladies though


    A am a conservative not gay but aint this youtube thanls on the viewing

  39. Oscar La Rata Sanchez

    25 years later... Put em on your knees... All saggy!!!


    ....and 25 years later their teenage kids discover this video.

    Eric Taylor

    Dude you crazy 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  40. ashley 1010

    So seeing tittys is ok just dont curse goddamnit

  41. Harley Fenner

    I can never get tired of seeing this video. What guy really could??? And some people say Sir Mix-A-Lot was a one-hit wonder for Baby Got Back. They must have never seen this video. Their loss though. Sir Mix-A-Lot, the forgotten king of rap videos. His music tracks aren't bad either for the old-school rap. He still got a few people out there who remember him like myself.

    Richard Meadows

    Loved me some "buttermilk biscuits", and "posses on Broadway" too!

  42. Larry Rackley

    Love this video...can't say tittis but can show them...

  43. Chris H

    Underrated 90’s party track

  44. Nymphonomicon

    That feel when you inherit Mix's Will of Fire...

  45. BigSi 2017

    Mix a lot is hilarious! Legendary!!!

  46. Dogs And Yoga

    FINALLY, this is up on YT 😂😂😂😂

  47. dmx92145

    My generation smh...can't be surprised at the current one since we tought them this lol smh

  48. Human Earth American Man

    Holy sht did i jus see 2pac in the back ground 🤤

  49. wonfeather

    Came here to see the MC Hammer dancer that went rogue.

    Elliot Foster

    Me too!!!!

    Melissa Hummel

    Riki riki riki

    Tami Okoro Dedeh

    Me too!

    Hoodrats 'N' Trainin' 80s

    Same 😂😂

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    I see.MC HAMMER dancer

    YELLA BONE in the PINK 2 Piece

  51. Avol80

    My first nut experience was to this video.


    Avol80 shiit, I was nuttin through all the 2 live crew vids. Gloria Valdez **sign**


    sigh ... *unzips*

  52. Ricardo Ray G.

    Damn she was bad....smh

  53. STIZO99

    C'mon titty!

  54. Dead Purple

    I remember watching this on The Box

    AlB Automotive

    Dead Purple oh my, I got in so much trouble running up the phone bill requesting this exact song on “the box” when I was a kid ,so much trouble 😂😂😂


    this was on repeat on the Box for like 6 months lol


    Yep- Freshman year of high school would come and go straight to the TV, turn on the Box and wait for this to come one. Before the internet! Ah, the good old days.

    Jameliah Strickland

    Yes me too


    furr coat in the middle of a southern summer had me hooked lml, and yes! the box was fkn awesome!!!

  55. BakiSmaki27

    In the 90s if you were a teen hetero boy this was your porn lmao

  56. Jerrod Schembs

    Anyone else find it weird that every other shot in this video features uncensored nudity, yet the lyrics are censored? not that I have a problem with either just think its a weird double standard.

    Harley Fenner

    Yeah it is kind of a double standard. Not that I mind either. I didn't have much issue watching this video on the Box where the language was edited and the bare boobs were blurred up. This video is one that MTV didn't have the spaldings big enough to put even the edited version on their station. On the Box, you could watch it a moment or 2 after you dialed the 1-900 number and requested this video. I never called it to make a video request, but I saw this video countless times because it was heavily requested by others.

    Eric Taylor

    I'm not thinking about none of that.Im enjoying watching these sexy ladies shaking their lovely fun bags.Stop making everything political.


    I dont see any nudity.. aren't they all wearing pasties?

    Timothy Howell

    Nudity? Am I watching the wrong video here?

  57. John

    ... Was he really eating fried chicken??!? #FirstAmendmentAndBoobs

    earla 273

    John Tittes and chicken, gottta love em both. Lol

  58. Moe Whitfield

    anybody else remember this uncut hitting mtv prime time? lol


    Moe Whitfield naw but the box aka jukebox had this rockin

  59. A 507Ting

    I only came on here to see mc hammers dancer the one in the pink


    weird me too

    Ricardo Ray G.

    Frontline Entertainment.A507ting yup me too lol


    LMFAO me to only 2 years later lol

  60. Chad Beaver