Sir Mix-A-Lot - Poppi Grande Lyrics

It's nasty thug, I want to sit on his face.
Nasty girl forchema
He's so nasty.
Poppi grande oooo
Fachorma poppi grande

Fachorma poppi grande
Ey ey ey ey
Fachorma poppi grande
Ey o meo
Fachorma poppi grande
Tambien grande
Ball hall dirty dog, look at these balls
put em on polls.
Never get sprung by another mans song
Come to my room, I want your poon need it soon.
You sexy roo who whoo, my car got boo hoo hoom.

It's my duty to move these boodies

Insanes we bang bang

I push this thing trough, they shoot out of these coops

Your girlfrieds giving me drawers you can baud.
Use a fake player sayers Use a tight ryme sayer.
Fachorma poppi grande

Fachorma poppi grande

Fachorma poppi grande

Rack em and stack em, the way I lack em, but don't you slap em.

Pushing his wind through the popper stopper.

Sang loops

Daddy large is hard for brods got a big wad

Poppi Grande

Rack em and stack em, the way I lack em

Hit it and put me to sleep
Daddy ride

I'm a go with the frisco freak show, big rack stack like that

Go home

Go home
Get back when you hear that page
Go home
Cause you's engaged

Big dadday large, look it up hard

Some of those dance come medium hard

Beggin you to make him a starter

Audit you bought

Groupies here's my order

In the back of this caddy pulling this johnny mack bone.

They call me poppi grande ooo

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