Sir Mix-A-Lot - Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings Lyrics

[breathing noises mixed with a dog barking]

"bow wow" [repeated]
Kitty cat, kitty cat, run, run, run ...
Kitty cat, kitty cat, run, run, run ...

[Verse 1]
Kitty cat, kitty cat run, run, run
I'm the dog in the Benz with the big chrome gun
Lookin for a coochie proper
Hot mama, big dog, big game, no drama
Never make babies, can't get rabies
Makin head hit and it's crazy
And when I catch a little kitty lookin oh so tough (hmm)
Bring hot water cause I might get stuck
EW!, while I'ma stop in Cosmo
Cause my lyrical content is gando
Stickin to the mind of the critics
I'm still with it, dogs gotta get it (hey come here buddy)
Bow wow was the sound of the hound with the C town crown
I sniff around 'til I pin cats down
They like to run up trees
but I can bring 'em back down with a jingle of my car keys
Most men is dogs and most dogs is nasty
I can't let a cat run past me
Watch your skirt when your walkin through the mall
Cause I ain't nothin but a nasty dog

"bow wow" [repeated and mixed with a dog barking]
(What kind of dog is this?)
(I ain't nothin) but a nasty dog ...
(What kinda dog is this?)

[Woman knocks on door]
[Woman #1:] What you want?
[Woman #2:] Can Mix come out to play?
[Woman #1:] Nasty bitch

[Verse 2]
So I'm back puttin black kitty cats on their backs
Big macks never lag, on wax I'ma low down dog
I just stepped up and other dogs wanna flex up
I ain't tryna be the best rapper, just a big macker
So sit on down and watch the bank stacker
It still ain't easy G
But this dog's a Bentley
So I'ma chase that cat 'til I can't chase no mo'
There she goes in a drop top Rocko
What's up with your car sweetie?
Come on down and jump in the Black-ini
Another brother tryna diss and Mix ain't down
Oh no, hot sauce in my Dog Chow
Another brother can't see me
But he wants to be me
I'm layin these thangs on 'em freely
Now you got fo' fo' chromes, straight layin on your dome
And get your mangy ass on
Back to the kitty, cause she's kinda pretty
I'm couldn't stop lookin at her ta-ta-ta .. face
Me and cat mama rolled into the distant fog
Little did she know I'ma nasty dog

[Break: w/ ad libs]
(old, stinky, rotten, ripe and old DOG)

[Verse 3]
I'm slingin that game like it ain't jack
She's fat, black cat but she won't look back
Rollin this Viper, tryna entice her
Don't need a front but I likes to
Get me an attitude, fightin over who pulls up
Two dogs in a sports car, playin old cuts
turned down the James Brown
I said "what's up girl" but she still won't turn around
Attitude (what up), attitude (what's up)
When the girls are playin the role and what do we do? (call 'em stuck up)
Now we're both tryna front like we don't care
Whip a U-Turn to get a quick stare
But the face was hurtin (damn)
The girl's grill was tore up, mustache wasn't workin
Grandma old face with a nom ass body
"Mack Daddy" didn't want this hotty
Flashback to the cryin game
I hate to see any parts of that poon-tang
Usually I'm quick to mack but that's road kill, back it up black
Quiz it, to giz it with the quick hiz its
For zeeze it, tazease it, it's hard for me to leave it
Not sexist, just sexy with my dia-logue
Cause I'ma nasty [scratching] [dog bark] [snapping and barking and biting] dog

[snapping and barking and biting] [x3]

[Break:] "bow wow" [repeated and mixed with a dog barking: w/ ad libs]
Cause I'ma nasty dog
Yeah, dog ...
Nasty dog ...
Nasty dog ...
Nasty dog ...
Nasty dog

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Sir Mix-A-Lot Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings Comments
  1. Jeffrey Huseby

    73 All we had was Gold Records dident have Platinum yet.

  2. Lancer X

    Dam !!! I Forgot how FN Great this Was being without an 8track for 35 yrs !! I Read an Article way back when Jimi Hendrix was Asked Who his Favorite Guitarist was he Answered "Billy Gibbons" or "Rory Gallagher"

  3. Jeffrey Huseby

    Well next to you Costello. Probly. Abbott and pro..? It s good

  4. Jeffrey Huseby

    Gold record ! Only 1 his daughter liked me She had a matching Car 67 firebird. And he,s top end of guitarist around here for a long time.. "u don't have to worrie". Dammit that's my house song.."cause taken care of business is his name". He thinks he pretty good..I don't..ok Randy is hott..

    Jeffrey Huseby

    Oh .it's Zz tops Managers Home A party I got invited to

    Jeffrey Huseby

    Oh I latter was appointed Talent judge at a posh event NAMA .just prior to Radio active tour. Jimi Page

    Jeffrey Huseby

    Oh after that about 1 year bands got signed including NIRVANA and ALICE IN CHAINS. I had a 500 + concert company . Alice first Hire ..for CRP

    Jeffrey Huseby

    You don't say.

    Jeffrey Huseby

    It's was a Ballroom lounge valet parking nice's u no u don't get paid. ..u can use it like a portfolio..walk up ta like Capitol Records..say the still making millions to this Day people I put my money on.. uno some Spirit pick .. like the hand of fate..or ..the fickell finger..of ..the. A. Well. ..they died..

  5. Kurt P

    Starting at 1:55, I could listen to that outro for another 5 minutes, maybe 10... yeah 10.

  6. Kenneth Remes Fromreide

    I wish the fade out could be 20 min 😎👍🏻🎸

  7. Joe Gomez

    Yeah my amigos i love yu

  8. gerald 413

    I saw them in the early 80s' they put on a great show!!!!

  9. skip michaels

    This riff goes through my head all day, every day.

  10. J MacPherson

    I love the way they end this song.....just locked into the groove. No fancy drum fills or guitar..Brilliant!

  11. M D

    I always thought it was weird that drummer Frank/Rube never rocked a beard since his last name is Beard

  12. Geo B

    Best on the freeway at night with little or no traffic.

  13. Rafa Nalbandian

    Soy mi putaaaaa no trabajo para vooooos soy rock soy rock

  14. joey ramirez

    🎶 "Its only looove...
    Ya drive me craay zeey..." 🎶

  15. Danny Arena

    1975 Jr year in high school.

  16. T Doyle

    So tranced out, Frank’s drumming is badass

    Thomas Coon

    Try 'Heard it on the X'

  17. Jason Hughes

    Doesn't even work..courting Paris .rich gonna work.
    Attended a party.zz s mngrs. House.its a something about NASTY DOGS..ill take care of it..farina I can do this .dont laugh cause it ain't funny..

  18. Paul Andersen

    Great band. Anyone who does not own Tres Hombres is not a music lover.

    Herman Helmich

    Paul Andersen O Jeeeeee
    I’m [email protected] i guess

  19. Sargent Slaughter

    I had this 8 track

  20. Layne Franklin

    Awww man. That groove...

  21. Arthur F. Scaltrito

    RAZEN CAIN was one of the few bands that did this and Balinese & Waitin' For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago

  22. Harry Prater

    One of my favorite ZZ songs...!!

  23. Ronnie Alexander

    Fat ass bass. Nuff said.

    Layne Franklin

    Ron Alexander: Best comment

  24. Geo B

    ...started itchin' for that wonderful feel of rollin' in an automobile

  25. David Barnich

    Great Phrasing ...such a kick -ass tune ...

  26. Keith Murray

    My childhood right here. Great 8 Track/Album/Cassette/CD

  27. mellotron

    Longest fade out I've ever heard.


    and the entire song is still less than 3 minutes long

  28. James Larson

    When I was a kid I this on 8 track. Damn, time does fly.

    jeffrey killian

    James Larson mine was red

    Richard Myhan

    James Larson
    Yes James, one of my all time favorites! In a 68 Camaro down on Merritt Island Fla with a Tempest 8 track player....
    Those were the days.


    yup, I was like 12 when it came out, but man was i ROCKIN! then they played it at the tri-cities raceway... DOH!!! yup ZZTop in Tri cities, west richland racetrack at that!!!

  29. roger johanson

    the sound is zz... you got love it...

  30. Antony Jardine

    better quality than my old cassette tape !!