Sir Mix-A-Lot - I'm Your New God Lyrics

[girl weeping]

[rhythmic sniffing]

[Sir Mix-a-Lot]
She's only 16, she looks lost
Bought crack from the dopeman, and got tossed
Livin on the streets, smoked out
Perfect individual for me to bust out
You can sniff me, or you can puff me
But the girl shoulda known, you can't trust me
She's only 98 pounds and lonely
She calls to her God for help, and that's me
COCAINE, go ahead n' use me, heh heh
Momma won't know you're a junkie
Just put me in your pipe, light and SUCK
[deep inhale] Cluck cluck cluck!
And while you're high, grab a 12 gauge
Jump back on the streets, in a crack rage
The only way out is the sucicide route
Put the gauge at your dome and TAKE IT OUT
Now I'm on the 6 o'clock news
All my movies get the rave reviews
60 Minutes had a special on me
The god called Crack is killin your society
Colombia is where I get picked
I can kill with a 90-10 split
I work through the week, my pleasure is pain
And I'm your new God
You can call me Cocaine

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Heh heh heh
Go ahead n' smoke me

[Sir Mix-a-Lot]
Brothers throwin up a set to protect me
I'm worth a lot so money so respect me
Doin damage on the boulevard, just like that
[gunfire] Shoot 'em over crack
Dope dealers would kill for me
Cause if ya sell me, I help ya live lovely
You want a Porsche? Move a few ki's
Just remember that your God is me
The task force bum rushed one of my employees
A big score, 23 ki's
Now ya see another dopeman sink
And one young cop on the brink
The cop's thinkin bout pinchin
And alimony checks to his wife for the rent and
Kids, so the profit is slow
And he wants to make his bankroll grow
23 ki's just sittin in the back seat
I can make the best man weak
So the cop hits the streets to sell a little pain
Now the cop has a God
You can call me Cocaine

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Smoke this
Smoke it
Smoke it

[Sir Mix-a-Lot]
The only way I can be stopped is with intelligence
And you don't get it, so that's irrelevant
So you die, or else go to jail
And I'm happy as hell
I tried to get a young kid but he just said no
Because of some sports hero
So I entered the hero's house in the form of a line
And let him snort one time
Now he'd dead, cause my dose was pure
Got him too quick for the cure
So the headlines read, "Dope Made Another Hit"
[sniff] Dead on the first sniff
Now the kid is lookin for another hero
I let him know the other fool was a zero
He hits the streets, lookin for a remedy
They introduce him to me
I don't need another junky, just a flunky
Besides, the little punk was spunky
So I put him in a fresh pair o' Dickies
Give him a beeper, and let him terrorize the city
Put him in a gang, teach him to slang
Another young punk deep in the game
He'll be lucky if he lives til' 18
And I'm his new God
You can call me Cocaine

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Go ahead n' use me
Smoke me
Hm hm hm hm hm hm

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Sir Mix-A-Lot I'm Your New God Comments
  1. Cody

    My first CD

  2. Jason Bearden

    Put me in your pipe, light and suck.....cluck cluck cluck....

  3. Mandy Reese

    Old school rap is the best.
    2 live crew, Anthrax with PublicEnemy, Dr Dre. That's good bump'n music not like the new stuff the play today! It's all about romance. Uhhh!

  4. tank abbott

    I'm back 8 years later still dope woooooo

  5. MyLisa McKenzie

    2019 !!!

  6. This Guy

    I forgot about this song

  7. max najaf


  8. Darth77Pimp

    I hate crackaine

  9. Darth77Pimp

    I hate crackaine

  10. Eazy-E Ryder

    I remember this

  11. Colourful Space

    Damn this is old...

  12. Ruben Lira

    Never will there be music like this now days it's just thrash 🤮

  13. jarod gray

    She calls to her god and that's me, cocaine

  14. jarod gray

    Only good song he had

  15. Boysie Caison

    He went on this one how did I miss this song all these years... Sorry Mix.. This shit better than what's out now

  16. Redwood Forest

    Premadonna jam 🔥🔫🔥💯upscale snowflakes mix a lot cakes! I’m your new god call me cocaine

  17. clayton masters

    I used to listen to this when I was like 10 and the beginning always scared me haha

  18. Mike Scott

    Still jamming this shit!

  19. Tony Brown

    Hard shit!! Crack smokers learn a lesson off this song!!

  20. Derf Taffy

    C'mon his jamz bass, old skuu rolas bump like fuk in the cutty

  21. Eric Nickerson

    Shit go hard still

  22. tonyorob

    creative cut

  23. Kathryn H

    love this song!

    JohnnyBoy Blaze

    Kathryn H chill I would never smoke crack. Someone offered it to me and i was"like heck no!!!!" The three drugs that I wouldn't try are crack, meth, and heroin. They are bad news!!!!!

    JohnnyBoy Blaze

    Tom Gertenhäuer I never wanna try it.

  24. JohnnyBoy Blaze

    I don't find cocaine addictive.

    JohnnyBoy Blaze

    Nag G it was good coke, bout I just don't have I don't own an addictive personality...but my homies are addicted to it and we r all snorting da same coke

    JohnnyBoy Blaze

    Now crack cocaine I don't want to try

    Brian Adamson

    I just like how it smells


    Neither do I. Meth on the other hand highly, 14 years clean.

    Token Hi

    Crack and Cocaine can be fun. With certain will power, and the know how.

  25. Chris Romero

    drewnbkk 'u must not be from the x generation, maybe y,?^!!!this song did hit hard wen I was a teen. u can call me cocain. hahaha.

    Buffy Feucht

    I loved this song then and now!

  26. Chris Romero

    bass,yea.I'm your new God. smoke this.

  27. Chris Romero

    I'm back,one more time....weres he at now??

  28. Chris Romero

    loved this song,back in in the day........still hits hard...

  29. Chris Romero

    dam,was a teen wen I herd this....dam.

  30. sortylife


  31. tank abbott

    @philiptwood this song is just as hard as dr dres the chronic mane and im a long time deathrow fan

    jarod gray

    Yeah this is the 1st good song I heard from him. His other stuff is alright but this has teeth to it, sounds awesome on 12s too....

  32. tank abbott

    while your high grab a 12 gauge/jump back on the streetz in a crack rage

  33. djzacmaniac

    This whole album is dope.

  34. Philip Wood

    I use to think this was a crazy @ss song when I first heard it. Mix a lot went hard with this one... At least until the "Chronic Album" hit. Then it wasn't so hard anymore. :D

    Mya Lugo

    Philip Wood this song goes harder then that hole album