Sir Mix-A-Lot - Carz Lyrics

They call me Mister Lamborghini
See me believe me, we be
Hit em twisties
You all can't believe these crazy ass V's big wings... green Ferrari Scuderia
F1 quick click and see ya
Hot shift in that... meals and the prance and horse in the... shields
Maybe you'll see us
Cars and coffin raise up off me
I pop... and Enzo, or black Phantom with the smoked out windows
5, 95 is fine motor 63.5... got a... on order
And my car's got miles, garage queens, that's your style
LP 560, Batman grey with the ccb's
And the LCD's flash the peace signs cause you can't catch these

We love these cars I keep my bright foot planned cops can't stand it
We love these cars, got my phone, here is tone
I love a car, I like to whip it, I love a car I like to whip it
We love these cars, my suspensions step up I never drift
We love these cars,.. whip it clean, watch me...
I love a car, I like to whip it, I love a car I like to whip it

I'm no collector, you drive them thangs and I might respect ya
And even know I'm getting older I ride my shit and how to fuck you posers
... Fuck you posers, I start wheel, fuck you posers
Hood long, big coupe but it still's got balls
Murdered out black Ferrari six twelve skag parties
Out at Tom's house, he got the big white Phantom chrome mouse
Try to catch my crew, fuck us, fuck you
Porscha CGT big... to... clicked up... d cups
Jig's up, the sound of Mike's Gallardo... sometimes I follow north west auto saloon,
Clean the whips, shine em and gone, and benchmark makes it pound
You all should hear this fucking sound

We love these cars I keep my bright foot planned cops can't stand it
We love these cars, got my phone, here is tone
I love a car, I like to whip it, I love a car I like to whip it
We love these cars, my suspensions step up I never drift
We love these cars,.. whip it clean, watch me...
I love a car, I like to whip it, I love a car I like to whip it

Carbon fiber, guts fat, SLR mat black
Couple of that with a GT 2 and finish my garage with... a coupe
My LP 640 does up when I'm acting dirty
What you know about a Veiron, Bugatti shakes the body like heroine
Can you fuck with a SSC production... 16
And the Yankees coming with the Corvette... all run
GTC, nothing flows like a... Bentley see
... and our everyday... the part that they hate
Aston Martin DBX interior blessed... keep
I'm on a fat S classe...
... push startin...

We love these cars, I love a car, I love a car
I love them [x2]

We love these cars I keep my bright foot planned cops can't stand it
We love these cars, got my phone, here is tone
I love a car, I like to whip it, I love a car I like to whip it
We love these cars, my suspensions step up I never drift
We love these cars,.. whip it clean, watch me...
I love a car, I like to whip it, I love a car I like to whip it

We love these cars I keep my bright foot planned cops can't stand it
We love these cars, got my phone, here is tone
I love a car, I like to whip it, I love a car I like to whip it
We love these cars, my suspensions step up I never drift
We love these cars,.. whip it clean, watch me...
I love a car, I like to whip it, I love a car I like to whip it

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Sir Mix-A-Lot Carz Comments
  1. VeNeRaGe

    2020 anyone? 🥰

  2. Just Fab & Create

    Sir mix a lot this is my YouTube channel and I use this song for my intro to my fab channel?

  3. Carmelo The Goat

    I did not know sir mix a lot was a car guy. Super awesome song and video.

  4. unisonsports3

    This will ALWAY be the best generation of cars - the greatest generation.

  5. Jake Nicholas

    Still out here bumping this in 2020 damn near while I drive my Corvette.

  6. cr8zyk

    This video and the rest of the day changed my life. Rags to riches. A huge turning point in my life. Thanks Mix. I honestly don't think I'd be where I am if it wasn't for this video.

  7. jeep guy

    hey mix do you still have the mb from the rap my benzo?

  8. Vamps

    hey this is not bad...the last cd I remember was bumpasarus ..he has made so many great songs...I would love to see another lp cut from this man and his team.

  9. Buffy Feucht

    I've always had mad respect for SIR MIX ALOT

  10. professorquack

    I’ve been listening to this track for years. I just got a super car (factory ordered) . I drove it last night with this soundtrack On repeat for 10 minutes. Please do an updated version!!

  11. Q- Bert

    Not a very good song, he’s done much better in the past 👎🏾

  12. MikeDest

    Why the Fast and Furious franchise hasn't picked this song up yet... i dunno

  13. WestZ

    Still fire after all these years

  14. evergreenrider

    All these new booty rappers coming out the town are doing themselves a disservice by not hollering at the triple OG of the S-E-A.

  15. AsRebel

    All car lovers theme song right here

  16. amie higgins

    ⭐THE PLANE KICKS ALL THIER ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!⭐

  17. willy William

    Mix is like my favorite rapper from the day of square dance rap to the chief boot knocka album I like the song big buts on Mac daddy album but my favorite song was no holds barred. Mix didn't get enough credit we're it was do. I hope he realizes no matter what. He got some fans out there. So I'm white so Eminem

  18. Dutch Bishop

    Does anyone know where I could buy this album? I’d really like to have it but I can’t find it anywhere

  19. Deese Knutz

    This is the best song Mix ever made

  20. AsRebel

    I can't stop listening to this song. He actually know his cars and has the right sounds it's the best.

  21. TheBombShhh

    from the pixar cars 3 soundtrack! great part of my childhood. always watched the end credits for this song

  22. Joshua Geoffrion

    F**K YOU POSERS!!!!!!

  23. professorquack

    Make a 2019 version!!!!

  24. Edward Powell

    Yes sir.mix a lot.

  25. Robert Williams

    Sir Mix, I heard a real life story about you when you were crossing US/Canadian border I think you were in a limo! I heard you gave your Sir Mix jacket away there, Is that true? we talking many moons ago. Love your music. Can't believe you got the symphone orchestra to do Baby Got Back. Amazing!

  26. JacobPug Poirier

    Lamborghinis suck... Bugatti is the fastest company in the world

  27. professorquack

    song hot, video hot, cars hot, sir mix a lot hot

  28. Dylan and Cars

    My friend and I have each done a video of your Lambo Aventador

    My video:
    My friend's video:

  29. Dutch Bishop

    3:18 caddy

  30. heavychevy383

    ...still jammin "my hooptie" drivin my 71 chevy...

  31. Stealthy Wolf

    Reminds of a story about my Lincoln Mark VI lowrider. I loved that car... I used to go everywhere and do alot of jobs with it. I miss that car. Hope you make some new songs! You are a one of a kind OG. I rember when this song came out. I grew up to your music on kube 93. I used to live in Washington too. :)

  32. Thompson Family

    This is a great song when you turn the closed captions on. I couldn't stop laughing how youtube translated it. At least they got the swear words right hahaha. 2 thumbs up to Mix for phat beats.

  33. Qvorthon

    Omg i live up the road from that airport!! Its Crest Field

  34. Keld Tundraking

    Why won't my speakers go any louder.

  35. jfc construction

    from spinning records at Lateef's barbeque & and arcade on Friday dance night for people like Po-Jo / mellow mike /Emerald city Boy's, / Mc Wild jay / Thrid Level / to Lambo's awesome stay -up & hold it down Mix.

  36. MrCoontastic

    I remember when this was moments from being debuted, he joined a forum named "lambopower" as he knew a few members there. I remember he said he used their vehicles and a few members vehicles from Ferrarichat. He spoke like a very down to earth person and very humble.

  37. felix Rodriguez

    Sir mix a lot car millionari sir mix a lot. Raper okland


    Good artists stick to one subject on a song, & that's the name of the song! Today's music they all over the place talking about nothing!!

  39. mike jonse

    where do I send a demo ?
    ₩hite boi off the rez
    Washington State 509

    Marquis DeRouen

    Research Reggie Wright Jr he could help

  40. Jeff Froment

    Mix a Lot still coming out with bangers. I know this has been out for a few years now but just never commented til now. Mix a Lot is one of my favorite rappers. I like old school a lot better than today's shit music. I grew up on old school hip hop. Late 80s 90s and early 2000s the golden age of hip hop.

  41. Blood,Sweat & Gears Motorsports

    Mix is a business man first,artist second. Still gettin BIG, BIG bank right now,today

  42. latymz

    This is the reason I used to love hip-hop and now it's the reason I hate it because tracks like this don't get love.

  43. Natalie Kaye Gandolf

    Saw him in concert and met him after the show. He is a beast on the stage and so down to Earth and humbled by his fans. Mix is my favorite!


    Natalie Kaye Gandolf thank you sweetheart!!!

  44. Matt Pfarr

    Like the Gary Newman sample of the original song Cars

  45. Phil Whitehead

    Damn it Mix can still lay down a beat. Love this guy

  46. Gerhart Benz

    I love my cars! Cool video!

  47. worldsound73

    Back here again May 2018!

  48. Jake spaceman

    This is I like big BUTTS....replaced with his obsession for CARS LMAO....DOPE!

  49. Americanhooligan

    Hey mix

  50. BigSi 2017

    Dude definitely still got it great song with a great beat!

  51. The 18

    now you got your seattle genius on line. whats up bitch. i run this ham eating hometown.

  52. The 18

    sHUt your fucking ass up.

  53. Alpha Male

    I grew up with mix-a-lot my dad got me into him when I was like 5. Now here I am 13 years later still listening to this beautiful man.

  54. Justin Fothe

    Wish I could meet you Iron Man.

  55. Perrin Benson

    I wuld rather a farm truck to a lamborghini

  56. Preston Leete

    Still listening in 2018 love this song and it's from the Pacific northwest

  57. diddly Flanders

    when one has clinical depression......just listen to sirmixalot lol!!

  58. David Griffiths

    lol 20 years ago it was mercedes now its lambos :D

  59. tyrusthadon

    Damn he reminds me of Patrice Oneal RIP

  60. cracker0974

    Them lambos need an 102 stainless steel whips on the back with an 3cx3000 in the back,,,, breaker breaker.... lol....73's and merry Christmas Prime........

  61. Brittany Burnett

    I have loved your music since I was young and still listen to you.


    Thank you so much! I am working on some interesting new stuff...... I think LOL

  62. marshall hoose

    love it i tell my dad to play it in his truck really loud

  63. Dante D

    2017 knows wassup

  64. GetSocialButterfly

    This guy makes Classics!

  65. ซาง สูง

    CARS IS OUR HEARTS AND LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Fur Gulley

    Geez i love that verde ithica lp670sv.........

  67. Core Drummond

    Mix was the first rapper with his own lambo

  68. Kawa Bonnga

    Datz a good song

  69. Christopher Leamons

    His voice and style is still fresh. I'm not so big on the song but 'Mix is the bomb.

  70. XxklusivV Gaming

    This shit makes me wanna hop in the whip and bang 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gear real quick. This that racing music. Straight fye! 🔥

  71. diddly Flanders

    sirmixalot rules nuff said!!!

  72. Shooter Brown

    I wanna be like this guy when I grow up... #Ballin fuck collectors my supercar will have serious miles. I ain't spending all that money just to look at it. #FuckDat #RunIt


    Right on man! If you aint drivin' em, just go buy paintings. #nogaragequeens

  73. T Duke

    I know this song is all about the super expensive cars with big names like Ferrari or something, but this makes me think of my ol' Monte Carlo SS everytime I hear it.

  74. Desert Walker

    I love these good to go pass in the windshield of these Washington cars. terrible. just terrible. i was getting raped by gov too. but a few months ago i moved to Phoenix. much better. i have a sigh of relief as the gov has loosened the grip around my financial neck. anyway love this! have to get my mix fix like 3 times a week

  75. minib2200

    Very very cool beat!! Still got my Mini Truck from back in da day and I still playssss. Me and Kid sensation had run away from home in the Black Benz limo with cellular phone. (Posse on Broadway )

  76. GriZzLySENSHI !!!

    Sir Mix a Lot, You still droppin hits thats what Im talkin' bout! Cant wait ta see your next whips!

  77. Jason Brown

    lol, been a fan of this dude since 88. wtf did i just now hear about this? 7 yrs ago?

  78. usquanigo

    Sweet! WB!

  79. Ultra Healthy Video Game Nerd

    The sample is from the old song Cars! Crazy...

  80. Renaissance Man

    Definitely one of my all time favorite videos! Great tribute to best cars in the world.

  81. Aaron Lumberger

    this song and video are a lot better than it needs to be

  82. Sir Winston

    DJ Vlad brought me here

  83. g boz

    This song so slept on it's ridiculous

    Deese Knutz

    Probably the best song MixaLot ever released

    suchapill ! !

    I've been saying the same for years.

  84. Biffcheese Spinoccoli

    Long way from "My Hooptie." Mix-a-Lot is #Legendary

  85. Tim Keebortz

    sir mix my dad and I love your songs

  86. Tim Keebortz

    I'm really 9 I just using my dad's YouTube

  87. Horker Fan

    I just need a small loan of like 1 million dollars to get me started- hit me up:)

  88. Victor Tomas

    fear factory - cars

  89. 187StrikeKing

    My Cars Got Miles Garage Queens Thats Your Style . Its 2017 fools better wake up

  90. David Singleton

    Whats up Mix
    Good shit man

  91. Dr Humita

    Why he erased his best song from youtube?

  92. mzondi1970

    never really was vulgar or talked about killing anyone and still made great music

  93. Steve Comeau

    Me and my boys (8 and 10 years old) watched this video 200 times so far... I had a chance to drive a Huracan and a 458 in Miami 2 months ago... mind blown... Your passion for cars is contagious!

  94. Tundrazone

    Mix... Am I going to have to drive up to black diamond and help you finish this cd? I'm down here in portland waiting for a new album and a Dick's cheese burger. love that place.

  95. Lightning

    Miss going to RTC mornings, had to sell my baby for a down payment on a house.


    Nothing wrong with that

  96. Jerry Brooks

    Not bad