Singh, Arijit - Alizeh Lyrics

Pyaar maine jo nibhaya
Tere rehte, tere saath bhi
Sach kahun toh, uss se zyada
Chaha tujhko, tere baad bhi

Mmm… main dard hoon
Tu dava hai na
Main aag hoon
Tu hawa hai na

Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
Kahaan hai tu
Mere dil mein hai na
Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
Tera hoon main
Tujhe yaad hai na [x2]

Sooraj dhale toh lagta hai jaise
Kaandhe pe mere sar hai tera
Mera thikana chahe jahaan ho
Yaadon mein meri ghar hai tera

Sooraj dhale toh lagta hai jaise
Kaandhe pe mere sar hai tera
Mera thikana chahe jahaan ho
Yaadon mein meri ghar hai tera

Main hoon jahaan
Tu wahaan hai na
Main aag hoon
Tu hawa hai na

Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
Kahan hai tu
Mere dil mein hai na
Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
Ali, Ali, Ali, Alizeh
Tera hoon main
Tujhe yaad hai na [x2]

In the darkness
You help me find a spark
The sweetest soul with the kindest heart
If only you could see you the way I do
You'd see the sunshine and it's beautiful

Yeah! and all you have to do is smile
I give anything to be there just to see it now
To lay with you in the warmth of the summers night
And watch the moon and stars come to life
Can't begin to explain just what you did for me
Yeah there was something in your energy
Close my eyes and I still feel you in every breeze
That's how I know you're still with me

I've died a thousand times for you
Walked a million miles for you
I'd live and still be dead, you see
If you'd be living without me

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Singh, Arijit Alizeh Comments
  1. Vasanth Vikram MC

    Anyone in 2020 ?? ♥️

  2. Ahir Vanraj

    my fevrit song 😎😍😎😍😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  3. Ana Lala

    The last part kills me❤️

  4. Jayashree Sankar

    i just love this song.... my kinda song and music❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. pigeon promise production pigeon


  6. Ayushi Mishra

    This song is wayy toooo beautiful❤❤


    I am blessed to have my own Ayan and trust me it was the best decision of my life to not accept his love because yes friendship is the only relationship that is so pure and never gets broken .This movie is so close to my heart.

  8. Rounak Aijaz

    Not everyone can get this song❤

  9. Nirmal Solanki

    I like it

  10. Erina Khersa

    I have 2 loves 1st and 2nd idk whom to choose! ! the 🤔🤣

    where are my memes

    choose me problem solved

  11. sabir ahamed

    When i hear this song i feel and understand ........that i love my best friend .i died a thousand times for u walk a miles for u..........i love you my best friend.


    while watching movie in theater who else felt like knife going through your body killing you

  13. Austam Modak

    Nice song

  14. A T28

    Anushka like fawad, ranbir likes anushka, aishwarya likes ranbir, and srk likes aishwarya in the end no one gets each other

  15. Baladur Karthik

    Lovely song

  16. Sunil Garud

    All time my favorite song😍😍😍😍

  17. Erina Khersa

    Y this song is amazing from beginning till the end 🕌🕌🔊🎼🎶

  18. Nishtha Saroj

    A song with depth of emotions💓💓

  19. Sheila Januari Vionita

    I love this song bcz my daughter name's Alizeh. And I also get inspiration for her name from this movie ❤️

  20. Saleha Sultana

    I love this song i was bon in 2017

  21. Annu Kumari

    So sad 💔💔💔💔💔

  22. Dhruv

    Anushka set high fashion standards in this movie 😍

  23. Hazzi Facts

    Love this song my love name was alizeh 😋😂

  24. Prachi Waghmare

    Any one diwali 2020,

  25. Vino Vijay

    Still listening in 2019😍😘😘🥰😘😘🥰😘🥰

  26. Vino Vijay


  27. Emanraj Heerah

    Ash King 😍

  28. anil patel


  29. SRZ's Tech


  30. Md Sadam Hussain Gumla jharkhand

    Ay dil hai muskil full movie dalo yar

  31. Ramesh Kumar

    Miss u alizeh yrr mera alizeh kon h kisi ko pta nii h usko bhi nii pta 😭😭mera sb kuch vo h love u yrr

  32. Arsalan Khan

    Excellent song

  33. Muhammed Rashid

    Anyone in october 2019

  34. Kishore Harkhu

    That second Sooraj Dhale Toh......👍👍👍



  36. ajim sha

    plug ur Head set and close your eyes thn feel it💕

  37. Dairy Milk

    Kaha hai tu mera dil mai hain na😍😍❣

  38. Farhan Rajani

    adding church's choir is a good idea..

  39. kirti Dandi

    Deep Love 🥰

  40. Anjali Das

    I love this song

  41. vasudha pahuja

    I want my best friend in my life 🤗

  42. Bijoya Das

    My favourite part of this song is "Suraj dhale to lagta hain ainse kandhe pe mere sar hain tera "

  43. Printy Marak

    Nice yarr

  44. Zilik Khan

    Bro my name is aliza,this feels so weird 😂😂

  45. Riya Sinha Roy

    Yeh song sunkar mere Dil ko bohot Khushi hoti haii....😊mujhe mere best friend ki yaad aati haii❤️

  46. om tri

    Ritu..class 5th
    Meri alizeh.

  47. Ashutosh Rai

    Under rated track Of Ae Dil HAi Mushkil..

  48. Rohit Sharma

    Kahan hai tu...mere dil me hai na...
    Tera hu mai...tujhe yad hai na...😘

  49. Maslaini laini

    Who still hear this song in 2019?❣️

  50. Geetu B

    Top song in the world

  51. Alizakayani Alizakayani

    I love this song

  52. Alizakayani Alizakayani

    Oh iam also alizeh

  53. Mani Fatima

    The voice n lyrics r really amazing..wen u listen the song u feel urself in another world where only u r important for ths song....

  54. Arun Venugopal

    Keerthana ? Contact me


    What a soulful voice of Arijit sir.I really love it👍👍👍

    Farhan Rajani

    haha chutu its not arijit

    Diya Nath

    It's both Ash king and Arijit sir

    Diya Nath

    And the english line sung by Shashwat singh

  56. Sourav k Dimithrove

    The pain of this Song...Hell I am done of Loving her..Unrequited Love truly deserves a salute...
    The most heart melting tale ever..That is Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

  57. Sagar Khandade

    This song suits perfectly to my friend Shubham Indulkar. He a Arnold of pune

  58. mayank chaturvedi

    August '19 anyone else.. 🙋‍♂️

  59. deniz kızı sena

    I love you anushka sharma

  60. Chandan Nath

    I love Arijit Sir voice

  61. Pream hency

    Any one 2019??

  62. Cher Islame


  63. Rosen khanna

    I love Anu My fav Cuteiiii piiee mmmuuuhhhhaaa

  64. Rosen khanna

    I love Anu my fav Cuteiii piieee mmmuuuaahhaaaaa

  65. Harihar Giri

    This song Then Now Forever ! <3

  66. Deepak Gupta

    Nice song

  67. Aya Hafsi

    I love this song

  68. Vidhi Doshi

    Why didn't they keep this song in the movie?! It's so beautiful, probably the best song of the movie!

  69. hako parmar Parmar

    Kaha he tu mere Dil me he na I love yau jyoti I love yau veriy veriy mas

  70. The Hëřøïnė


  71. maahi brahma

    2k19 and still my favourite

  72. Ashu Smart

    Kha hai Tu Mar dil ma ha na Ali Ali Ali ....miss you

  73. Anum Palijo

    Awesome blosom

  74. Subhash Khoju

    Lovely song 💕💕

  75. Ravichand

    Love from Tamilnadu❤ ali ali ali alizeh

  76. Amit Dahal

    Alizeh song is my most fav song of Arijit singh ❤❤❤❤

  77. pankaj thakur000

    Who's listening this song june 2019

  78. alizeh hamadi

    alizeh...a beautiful character in ADHM
    Is a character which resembles me...wd name ..character ...naughtiness ..cuteness ....evn huby s name is Ali....but I literally dont want to die lyk ths ...not fr sure...

    Animated vines of mk

    so sweet .😇

    Riya Ghosh

    Wow...matlab this song made for you...

  79. Pratham Jain

    MM ❤️ my first love. Used to listen to this song everyday in late 2017. Sweet yet sad memories...

  80. Anjul Haque

    Mara tikana chahy jaha ho yadomy Mari gar hai Tara. I miss u my heart

  81. Anshu Kumari

    You are my favorite singer and my ideal Arijit Singh

  82. Anshu Kumari

    This song has intense pain ....ek dard Hai iss song me yarr , Jo sbko feel nhi hoga kuch log hi feel KR sakte Hai iss dard ko....

  83. Rizwan Khan

    The most underrated song of Ae dil hai mushkil

  84. nikkiabhi das

    Alizhh is my fv 😘😘😘😘

  85. Harjeet Sandhu

    Ali ali ali alizeh ❤️Kaha hai tu

  86. ananya dutta

    The casting of Anushka was the worst decision of kjo...


    someone bring Burnol🤣🤣...kisi ki jal rhi h

  87. movies club movie s hd

    A- awesome
    L- love
    I- indepth of the heart
    Z- zeal
    E- enjoy your life
    H - be happy

  88. Arsalan Khan


  89. saranga mankar

    best friend anthem

  90. m tezasvi

    I feel I m near by a church... Wht a beautiful song.. More than awesome... ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  91. JOJO Khan

    Who is listening to this song in 2019 like n comment 👇👇

  92. Rahul Roy

    Par karta tha karta hu karta rahunga tu kare ya na kare tera hu may tuze yad he na

  93. Priyanka Barua

    Nice song to express your love..❤❤

  94. Sapna Malawat

    Who is in 2019????

  95. Rajkumar N.T.R

    Actually my love towards her increased after she left me
    Main dard hoon
    Tu dava hain na