Sinead O'Connor - The Singing Bird Lyrics

I have seen the lark soar high at morn
Heard his song up in the blue
I have heard the blackbird pipe his note
The thrush and the linnet too
But there's none of them can sing so sweet
My singing bird as you.

If I could lure my singing bird
From his own cozy nest
If I could catch my singing bird
I would warm him on my breast
For there's none of them can sing so sweet
My singing bird as you.
My singing bird as you.
My singing bird as you.

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Sinead O'Connor The Singing Bird Comments
  1. Joan Anne Wallace


  2. 100NocãoPl4ys s

    Pássaro cantando .Beautiful

  3. Michael Nerenz

    Her singing, voice, body language, eyes and passion are flawless and stunning as ever - but the camera work in this video is just less so. A shame this 70s-style hasty afternoon takes are supposed to match her performance as an artist.

  4. Mark Connely

    Just heart-breakingly beautiful. The Chinese motif, suggested by the dress and the banjo, cause the wagon wheel , glimpsed in the background, to transform, for a magic moment, into a parasol. Sinead O'Connor lays it bare, as always. <3

  5. Nouvelle Terre

    I am in complete shock. Stunned. Jaw dropped. The reincarnation of a great Essene, I will assure you of that.. Right here in front of our noses.. I just can't figure out who. But I will promise you Sinead was there all that time ago.. She is absolutely cosmically aware of all the is beautiful and true.

  6. Tonio Ant

    Da igual la ropa que se ponga. Ella es muy guapa y tiene una hermosa voz

  7. Ray M.

    It took me a while to find this video. I saw the part where she songs "But there's none of..." and I knew I had to find this. I've been listening to this on and off throughout the day and it's beautiful.

    Nouvelle Terre

    Had you seen the video before? How were you originally aware of it? Its wonderful. Completely pure.

    Ray M.

    @Nouvelle Terre I had no idea it existed. I'm familiar with a few of her songs, but had never heard this one. A very short clip of the video was in a news story I watched on YouTube and I was like "I have to find this!" I kept looking for videos that might have contained the scene I saw. Eventually I came across this after searching something odd in Google. I forget what I put, but it worked.

  8. Michele Mendolicchio

    💚B❤️💐B. GIORNO🌹

  9. Josefina Papadopoulos

    Todos dice es la mejor pero ningn fans la ayudo, aun ahora todavia se podra ayudarla, porque no se unen y lo hacen ?????

  10. Pegasus

    Now that you are a Muslim are you going to invade and steal land & loot and murder people in the west as Turkey does?

  11. manuel ferrio pombo


  12. Elly Raborn

    She is still so lovely and in great shape, love her always!

  13. 88 18


  14. wilf thebrindle

    great song but its been ****ed up and distorted for copywrite reasons -what was beautiful now isn't ...

  15. David Miyamoto

    Wht press dislike? You are hopeless. Lol She FIRE. I am partial to punk but i knew she was FIRE when i heard her .

  16. Lon Ball

    I first heard her in an appearance on Arsenio Hall Show; a'capella. Captured my heart. Pure voice, perfect pitch.

  17. Hirthirt hirt

    This woman gives me the creeps...and it is not only that ridiculous haircut


    You hate women. You creep.

  18. Rolf Greibel

    Ich mag diese Frau - Sie ist so genau Sie selbst! In allen Situautionen Ihres Lebens. Ich versuche ebenso meiner Bestimmung zu folgen. - wohin auch immer!.

  19. Marlene Sullivan


  20. Lixna

    I think this is Sinead at her best. Song and performance - Just beautiful.

  21. Michael Duggan

    The most underrated voice of the century. Her voice and lyrics invoke life, death, pain, pleasure, and everything in between.

  22. gino fontanelli

    Je l'aime

  23. Pierre ladeuil

    Magnifique chanson merci Sinead O' Connor

  24. Brooke Goslin

    God put this Angel here to speak to our innermost part of our hearts and souls she is a teue gift ! Just a stunning woman inside and out ❤️🎶👍🏻🙏🏻💫✨

  25. Michael Belsky


  26. Stephen Greenwald-Smith

    I just love her 💚🌷🍀

  27. jean-claude LASSERRE

    miss o'connor vous êtes la plus belle voix du monde merci de nous donner tant de plaisir à vous écouter...

  28. FaerySeeker

    Sensational. Love her and her music! Keep on singing on Sinead. One of the greatest Irish singers!!!!

  29. ian watts

    Thank you Sinead, thank you indeed::)) cheer's from Australia

    Marlene Sullivan

    We Aussie's Have Good Taste 🎶

  30. Gryphon Lyttleton

    this was my lullaby when i was a kid i'm so happy to have found it again

  31. Omar Papalan

    Es una canción muy encanta sinead..

  32. Ben Masters

    In the last days our physical lives saved many time by the blood of the lamb of God and the power of your testimony....power in pation..spiritual to God and Chris jesus....

  33. Ben Masters

    Sorry the phone finishes some words I type supposedly with cyber intouition..a son flower.a sun flower..
    For God a son flower a jesus flowet..amen song bird...

  34. Ben Masters

    This is maybe the most stunning slanderous music video I ever saw..the colors are prophetic in all ways..
    Very very discerning....and truly the narrow path christ spoke of...Good bleed you greatly m as y his countinencr..shine down upon you thank you for showing us who you are..singing bird wonderful son flower...your a sunflower..for christ a sun flower...singing bird...elohiem ..jahovah elohim....amen ..

  35. skiman107

    By far the best rendition of this traditional song. I listen over and over...and it strongly draws me back to my roots of Ireland...the place I long to be.  "Her Mantel of Green" by Sinead does the same. If you are Irish...these songs touch your heart...if you are not Irish, then they will be just another two songs you've listened to. You have to be Irish to understand.

  36. Barb V

    i just love her !!!!

  37. Robert Orup


  38. Siti Rosyidah


  39. Heaven light

    Her voice is something like extraordinary.😍😍😍if you are fan of sinead hit like🙌🙌🙌

  40. Kathleen Carter Steeves

    She’s just being Irish putting her whole soul into soul is not n flight every time I listen to her here





  43. AMCA

    I love şüheda davitt

  44. Casey Casey

    Come back to the Gaels my poor sister! We love you and miss you!

  45. Robert Orup


  46. Casey Casey

    I only trust Celtic people. They are the only ones that care about me! Warm, friendly and generous! What more human qualities could you need in good friends! If you have a problem they will back you without hesitating!

  47. Gerard Sims

    Looking at her and listening to her perfect voice I can't help but think you are gazing upon Mother Nature herself. She is a wondrous Celtic beauty that seems to be tapped in to the mystical forces of nature itself. Unique.

  48. Stephen Romano

    How can anyone not agree she is one of the greatest singers of all time?

  49. Cassie Lee

    Love u girl... I love everything every song and this one is the best of all

  50. MrKant8

    Голос чудесный.Как жаль,что всё пошло не так .

  51. Ales Jamsek

    Woman who sing and dance ander the green threes.So paganic.Celtic.

  52. Ellen Lynch

    wow, just found this. What a voice. Incredibly beautiful. I hope she is doing ok. Sinead is a rare talent.

    Marlene Sullivan

    My 1st time too..W O N D E R F U L- A M A Z I N G..

  53. Ales Jamsek



    Just like a dream.

  55. Carlos Henrique Yamamoto

    Lokiloclay: Many, many thanks for the post. This video is a treasure, for all of us now and for all posterity. Anyone that will come here and have a minimun level of sensibility certainly will watch the entire clip and recognize what artistry is. It's a memorable video: her voice, her posture, her gestures, her dressing, the place the clip was made, it's all heavenly. The production crew certainly deserves credits. Thanks! By the way, will someone plz clarify me about her dressing. Some say it's Chinese, other Tibetan, I thought it was Celtic: any one have the right answer? Loved the dressing so much that I need to find some equal to give as a gift to a very special woman.

  56. Carolina Castillo

    que bueno es leer la letra de esta cancion ya que ver como canta ella es muy emocionante aun no sabiendo la letra intuyo que es algo hermoso
    tiene una forma de expresion que lo imagino !gracias a la persona que traduce siempre la letra en este espacio!

  57. tom

    That's,,well,sòoooooooo good,in it wow

  58. Erich Jeske

    Sinead O´Connor ist ein Traum. Jeder Song wird von ihrer überragenden und gefühlvollen Stimme so gesungen, dass man miterlebt was im Text zum Ausdruck gebracht werden soll. Sinead O´Connor erreicht die Seele des Zuhörers und bewegt die eigenen Gefühle zutiefst. Danke liebe Sinead O´Connor du schenkst mir die schönsten Momente

  59. James Murphy

    Nobody can sing with such emotion.She is a national treasure.I hope she has many more years to delight us.

  60. skiman107

    To Nancy Coffman...makes me proud of my Irish heritage as well!

  61. skiman107

    To TheMikkiHor...I hope you are still here to read this. I know have been suffering a health issue. I agree, her voice is haunting. You are German, I am Irish decent. If you possibly can, travel to Ireland where you will experience a land and culture that is beyond description until experienced. Ireland is a magical place...and it's people and culture will transform you. Sinead's music and lyrics are but one example of MANY, MANY from Ireland, both past and present...go there...please go there and bath in "Irish".

  62. Maolseachlainn1

    I stood next to you Sinead at the Pink Elephant, Dublin in 1987 and was too nervous to tell you how brilliant you were. Well nearly 30 years later, I'm telling you via YouTube - you are fucking brilliant. Caoilfhionn xx

  63. junkiego

    Timeless. I wish u could tap Like every time I listen to it :)

  64. Notonesea j


  65. Gabriel Mambu

    Waow, what a voice!!!

  66. john jack

    Ive just realised I have to be one of the luckiest men in the world. I am half Irish half Scots. It explains why I cant choose which is best. Amy MacDonald or Sinead. Both my favourites without a doubt.

  67. Rody Faivre-rampant

    i love her!

  68. sksman

    Sinead is so talented I wish her all the best.

  69. Silly Goose

    Sinead, you kick ass !!!!

  70. Gabriela Pavel

    Divine voice! All her emotions are captured in her celestial voice. I feel blessed each time I listen to Sinead O' Connor. Thank you for being among us.

  71. Silvia Rasmann

    E così carissati a brava e bella si vede che canta con il. Cuore

  72. Gareth Harris

    So intense, so vulnerable, she holds nothing back, she gives all

  73. randyhandbag

    Sinead is an absolute animal. Pure power!!

    Carlos Henrique Yamamoto

    We humans are all animals, but we, including she, are not absolute animals. We have souls, and a very differentiated mind. Her figure in fact carries power, but the power she transmits in this and other songs (like "This is a Rebel Song") seems to be exhaled by an angel: subtle, smooth, a delicate power. Hard not to be involved.

  74. the psycho-tropics by: JD McKinnon

    Wow! You could make bad weather good all by your-self. I can hardly believe what I just witnessed. You.
    Thank you and even though I favor science over all other forms of truth, I should say you are blessed... you are a gift to me tonight on a sad night for me. Thank you. I will pick up my yoke and go now.

  75. Matthias Schnurre

    Oh Dear, what have you done with this beautiful song!!!


    You're saying that you don't like Sinead's rendition? It couldn't be sung any better! If so by whom?

    Matthias Schnurre

    Sorry, if you like this performance, than it's ok. As a bird I would fly away.


    Ha! Ha! Love your sense of humour. From Germany are you? And they say Germans don't have a sense of humour. Don't think the Irish would agree though on this one.

    Matthias Schnurre

    Thank's, real Germans make also no holidays in England and Scotland but we are doing it. I think one times we will see Ireland as well. I love all the music from GB and my favorite bagpipe is the Irish one. Are you from Ireland? If you like you can visit me on facebook. See you


    Nope! I'm from British Columbia. I'm a huge Kraftwerk fan by the way. I'll check out your facebook page.

  76. j lin

    My ex wife looks a Lot like her and mole too. Frreky. She A clone.

  77. s k

    beautiful girl

  78. Mrwinterman

    I first heard this song when I was a boy and I loved it ever since...Sinead is one of the most beautiful singers of this song I ever in my mid 60s and this song and her voice bring out the innocent  boy in me again

  79. Mrwinterman

    you are a most beautiful touch the very sinew and bring pleasure

  80. JP Kilfeather

    The soul soars to such a beautiful voice and song- Thank you

  81. José Gomes-Lopes

    Nosso Passarinho Alentejano OH Si Mamazita

  82. Maryjo Felstead

    a true artist

  83. zaheer heendricks


  84. Hei Ka

    My favourite songwriter since 1989....i love her voice!!! Ich glaub es gibt in Deutschland keinen größeren Fan von Sinead o`Connor als mich!!!! :D

  85. Carmelina Taplin

    She looks so perfectly beautiful in her Chinese gown and her eye make up so accentuates her beautiful eyes.

    Carlos Henrique Yamamoto

    Carmelina Taplin: Plz. tell me are those Chinese clothes? Aren't these Celtic? I loved it. Barefoot, direct contact with ground, under a tree, wonderfull gestures. Pure delight. I'm still in doubt these are not Celtic clothes; how are you so certain it's a Chinese gown?

  86. MrsGranpaws

    This song was sung by Anne Byrnes and the Ludlow Trio in 1965. It has been recorded also by Margaret O'Brien on the Album The Rafters Ring at the Abbey Tavern. This is the recording that I am so familiar as my brother brought it back from a business trip to Ireland in the mid-'60s to Australia. I cant get enough from this album. I hope I find more songs sung by that Trio on that recording. Does anyone have a copy of that Alburn? I do love Sinead's version, which is so different to the one I am familiar.

  87. MrsGranpaws

    I have seen the lark soar high at morn
    Heard his song up in the blue
    I have heard the blackbird pipe his note
    The thrush and the linnet too
    But there's none of them can sing so sweet
    My singing bird as you.
    If I could lure my singing bird
    From his own cozy nest
    If I could catch my singing bird
    I would warm him on my breast
    For there's none of them can sing so sweet
    My singing bird as you.
    My singing bird as you.
    My singing bird as you.
    Songwriters: Iarla O'lionaird / Sinead O'connor

  88. Prometheus

    This female voice is the best on earth! EVER!

  89. Bay Arfiah

    I love this woman , so sweet so beautiful , but i'm no lesbian because i'm awoman too

  90. Bjoern Möbis

    My Heart is your Heart!!! I Love You!!!

  91. the Watchful and Harmonious Subscriber

    She Can Sing The Alphabet
    And The Emotions Still
    Would Transcend That
    Of Tears Of Joy
    ...Bravo Ms. O'Connor

  92. Javier Barreto

    hermosaaa te amooo

  93. Deadly Duddly

    Voice of an angel sent down to grace us.

  94. Casimir Alexander

    Consumate Artistry. The voice IS the Soul in this Singer. Pure emotion and spirit. Truth sung. Wow! She always devestates me.

  95. Brian Slartibartfast Lindsey

    This is the only album I have of hers. Really cool to see there is an online video version. :)

  96. Heidi Sanderson

    She is so SPECIAL!

  97. Jennifer Ferguson

    Sinaed, you remain one of the rare True Voices that sings so very brave and beautiful for our troubled times. Thank you.

    Florin Daraban

    me too.

  98. Naomi Alcalá

    estoy aquí por el libro El tren de los huérfanos

  99. Mona Lisa

    j'aime cette fille
    je me sens proche d'elle

    Barbara Van Dyk

    Moi aussie!

    Tonio Ant

    Yo también

  100. Rana

    I approve