Sinead O'Connor - The Parting Glass Lyrics

Oh, all the money e'er I had, I spent it in good company. And
all the harm that ever I've done, alas it was to none but me.
And all I've done for want of wit to mem'ry now I can't recall; So
fill to me the parting glass, Good night and joy be with you all.

If I had money enough to spend, and leisure time to sit awhile. There
is a fair maid in this town, that sorely has my heart beguiled. Her
rosy cheeks and ruby lips, I own, she has my heart in thrall; Then
fill to me the parting glass, Good night and joy be with you all.

Oh, all the comrades e'er I had, they're sorry for my going away. And
all the sweethearts e'er I had, they'd wished me one more day to stay.
But since it falls unto my lot, that I should rise and you should not, I
gently rise and softly call, Goodnight and joy be with you all.

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Sinead O'Connor The Parting Glass Comments
  1. John Gadsby

    When I pass on this has to be my funeral song!!!!

  2. Katey Lynn Caballos

    After scouring the internet for versions of this song this is the best one.💖

  3. nancy mauthe

    My wonderful BF use to sing this to me when I would come home from Cedars Hosp. After re-check she would sing this song. This year she had a blood clot and spent 4 months in the hospital. She will never be BF that I knew and is not doing well, I send this song to her. I love her she is such a beautiful person.

  4. Mary Hjort


  5. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    🥰❤️🌹💋🔥✝️ 🇮🇪

  6. Lyn OToole

    Lovely Sinaed, the golden throated songbird, we love you that for all your suffering, you still shine a guiding light before us. Do not be ashamed of your beauty. God gave it to you and told us all not to hide our light under a bushel. God's gifts are her compensation to us for suffering in this life. When you get to heaven and remove your earthly form, your spirit will shine forth in it's golden glory, for all your suffering has only added a patina that shall be spotless in heaven.

  7. Bloomsbury Dave

    Love you so much Sinead.

  8. Billy Poppins

    I like Freddie whites solo guitar versions.. Sorry miss O'Connor.. Joy be with you

  9. W.Michael Junger

    The best version i‘ve ever heard

  10. paul meahan

    After suffering through Ed Sheran’s butchery of this traditional ode, I was so happy to find this gorgeous 100% beautiful version by the lovely Sinead.
    Even the instrumental introduction is a delight, and sets the tone of a happy parting, rather than a sad dirge. 🌹🇦🇺🌹

  11. Jackie Shmueli


  12. Misty Hill

    May we all be half an hour in heaven before the devils knows we are dead!!!! :)

  13. Ann-Marie Caplice

    SO Plastic NO

  14. Алексус Гончий

    amazingly tender voice.

  15. christian macri

    The only version better than Cara's- perfection:)😙

  16. Kim John Ellis

    an American wake song I think

    N. Smith

    It's sung in the United States, but it was originally a Scottish song.

  17. Raleighburner15 Hynes

    Rubbish version

  18. Daniele thank you see ned Beccari

    Allo sinead o, Connor you see for my number one in this world thank you for video and professionals and beautiful

    Daniel bay

  19. ian watts

    Now this is the Sinead we all know:::))) Cheer's

  20. chris McAllister

    Nothing compares to you

  21. Daniele thank you see ned Beccari

    You see for my is numbers one in this world very good thank you see need

    Daniele thank you see ned Beccari

    Thank for your humanity bay daniel

  22. TheJohnswa

    Really love this version of the song.

  23. Kim John Ellis

    always thought of it as an American wake

  24. Dave Kavanagh

    Fantastic version of this great song Sinéad

  25. Riska Dwitary

    This song so describe a beautiful history in the entire europe especially the British and Scott bravo bravo !!! .

  26. Sam Reid

    Great version, best i have heard. And being Irish I've heard quite a few versions

  27. Руслан Североморский

    Я люблю тебя вечно, Магда!!!

  28. Diana Prince

    "Night GodBless" has ALWAYS been the end of day blessing .

  29. Dave Allison

    To me this is a deep song of male friendships and its curious to here it sung well by a women.

  30. Claudio Monello

    Font name?

  31. paul meahan

    I keep coming back to this beautiful version. Her timing and control are both perfect.

  32. Cooper Clark

    i love her interpretation from this song

  33. Jackie Shmueli

    Just what I need to start my day with thanks and love from Israel.

  34. Arwial

    Piękna piosenka. Dziękuję i serdecznie pozdrawiam z upalnej Polski.

  35. Tóireasa Purviance-Meehan

    She paces it just wee bit too slow! It's much improved if speed set up to 1.5.

    Roisin Sweeney

    Tóireasa Purviance-Meehan I agree, I love Sinèads voice, but Cara Dillons version is haunting x

  36. dtz jones

    Fantastic song very moving Sinéad's voice is perfect🙏🍀

  37. Vernon Hedge

    Great song, fantastic rendition, but if you can't take friendly suggestions about the transcription for your subtitles then you get an undeletable thumbs down.

  38. Jahna Roth

    Goodby Sir I shall miss your purity of heart for us, everyday I will remember you...........

  39. 冠承劉

    my favorite version!
    Also my funeral song too.

  40. Vernon Hedge

    My favourite version of this song by far. Thank you!

    (At 2:30 I think Sinéad sings " thrall", not "enthralled", and at 3:49 I think she sings "... and yous should not", not " should not". Please note the specific historical Irish connotation of being 'in thrall', and also the charming Irish manner of addressing a group of people before a person, 'yous'. In British English we only have the somewhat clumsy "you all". In US English there is "y'all" or 'yall', which is also quite charming.)

  41. Ruth Lewis

    One of the very few unique voices out there.

  42. Michael

    bob dylan, the honest thief, brought me here, and I say that with affection.


    Here is Mark Knopfler's version of the dylan song, which it rooted in the one O'Connor sings

  43. JulieJackson1

    Just discovered this song. Very nice version.

  44. Derrick Spurrier

    nice voice but the arrangement is horrible.

  45. Shane Wright

    Proud to be Irish

  46. Nicholas alvarado

    It’s an okay version


    One of the greatest voices of all time...thankyou Sinead!

  48. Piaras Kelly

    and yous should not

  49. Roger Scott

    I love this song, I love her. So there it is.

  50. Marlene Sullivan

    Sinead Has A Golden [email protected] A Beautiful Lady Also.💕

    Charli Brown

    And crazy as a bat!

  51. Geoff Lovett

    Ah Sinead your a magician.

  52. Padraig Cullen

    It is supposed to be written about a scottish man emigrating to the north of of Ireland during the plantation of ulster in the seventeenth century.

  53. Enlightening Erin

    Irish music is the only kind that keeps me sane.

    Debbie McCrossan

    except it's Scottish from the 1600's!

  54. ricky wood

    Wish the Irish were so kind to the English as the English are to everyone else, love ireland both North and Republic but politics and religion divides both North and South,


    You're being facetious, right?

    Roisin Sweeney

    Lol!! British Empires anyone 😂

  55. Erik Linge

    god I love her voice! Peace and happiness Sinead

  56. ѧռռɛttɛ sʍɨtɦ-օ'ɦaʀa

    🇮🇪 👀👄 Wow! This version is a fav of mine 💚 Sinéad girl you are truly gifted, such a beauitful and powerful voice. much love from the old 🇮(the pie) "Dundrum / Holylands Knacker Drinking Gang". 🎙🍺 💚🎵🇮🇪

  57. Sarah whatshername


  58. juan carlos lira

    Beautiful Sinéad.

    my music

    Cray world

    my music

    Crazy world

  59. Robin B

    I love her voice

  60. Catherine Murphy

    can anyone tell me why the old Irish lettering was changed in Ireland???


    Because Cartographers and artists stoped writing and printers started printing a standard script...?

    Catherine Murphy

    oh, thank you. I didn't know why and I love the old text?

  61. Ray Carlson

    Best version....girls got vocal skills

  62. Louise Gavin

    Thank you Sinead xxx

  63. Marian O'Brien

    thanks sinead for the true rendition. still singing ur version of foggy dew even tho easters gone.

    Catherine Murphy

    +Marian O'Brien: now that's tru talent not the noisy X- Factor factory............

  64. wouter joannes van scherpenberg

    When do i see your garden and the love from Ireland bring us hart together in love and sweetness home in our hart and joy for ever deer peggy

  65. Hey There

    Anyone come here to cleanse their ears after Ed's?

    Jenny McIsaac

    LOL yes me too

    Isabel Magnolia

    To be fair I love Ed Sheran and even I appreciate that not everyone likes him. Lol some people get so mad over someone else's opinion, they are doing it to themselves so people should just calm down and enjoy whatever music they want.

    Elmer Adkins

    Nick gers If somebody doesn’t dig someone’s music do you automatically assume it is because they are popular? Why? Sinéad was and is immensely popular. I don’t like Ed Sheeran but my music taste includes countless artists that have had huge mainstream success. Not necessarily within the last decade but that is beyond the point.

    dtz jones

    @Nick gers get real he's bullshit

    christian macri

    Ey! A deep cleanse

  66. Ed Olearczyk

    Just lovely. Thanks.

  67. Orchestral Dreams

    "A corporation's product sent me here. (please like me, please like me, please like me, please like me, please like me)"

  68. mostgrossdanger04

    This isn't my favourite version of this song... Ronnie Drew has got me there....but Sineads voice is just so beautiful ... wonderful woman...

  69. miscellaniac

    I'm not overly fond of Sinead O'Connor (she takes herself WAY to seriously), but this is a pretty good rendition of the Parting Glass.

    grioghair macgrioghair

    +miscellaniac yeahn she always did ,it is and always was her biggest failing,she set herself up as a voice for irish nationlism and I suspect it did her international career much harm


    +Slavic Pride She is internationally known, though. Literally everyone I know knows Nothing Compares to You, and I live in the southern US, which isn't known for being culturally diverse. Most people here just listen to country, yet EVERYONE knows that song. It's like one of those songs that everyone just inexplicably knows, like My Heart Will Go On or Thriller.

    Catherine Murphy

    +miscellanic: like most Artists the heart leads, emotions near the surface....................but always's part of being an ARTIST.........

  70. phinbar72

    thank you girigal gridghe

  71. Kory St. Aoro

    This is the best version of this song i have ever heard

    Barry Stone

    Got say Liam (?) Clancy's version is a belter, search you tube, there's a video of his family all singing this at his graveside very moving


    George Donaldson's version of this song is the best I have ever herd


    Hair of The Dog accapella is by far my favorite.

    Patrick Grannan

    Sinead is amazing and I think her version of many traditional Irish Classics is the best (especially Foggy Dew with the Chieftains) but in this one instance I have to with Liam Clancy and Tommy Makem - just the emotion they catch in their rendition

    Boat Man

    The UCD choral society do a great version also

  72. grioghair macgrioghair

    listen fuds it matters not  scots or irish this is a renditon of a beautiful song sung by a wonderfull voice and control she is surely bardagh quality

    Olivia Hall

    @grioghair macgrioghair Well spoken. It's lovely, all that matters

    grioghair macgrioghair


  73. Sky Buck

    the arrangement is hokey as fuck

    grioghair macgrioghair

    @Sky Buck bollocks fud get real or pisht awa

    Sky Buck

    not sure what you just said but i'd rather listen to the high kings


    @Sky Buck He was basically telling you to get real or piss off. :)

  74. Tom Keogh

    Listen, Alice, there is only so much room on the island for us Paddies, but, I know with sentiments like yours, we would definitely find room for someone like yourself. Gurra maith agat (thank you)>

    Bobby Dazzler

    It is go raibh math agat


    +Bobby Dazzler *maith

  75. Alice Martinelli

    I do wish I was Irish, I'm just in ove with Ireland and its people and culture

    Daniele thank you see ned Beccari

    I, m Daniel I, m are for see need very good and big professional in this world good bay good bless

    Nelsie McKenzie

    I’m Irish I would love to be Italian, it pisses rain here 355 days outta the year, so I’ll swap life’s no probs. 😸😸😸

    Marcello Ferri

    Perché in Irlanda e non in Italia troverai che la pietra non è vile materiale ma madre di tutte le cose.. Se riscoprirai la pietra viva che è vicino a te, le farfalle ti sembreranno davvero ma davvero fatine. 🤪 Anche in Italia.

    Jason Hendry

    @Sophisticated Dinosaur if you was born in America then you most definately aren't Irish. They don't consider anybody Irish unless you where born there, even if both parents are irish you'll be classed as a 'plastic paddy'.

    Sophisticated Dinosaur

    @Jason Hendry I forget what exactly was going through my head at the time, but my basic point was that I hate people who act like genetics and family traditions are irrelevant and that white people are just white with no difference between them, as opposed to a black man born in america who would be considered African American, Jamaican, Dominican, etc rather than just being black, or how every different asian ethnicity is specified down to a percent and nobody bats an eye.

  76. lord vertigo

    Ac4 brought me here. I just finished the game after more or less than a year playing it.


    there is only one parting glass... the one before Edward Kenway departure.

    LeithXavioR The Great

    @FreeSightDesign Nope I've heard it on the tavern before

  77. Hal Barbour

      To me, this tune speaks to the bonds of friendship, the limitations of being human and the great revelations of being human. To a life well spent and a life worth living. To my Celtic sisters and brothers out there, joy to you all and may we be in the same Pub to share a parting glass.  Slainte!

    Random person

    Hal Barbour is Barbour an Irish surname? I always wondered of its origin. It is my surname as well 😊


    Me and my friends sing this song together whenever we have our last drink together before splitting up for the year. All 3 of us have Irish ancestry.

  78. Pritcher Malygris

    God her voice is divine. What control. I am a fan 30 years later again.:) 
    What is most amazing is her pacing. 

    This is a song of a life lived well, not in search of money, fame or glory, recognizing your friends and foibles.
     There are very many great write-ups to the origin of the song and it's meanings for me throw in my two pennies worth. 


    If this is a traditional Scots/Irish song, we know where Bob Dylan got most of the lyrics and structure for his "Restless Farewell" in 1963. He was a huge fan of traditional Celtic songs, and probably still is.

    Henk Sr.

    Pritcher Malygris I

    Bubbas Meisa

    its a song of humility and grace...


    Oh to see the top of the mountain, tis a glorious thing to behold.

  79. Gaensemagd

    Ned Devine brought me here...

    Wander MeThis

    To Ned....

  80. Calum Gordon

    Photo looks very much like the view down Loch Carron to Strathcarron in Scotland, near Strome Ferry.  I have a photo from the very spot. Great song, probably more meaningful then "Auld Lang Syne."

  81. Bacon Banks

    YouTube brought me here.

    Wander MeThis

    Me Too...

  82. BraDa BaLroX

    AC4 brought me here

    Joe S

    Me too, just finished the game.

    EL ALEx MX

    Now we are three and More Beautiful end AC4

  83. Swarzes Schaf

    Aye, that it does.

  84. kitlina

    this song always has me crying full bloody tears


    Funny, it's the only things that stops my tears...I'll have it at my wake. In the meantime, I sing it over and over again as those I love leave this land for the upper reaches of the heavens ~ in joy I sing my thanks for them...

  85. Paul Carr

    Sin'ead . Aftter cousin' the pope all those years ago. You've come home. I say fuck rome me'self so yuo're in good company.. Keep up wid singing ours .Welldone girl

  86. ega95jch

    She's still around! Brilliant performance at this year's Beautiful Days festival!

  87. Riley Robson

    I heard it in the walking dead and heard Ed sheeran sing it and now listened to this like 4 times

  88. Denis MacEoin

    Listen to the version by Muireann Nic Amhlaoidh to see how it can be done. This is very weak.

  89. MySerpentine

    I should record my dad singing this, he sings it well.

  90. Wiston Smith

    Is a song about a man who is going to die. That is what he is asking for "the parting glass" Check my version of this tune in my chanel and you will realise that is a sad song.

    PD: I am not an english-speaking guy to! XD

  91. Sebastian Diao

    I don't think that it really is a sad song, is it?

    I like the cosy and companionable mood of the text and that the protagonist is satisfied with what he has and how he treated the people he met in his life.

    Or am I wrong here? I'm no English-speaking guy, but from Germany, so a missunderstanding is quite possible ;)

  92. AnLochlan


  93. Wiston Smith

    Maybe too happy for a sad song like this?

  94. Declan muldoon

    Great song sung by a lot of talent, what ever happened to her.

  95. aldona13897


  96. redroses3010

    I listened to Ed Sheeran's hidden song and I'm learning it now I love it so much. Plus I want to sing i to my irish boyfriend <3