Sinead O'Connor - The Moorlough Shore Lyrics

The Moorlough Shore
You're hills and tales and flowery vails
that lie near the moorlough shore.
Your vines ? by borden's grove.
Will I ever see you more ??

Where the prim rose blows
and the violet grows.
Where the trout and salmon play.

With my light and talk daylight I took
to spend my youthful days.
Last night I went to see my love,
and to hear what she might say.

To see if she'd take pitty on me,
lest I might go away.
She said, "I love that Irish lad,
and he was my only joy,
and ever since I saw his face
I've loved that soldier boy."

Perhaps your soldier lad is lost
sailing over the sea of maine.
Or perhaps he is gone with some other lover,
you may never see him again.
Well if my Irish lad is lost,
he's the one I do adore,
and seven years I will wait for him
by the banks of the moorlough shore.

Fairwell to Sinclaire's castle ground.
Fairwell to the foggy dew.
Where the ? wales lie ?
and ? stream runs still.
Near there I spent my youthful days
but alas ?,
for cruelty has banished me
far away from the moorlough shore.

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Sinead O'Connor The Moorlough Shore Comments
  1. Elaine’s Greenhouses and allotment

    So beautiful the song and Sinead 😞

  2. Robert Orup


  3. jc brown

    She takes beautiful to a whole new level.

  4. James Murphy

    She is a national treasure.

  5. Наташа Зарецкая

    great song

  6. maureen M McDermott


  7. sosaidh halla

    Moorlough shore has the very saw tune as the Foggy Dew beautifully haunting

  8. Angela Oliveira

    Quanta paz sinto ao ouvir uma voz angelical e inconfundível...num mundo tão conturbado que vivemos hj...mto bom saber q Deus coloca anjos aqui na Terra para amenizar nossas angústias 😍😍💗💗🙏🙏🙏🙏😇

  9. ian watts

    Thank you for the tears I have in my eye's! Welcome to Gladstone Queensland Australia and thank you for the music:::)))

  10. John Lyngen

    This song as beautiful as thee.

  11. Robert Orup


  12. Icicle

    she is so beautiful, intelligent and so stunning. i hope she's doing fine.

  13. Andrea.Isabel

    This is a work of art. This is beauty. I'm always in awe.

  14. Carlos Sasias

    Everybody knows the name of the band?

  15. Carol Browning

    She is new to me, and full of magic and wonder in her voice!

  16. dtz jones

    I love this song as well as the musicians Sinead is amazing and I love the live version that they did in Dublin I've got it on DVD I watch it often only Celtic women&men can sing these songs Sinead is the best for me and Christy Moore 💚🌈🙏

  17. Old Griz

    She has an uncomparable voice, so pure.

  18. Petr Holfeld

    Beautiful, free Ireland forever!

  19. sean oconnor

    With tears flowing, I beg thee, I need ONE person to please go to Facebook,find group One in A Million , it is crucial , do not allow this voice to be extinguished. Now , Go , one , one , all I need right now, someone with balls like Sinead and like me, others will follow. n o w 😰

  20. Konstantine Guruli

    Is the guitarist playing Yamaha f310?

  21. f m

    qui la détourné comme ça ???? la plus belle fille du showbiz

  22. Jay Freeman

    its foggy due but sang in different words n a slight change in music

  23. Rory Ryan

    whose she

  24. Rory Ryan

    falling into temptation

  25. Kent Beery

    she's Amazing

  26. José María Tornay Calle

    Your hills and dales and flowery vales
    That lie near the Moorlough Shore
    Your vines that blow by Borden's grove
    Will I ever see you more
    Where the primrose glows
    And the violet grows
    Where the trout and salmon play
    With my line and hook delight i took
    To spend my youthful days
    Last night I went to see my love
    And to hear what she might say
    To see if she'd take pity on me
    Lest I might go away
    She said, "I loved an Irish lad,
    And he was my only joy,
    and ever since I saw his face
    I have loved that soldier boy"
    Perhaps your soldier lad is lost
    Sailing over the sea of Maine
    Or perhaps he's gone with some other one
    You may never see him again
    Well if my Irish lad is lost,
    He's the one I do adore,
    And seven years I'll wait for him
    By the banks of the Moorlough shore

    Nunya Bizness

    Such beautiful lyrics, melody, and of course Sinead O'Connor is a Living Treasure. Not just a proud Irishwoman, but also a literal genius and a gift to the world in general.

    We love her round the globe. Sinead is One of a Kind. The only singer who can compare today is Annie Lennox, in terms of brilliant minds, passion for helping the world and political issues unrepetant, willing to put their beliefs however controversial front and central.

    I can think of few other musicians, (MEN INCLUDED!) who have the BRAVERY, heart and courage of this woman. She stood against the Catholic Church SCANDAL of child molestation, rape, and even murder in Ireland and WORLD WIDE. This woman is Angelic.


    Farewell to Sinclaire's castle grand.
    Farewell to the foggy dew.
    Where the linen waves like bleaching silk
    And the falling stream runs still
    Near there I spent my youthful days
    But alas they all are gone
    For cruelty has banished me
    Far away from the Moorlough Shore.

  27. kerrlove1

    Simple yet perfect

  28. Stephen 1974

    Long live Bobby Sands, May God look after him, the sacrifice he gave personally in his suffering that people in the south never realised the pressure he was under in his community to have to go and give his life in terrible circumstances to try and make political decisions supposedly available resources the ballot box.

    Derrick Murphy

    Arsebox 1974 we would not be able to wipe the sweat of his brow a brave hero was Bobby as brave as any who went before him in our struggle.

  29. Miguel Giron

    I love the atmosphere of the videos for sean-nos nua, nothing flashy, just Sinnead simply sining in her homeland. Captures the spirit of the album perfectly.

    brendan woods

    Her voice is so pure and powerful she needs no gimmicks.

    Miguel Giron

    Well she does have a lot of music videos with close headshots that could be considered her gimmick, but overall I think she is a great singer

    The Woo Family

    I don't think close headshots are a 'gimmick,' though. She is very beautiful. Have you ever seen her with her natural long hair? She's lovely. Yes, her facial features are directors tend to do close shots because she emotes a lot with her facial expressions and huge beautiful eyes, and she doesn't do 'sexy' outfits or dances. It's just her clear, gorgeous voice and beautiful face singing sweetly and fiercely.

  30. Koijo Tito

    until she started singing, i thought sinead was the one on the right. oh well

    Amanda Meyer Powell

    look up My Lagan Love by her.

    Nunya Bizness

    Lagan Love is absolutely brilliant, too! If you want to see the RANGE of this fierce beauty, this amazing Irish woman, whom I ADORE, listen to her youthful fiery music like "Troy," "Mandinka," or even a brilliant video and song from back in the day that she wrote and performed with Bono of U2 fame, "You Have Made Me A Thief Of Your Heart."

    David Ryan

    Nunya Bizness you have just named my three favourite songs, 😂 listen to last day of my acquaintance


    He Love your sing so fine in so mats love i wil never vergoten you yes it a diverd time 1988
    amsterdam i need you to soeek come als you are wouter joannes

  32. Francie Stokes

    not as good as Dolores Keane

  33. Rachel Pitt

    There can be only one.

    Francie Stokes

    Rachel Pitt not as good as Dolores Keane

  34. Geoff Bishop


  35. Sylvia Braunert

    voll geil

  36. FlatlandMando

    This woman has always been able to pound a tune home...never holds back. Few are like her.

  37. Edward Kleingeerts

    I share your hurt my beautiful woman

  38. Edward Kleingeerts

    I remember it all she takes me back so far

  39. wouter joannes van scherpenberg

    Tipkle irshe folk yes i love it yes ido

  40. Edward Kleingeerts

    what is happening, she takes me to an other world away from my Viking world

    Dough Boy


  41. the13thchapter

    Wonderful voice and expression! Isn´t it the melody of "Foggy Dew"?


    +the13thchapter yes it is :)

    Karin Drexler

    I thought so, too


    the13thchapter Yep. isn't it beautiful? ♡


    ive heard its the other way round, this lyrics were rewritten after easter rising

    CR LV

    @Abban Exactly, it was rearanged for the one writed by Charles O'neill

  42. Wes S

    Sinead, my Irish love! Long live Ireland! Ore se bhata bhaile! Love you Celtic sis&bros.

    Wes S

    +Wes S Sorry.Oro se do Bheatha Bhaile. Sorry again.

  43. Wander MeThis

    What a beautiful  voice and setting....;

  44. huiachick

    Beautiful. Thank you so much for posting this. I am lost in this song.

  45. Radas Valussa

    Einfach nur Klasse.
    Very Good.

  46. Volutebleue

    Merveilleux ...

  47. Alasdair_Ragbard

    tha gaol agam ort Sinead

  48. Marie Kvasnickova

    Boze ta je tak nadherna

  49. ewander7

    I could listen this all the time.

  50. Richard Heeringa

    Just heavenly...!

  51. 55vica

    can't help comparing with the Foggy dew,similar air but with very different "feeling"both of course excellent