Sinead O'Connor - My Lagan Love Lyrics

Where Lagan stream sings lullaby
There blow a lily fair
The twilight gleam is in her eye
The night is no her hair
And like a love-sick lenanshee
She hath my heart in thrall
Nor life I owe, nor liberty
for love is lord of all

and often when the beetles horn
Hath lulled the eve to sleep
I steal unto here shielding lorn
And thro' the dooring peep
There on the cricket's singing stone
She makes the bog wood fire
And hums in sad sweet undertone
The song of heart's desire

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Sinead O'Connor My Lagan Love Comments
  1. TheHungaryPSB


  2. Randy Wilson

    No other singer comes close

  3. Per Karrestad

    Magic. Pure magic.

  4. Maha Lingam

    She is the level of Van Morrison. And thats a leve where vew singers are!

  5. Robert Orup

    Whaaaa! So nice song.🌼

  6. trine trine jensen

    Underbar <3

  7. The300gab

    Love you Sinead

  8. Nicole King

    I heard this in Ireland and it really reminds me of there. I miss it

  9. frank peter

    Thank you magda
    For sharing your gifts
    Love forevermore

  10. Maria Aquino

    I love her! 💞💓

  11. Diego Rey

    "My Lagan Love"

    Where Lagan stream sings lullaby
    There blow a lily fair
    The twilight gleam is in her eye
    The night is no her hair
    And like a love-sick lenanshee
    She hath my heart in thrall
    Nor life I owe, nor liberty
    for love is lord of all

    and often when the beetles horn
    Hath lulled the eve to sleep
    I steal unto here shielding lorn
    And thro' the dooring peep
    There on the cricket's singing stone
    She makes the bog wood fire
    And hums in sad sweet undertone
    The song of heart's desire

  12. Ron Malinauskas


  13. Laura Rammage

    Can anyone tell me the definitions for "dorring peep" & "shieling lorn"? Much appreciated.

  14. Alan Lynch

    A world class performance. I want to be carried out to this.

  15. ian watts

    Liam O'flynn would loved to have played the uilleann pipes with you all:::)) Very touching::))

  16. Joanne Marie


  17. Amalia

    Please get help! You are a strong women. Islam hates strong women.

  18. Elena Rosa Le Pera


  19. Diana Prince

    thank you god for ensuring sinead sang and recorded all these older irish songs, i say the same for the fureys and the chieftains, what will we do when there gone? #DayOfDreadAndSorrow4Ireland

  20. Alan Lynch

    My favorite version of this song. Saw Sinead perform this with the Screaming Orphans in the Olympia, Dublin, in ‘97. Blew us away!

  21. katins s

    Beautiful indigenous Donegal Song sung by a wonderful Wicklow woman

  22. Terry Moore

    So pure

  23. desertgirl45

    What makes this video so good? - the Irish ballad & haunting words (what bard came up with “and often when the beetle’s horn hath lulled the eve to sleep”, or “there on the cricket’s singing stone she makes the bogwood fire”?), the artful arrangement that Sinead helped create with passionate gypsy violin, drums, string base, guitar, & cosmic synth sounds, the simple, serene video work with chiaroscuro shadowing, .....& most of all, a fair Sinead masterfully singing to enrapture the heart. Just great.

  24. Gary Holden

    One of the most beautiful songs ever.

  25. Siobhán Murphy

    Just goes to show, be yourself because the sheep will hate you anyway!

  26. Siobhán Murphy

    Will always love Sinéad O’Connor. 💜☘️🇮🇪💚

  27. Andrea.Isabel

    This makes me cry, no matter how many times i listen to this song, it always sends chills down my spine.

  28. Louis Dufour

    As always Sinead lifts me with her voice

  29. Nunya Bizness

    SO beautiful! I have been a fan of Sinead O'Connor for over 20 years and I've never heard this song until now. Sinead, you ARE the rare Irish precious, pure and beautiful for this world. Thank you for everything you have done for us all. Sharing your crystal bell angel's voice. Please, please stay for us, your fans, your friends, your soul mates, your children, your other family and work family. You are a delight!

  30. Louis Dufour

    Sing on Sinead , you bring comfort in our darkest days

  31. Louis Dufour

    Sinead you sing from your spirit and share your LIGHT

  32. Sol Echo

    There is such a purity about her singing. Her voice is so angelic and somehow motherly. Listening to her music always soothes me when I'm upset.

  33. Craig Deeley

    love to hear this woman sing.

  34. Sway Jolie p

    The Version is Horror the Best Version from this Song is from The Corrssssssssss

  35. garry o'farrell


  36. hearditman

    This is a Rebel Song.

  37. Lee Dixson

    Didnt think anyone could top tje chieftains but as my music producer and best friend once told me; if your gonna do a classic, it has to be as better or different in a special way. Love u babe. You did it!! Xxx

  38. noah scott

    I love the way she kind of bounces when she sings

  39. X LevI

    What an artist, Nobody can sing Lagan Love like Sinead... She's a gift!

  40. Ron Malinauskas

    My favorite version of Lagan love with beautiful arrangement.

  41. boyce Clancy

    true artist talent makes me smile wow

  42. Roger Scott

    That was intense.

  43. Ulrike Holesch

    Könnt ich zur Zeit jeden Tag anhören....einfach nur singen wollen

  44. Marie-Paule Couture

    ADORE U Sinead!!!

  45. Rej Kalil

    And she kiss me back

  46. Rej Kalil

    I wanna kiss her

  47. William Devlin

    Goose bumps.

  48. DaniMovieWarrior

    Why can’t I find this on iTunes?! 😭💔 I need this song!

    dtz jones

    Buy the album on Amazon Sean -nos-nau or the live version of the Dublin concert on she who dwells or better still the DVD

  49. BeHereNow Cat

    Amazing! Sinead's in the prime of her voice here. She a natural beauty. My thoughts and prayers are with her during this time. I hope she can find/create the love she needs.

  50. Jb ook

    Her version of elton johns sacrifice makes me cry. It crawls inside and draws out everything I want to keep hidden.

    dtz jones

    I no what you mean it's absolutely beautiful better than Elton John's in my opinion

  51. Maureen Devries

    One of a kind artist--that's Sinead.

  52. udi-netts

    Vegan love ;)

    gavin Reid

    udi-netts ?

  53. lapalissiano

    clean and pure. perfect. one of the best singers of all time.

  54. Kehua H

    She's the angel

  55. Marcia Real


  56. Ian Williams

    Original and insistent... easily the best version I have heard

  57. Bernard Tremblay

    The over production does the fine lady no service.
    clue 1 ...

  58. Jean Hachey

    I love you Sinead!!!

  59. poppy paul

    voice of life.

  60. Veneil

    Stunning, just stunning.

  61. Creative Visions

    I enjoyed this version very much, love the fiddle with Stephan Wickham

    dtz jones

    Creative Visions ye agree the fiddle sounds amazing no need for electric Guitar🎻🎻💚

  62. MunsteadWood

    Pure emotional power and passion - the best interpretation I've heard.

  63. Jim McHale

    Authentic and celtic.

  64. MaskedMan66

    Before all the tattoos. Not that I love her any less since she got them, but she had such beautiful skin. So long as she leaves her face ink-free (please, Sinéad?).

    Man, though, such a beautiful, haunting song, perfect for this woman's utterly gorgeous voice.

  65. 1Lev

    Sinead... One Dance!

  66. James Groome

    Wow, haven't practiced this in a while.  Lost my chance to play it again maybe last year but I still got a chance to do it maybe twice live this year; but not finished with it. Maybe never finished~

  67. Fred Romp

    En ik maar luisteren naar 538, komt mijn buurvrouw met dit! Enorm! Ze mag het niet weten maar ik hou voortaan minstens zoveel van Sinead als van Bella.


    I can watch her all day!! No flash or any other of that crap! Shes a pure performer!!

  69. dagalagas

    I love Sinead, but this mix is a mess. I kept wondering if I had other windows open and playing in the background. Noise all over it.

    Per Karrestad

    Sounds fine here

  70. Matthew Lovejoy

    tell u foolish fans u ok I worry

  71. Per Karrestad

    Great !!!! say no more ;-)
    Love it

  72. Nancy Coffman

    Sinead has such a beautiful voice and I love this song. I hope she is still performing in Ireland. There are so many fabulous groups that have come from Ireland.

  73. Rosineide Duarte Fernandes

    visit: Sinead O'Connor Brazil

  74. Lisa S

    Lovely song with Sinead singing it with powerful emotions.

  75. William Walsh

    When I was growing up, I was asked to sing this at family gatherings. It was a favorite of my Irish Dad's. I taught myself to play it on the mandolin. Pure and plaintive, it is so moving. I HATE this loud, pop rendition.

    Liam Keyes

    +William Walsh Good Man Willie! What are you doing now for a living?

  76. chee6060

    Dusty Springfield puts this to shame even without all the electronics, Also Jim McCann, is much better. Unfortunately, both of these Great Legends are gone now, with Jim McCann just passing recently. I also must include Kate Bush As much better. They are all on here, just type their names & the song & then Listen.

  77. Robin Lebeau

    Such a beautiful song!! it got me chicken skin <3

  78. wouter joannes van scherpenberg

    I love Your TRadisoinele way of sound and singing for me your thebest womanPernouser
    But i dont no ander irish woman o f your styll thank you Wouter Joannes

  79. colin Ramsay


  80. dalymc

    Much love sent to Sinead during this sh** time for her.. xx A beautiful version of "Lagan love".

  81. Mollygaga42

    Wow fucking AMAZING!

  82. frank peter

    i tend to admire artists with very clear delineated leftist viewpoints. it provides a context in which to enjoy their work... ive noticed that when i seek out their videos there is often a lot of trash comments (especially the outspoken female artists) im glad i have more elevated ways to spend my time than spitting bile at ted nugent ...or (as much as i enjoy their music) the ramones.lagen love by sinead is mystical, enchanting, and stirs my ol' ancestral longings... i feel compassion for people who are not able to be touched by it.....FOR LOVE IS LORD OF ALL

    dtz jones

    frank peter your so right Sinead is precious and amazing I love lagan love💚🌈🙏🎤

    dtz jones

    Philip Ferguson I dislike Bono also👎and only have one album of u2

    Nunya Bizness

    I think Bono is a 'twat' as they say in the UK and Ireland. That being said, he is a BRILLIANT songwriter and performer, along with all of U2, who are literally an Irish national treasure. Sinead O'Connor has NEVER tried to be 'popular' or 'safe' in her views and opinions. But she remains ever true to her fierce love to protect children, women, abused as she was in her childhood. Sinead is a firebrand, a passionate, BRILLIANT woman, literally a genius. She is a Jewel in Ireland's Crown of legendary singers, poets, folklorists, and spiritual leaders.

    dtz jones

    Nunya Bizness👍 yes Ireland should be proud of Sinead and they are💚what pisses me rite off is I don't see any other Irish artists support her veiws when they no damn well children and women were being abused for years in there country. Ireland has sufferd enough.other artists just play safe BTW Bono is a Twat! and I wouldn't rate him as a Genius and alot of people in Ireland don't like him.Sinead is a Genius and a national Treasure Sinead touches hearts and souls with her music and honesty she's true art.Not people's wallets like most grabbing bastards I can't say U2 songs touch my heart but saying that they have made some good music no denying that it pains me to say🤔😬😬

    dtz jones

    Nunya Bizness 👍Thankyou

  83. Edward Amadeus Alexander

    Jesus this sucks

    Pat Macmanus

    Ed ,  It is a very creative interpretation IMHO

    Edward Amadeus Alexander

    +Pat Macmanus Fair enough Pat. I just think it's awful Man. It's one of My favourite songs to sing. I just fuckin' love itt 🌝

    Pat Macmanus

    I know where you are coming form- and I too love the traditional rendition of this beautiful haunting melody ,and ,of course what Sinead has done may be too much to take when you are so emotionally  moved by the pure melody of the original. Just for the record -pun intended -  I haven't followed Sinead's music only came across this yesterday and was moved by the intensity of her performance ,her purity and power of her voice and the musical arrangement.....

    peace to you

    Patrick ( from Buffalo , USA )

    Liam Keyes

    +Pat Macmanus Hiya Pat, what are you doing with yourself nowadays?

  84. grypnhmr

    Man, what can I say...lovely, intense, passionate

  85. Charles Mulchrone

    Far from alone, the good lord will help ask him in song if you wish, god bless x

  86. Vincent Hogan

    Go on Sinead 

  87. Verity

    Fabulous version...beyond words. I love you Sinead!!!

  88. UweFromLowerSaxony

    Sehr eigenwillige Interpretation von Sinead O' Connor, aber ich finde sie wunderbar und sehr intensiv....

  89. Doron Schreeuwer

    What a junkie singer

  90. Christopher Rainbow

    Sinead inspires me!

  91. Adolf Ball


  92. Joseph Velez

    What an incredible voice piece of heaven on earth

    Nunya Bizness

    Well said! She is an angelic creature...we are so blessed to have her and her music, her voice so clear as crystal bell and her passion so fiery!

  93. sidDkid87

    Mmm . . . j'adore <3

  94. aucourant

    Nowhere near as memorable as Kate Bush's  hauntingly beautiful version (with lyrics by her brother John).

    Mike Keyes

    @aucourant Glad you're generous-minded enough to appreciate both - there is room for all. Lisa's songs have a uniqueness I've never encountered before and it is necessary, I think, to listen to all of them before coming to any conclusion - she may be an acquired taste, I don't know. But if you do respond to her you will never regret making the effort...


    @***** Perhaps because you have never really listened.


    @***** I have everything she produced, so I doubt it. There is owning records and there is listening. And there is just listening and really listening. If anything, she is underrated.


    @*****  So you can speak French as well as having more Kate Bush records than I have.  LOL,  Talk about pretentious. I think you're probably miffed that your arrogant assumption turned out to be not true.

    dtz jones

    aucourant Kate Bush can't sing live

  95. Andrea Di Piazza

    just perfect.

  96. Lars Finsen

    Maybe the best version ever, but it would have interesting to hear the version that actually was performed here, too. The sound here is from the CD.

  97. ralphyboy25

    Well, it is a different interpretation of this song

  98. Rad MillerJr.

    Man, I don't care what her politics are, this woman can sing, this is incredible.
    Sail on, Sinead. the Radman