Sinatra, Nancy - Friday's Child Lyrics

Friday's child.....Hard luck is her brother
Friday's child.....Her sister's misery
Friday's child.....Her daddy they call hard times
Friday's child.....That's me

Friday's child.....Born a little ugly
Friday's child.... Good looks passed her by..oh
Friday's child.....Makes something look like nothing
Friday's child.....Am I..ya

[Guitar Solo]

Friday's child.....Never climbed no mountain
Friday's child.....She ain't even gonna tray..oh
Friday's child.....Whom they'll forget to bury
Friday's child.....Am I

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Sinatra, Nancy Friday's Child Comments
  1. Norbert Bàràny

  2. net60man

    Hoppas du förstår att jag adrig velat dej illa förlåt mej .Ska försöka att aldrig störa dej igen

  3. RapidFire Muzik™

    Sampling and I dnt even care if it's been done already lol

  4. GZA


  5. Eberhard Herold

    I get goosebumps every time I hear that song... in both Nancy's versions! Great Chapeau to Nancy... great, magnificent blues!

  6. André Luís de Oliveira

    E essa guitarrinha foda hein?

  7. John Davis

    Nancy - I'll never understand why she's not rated among the best ever.

  8. M B

    Who's the guitarist in this???

  9. Joey Gambino

    Been in love with her for 50 years.

  10. Afro-Geek

    Lana del rey made me discover this wonderful singer... I love Lana del rey, it looks like i discovered another addiction... Nancy Sinatra

  11. Teria Leria

    I love her!

  12. Teria Leria

    I love her!

  13. Alan Anderson

    This track is on the album "Nancy In London" (1966) and the guitarist is Big Jim Sullivan.

  14. Jonny Vegas

    Would be perfect for a Tarantino movie

    Nicholas Sans Pasty

    Really would work well, like to see him make a decent film again seems he's become a bit jaded.

    Tee Jay

    @Nicholas Sans Pasty Yawn!!!!!!

  15. Martin Michael

    Love this song, very blusy and very different to her hother songs

  16. Zebravox

    Yes, could be Jimmy Page on guitar. Before the days of light gauge strings. Beautifully clanky and reverby. Yes, Google, I know that the words clanky and reverby don't exist. Just get a life. Have a fantastic day everybody.

    Richard Stedman

    Highly unlikely, I don't think the Americans would have stood for it when they had just as good home bred guitarists. There is every chance that Billy Strange was on guitar.

  17. Efe


  18. follow the light

    whos playing guitar

    Sean Roberts

    +follow the light not sure but its sampled so nicely by stoupe in jedimindtricks interlude - words from mr len part 1


    +Sean Roberts sampled more than nicely: Killakikitt - A Nevem

    Sean Roberts

    sick beat, would be nice if i knew what they were rhyming aha

    Gary Morgan

    There has to be the real possibility that it is Jimmy Page just before he joined The Yardbirds.

  19. Niko Large

    Karate Andi

  20. Carl Avery

    Fabulous song... I've loved this ever since I first heard it. You GO, Nancy...

  21. Anthony Campbell

    best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tee Jay

    Bollocks! If it wasn't for her dad she would be nobody.

  22. Lbeezy

    What album was this on?

    bruce jones

    Nancy in London

  23. Lorraine Ashby

    Love Nancy, such a cool lady like her dad - love this song !!


    +Lorraine Ashby I think that she surpassed her father in coolness, and Frank was pretty damn cool.


    Hazlewood's version is my favorite, but damnnn this is so hott!

  24. Music Is The Dope

    No swearing in front of Iconic Ladies !

  25. AllenVaile

    A brilliant, classic song, sung by one of the greatest singers, ...Nancy Sinatra !!

    Great song, beautifully sung. Thanks.

  26. Saadet Kutluyol

    ma babe

  27. Larceny of life

    Nancy was a woman to reckon with, So curvy, full beautiful hair and eyes that can stun you. Good damn bluezy song even for back then. I will own it

  28. nitropost

    Always liked Nancy and her pop songs were OK and nice, but this is her best rendition ever.


    Nancy was more than a sexy woman. She had Daddy's singing skills. Nice track.

  30. DjNexa

    What ? No Cher's fans critics ?

  31. dreamdollmaker golden

    Billie Dearborn, "Friday's Child," the "Lost Deep Treasures Vol. 5 (Remastered)


  32. dreamdollmaker golden

    If all of you lovers of the "Friday's Child" song wants to really, really, really, hear it sung, check out Billie Dearborn's version, taken from the "Lost Deep Soul Treasure." You can purchase it on itunes for 99 cents. Check it out, It is the best EVER!!!!!!!!

    I would post it myself, but I don't know how!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!

  33. Michel Levasseur

    good stuff

  34. Timothy Sears


    You are so right, I think it's the best one also.

  35. TheCityofGod


  36. boybblue

    Nancy sings the Blues!!!!

  37. BazzaBazilla

    There are TWO versions of Nancy singing this! The other version is missing the backing girls singing 'Fridays child' and is NOT as good as this one! Thank you for posting!

  38. tommie parch

    nice, but i bet frank didnt like it, he said something like ,elvis& rock n roll were shit trash! wonder how he felt when the king was screwin his daughter! im italian, but rock was bigger than frank..

  39. purikov

    wrote "friday" into search box
    rebecca , rebecca everywhere
    oh what horrors i have endured

  40. Germán Antonio Godoy H.

    gracias po este aporte, es un gran regalo.....

  41. rakkaa

    Wyze Mindz - Friday's child

    Apollo Brown - Friday's child!

  42. Crannog Dolmen

    Before Blondie( Deborah Harry) there was Nancy Sinatra...

  43. Vin D

    Lee Hazelwood, R.I.P.

  44. PsYcOpiNk

    man as i said so many times b4, the old days just had a certain quality, and omfg that guitar in the begining,,, AMAZING,,, lets all get in the time machine guys, whose coming? :D

  45. robinandthe7hoods

    It says a lot about the songs from this era,when you can come back to listen to them again and the're still just as catchy as when they were released.

  46. Michael Carrillo

    this is why i found this...its ill.

  47. Corinna Dewar

    I learnt all her songs when I was 10, now 'Im 51 and I still remember it all. crazy, I cant even remember what I did yesterday.


    I'm 16 and I know the words to all here songs

  48. TheAtom

    "Words from Mr. Len Part One" by jedi mind tricks

  49. Arturo Quirós Lépiz

    WOW!!! That's all I can say. You know? I love the 60's...too bad I was born on the 76 :o) If I could, I'd go back in time to the 60's....they rules!!!!

  50. aartjuh5

    @TheHordesofGreenland Hey man in what song did D-Sisive sample this? Thanks

  51. MrSkinnn

    Maybe the best song ever done by Nancy. Good blues tune.

  52. GSilverWorld

    Thanks for the info. It bugs me that the single version is ignored.

  53. boybblue

    in her LP "Movin' with Nancy" there is her more succesful version of this hit, the same you her in her compilations, this beautiful version is rare to hear.
    Miss Nancy Sinatra is the best¡¡¡

  54. Raford146

    jedi mind tricks ftw

    Yung Whiticus

    You think she's cute, you think she's fine, but nine months later it ain't mine, yo I'm out.

  55. nuraxis

    really a great song...

  56. F a e r i e B o o t s

    i was thinking the same. Cute outfit.

  57. GSilverWorld

    The guitar was probably by Billy Strange himself.
    This is the hit single version. For some strange reason they put a different version on her hits compilations. Is that other one on the Movin' LP?

  58. lisa g.

    cool song, love her clothes!

  59. nephilimiyr

    I never heard this version either, first time with the background vocals. I don't like it as much but the song is too good to compline about it.

    Plus the lead guiter solo is better in the other version.

  60. captainrehab

    Try the version on the Movin' with Nancy record. That should have the intro you're looking for.

  61. UkaremaBeatz

    I still don't here the part where he sampled the mr len skit from. He must've used an extended version of this song.

  62. dawn grasso

    I never heard this version love it

  63. tyb1516

    "Where do you took this jewel from?"

    i don't know...

  64. Nancysinatrafan

    NANCY SINATRA ¡¡¡¡, this is a real gem¡¡
    Where do you took this jewel from?
    This version is diferent¡¡¡

  65. Jake Bos

    Stoupe again with the samples. Sick.

  66. tyb1516


    you can find this song on "The Essential" album, i don't know the original album, sorry...