Sinatra, Frank - Wives And Lovers Lyrics

Hey, little girl, comb your hair, fix your make-up, soon he will open the door,
Don't think because there's a ring on your finger, you needn't try any more.
For wives should always be lovers too,
Run to his arms the moment that he comes home to you.
I'm warning you,
Day after day, there are girls at the office and the men will always be men,
Don't stand him up, with your hair still in curlers, you may not see him again.
Wives should always be lovers too,
Run to his arms the moment he comes home to you.
He's almost here, hey, little girl, better wear something pretty,
Something you wear to go to the city,
Dim all the lights, pour the wine, start the music, time to get ready for love.
Time to get ready for love, yes it's time to get ready for love,
It's time to get ready, kick your shoes off, baby....,

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Sinatra, Frank Wives And Lovers Comments
  1. rockintetster

    Bacharach- Basie- Quincy- Sinatra.

  2. shjakes

    Basie's band could not swing this classic in 3/4 time and so we have this alternate and delightful 4/4 version.

  3. Cjguinness

    Raise your glass, snap your fingers!!

  4. tigreadroit

    The Quincy Jones groove and swing .

  5. Joseph DiPirro

    So sexy/sexist

  6. Edward Silva

    The good times..........

  7. Michael Furbush

    There's no reason to consider this song make chauvinistic or lowering to women. A woman could just as easily sing the song about her husband and in fact some female singers have...
    The message of the song is don't get lazy because you're married! You still wanna take care of yourself, do it up once in awhile and be romantic. Don't stop trying to amaze or impress your partner after you say I do! This goes for husbands AND wives! It's only lowering or demeaning to women if you insist on looking at it in that context and are trying to find it in the lyrics. Don't make it a sexist thing and it isn't one!

  8. Joseph DiPirro

    Kick your shoes off baby!

  9. Joseph DiPirro

    Sexist as it gets.

  10. 007coleyfoley


  11. Greg White

    Badly sung by Frank Sinatra, his singing is behind the music--Jack Jones did it much better

  12. daworse72

    Ok, listening to this song, and after 4 listens... The song is encouraging infidelity....I never knew

  13. timmo491

    Love it.

  14. Keefer Hazlewood


  15. Fer Kara

    I prefer Jack Jones version.

  16. Autostade67

    Even in 1963 Jack Jones faced some mild criticism for the lyric content of the song (the lyrics were, of course, Hal David's - but we tend to blame the vocalist - as Leonard Cohen opined, 'a singer must die'). If you listen, men fare no better: 'there are girls at the office/and men will always be men'. Men may (have) enjoy(ed) a privilege women don't, but no one sees infidelity as virtuous in any way. It's a fun song from a certain time. I would love to know how many people are bothered by this song but own the complete series of 'Mad Men'...

  17. Dionne Warwick Archive

    The original is in a 3/4 waltz, why is this a 4/4


    Because in 4/4 it SWINGS. That's why.

    John Lauter

    Frank had a difficult relationship with 3/4 time, he was a natural swinging in 4/4 time, so this is the way he wanted it. Jack Jones' version as a waltz is still the benchmark for this song.


    [email protected]

  18. Joel Foxx

    Great arrangement. Bass trombone is great.

  19. Wilton Thomas

    This is my favorite version. Swinging man!

  20. Dr. killpatient

    Even in 2017- screw with Mr. Sinatra legacy you're bound to wake up with a horses head on you're pillow fool. Frank was the fucking Don. Believe it!

  21. billy bum

    Not sure it works in 4/4, stretches the words out a bit thin

  22. Nile Doyle

    I looked up this song because I heard it on the new FX show, The Feud about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. I wouldn't have noticed but because I use captions as well as sound, I saw these lyrics going across the screen and I'm like what? omg, it's a cool songs but times sure have changed.

  23. MrAitraining

    Great male song. Basically telling the wives to sex-it-up and take the apron off when the man comes home. Love it ! lol I was born decades too late.

  24. Jake Lineman

    I feel like Basie brought the best out of Frank

    Sun Demon

    You are absolutely correct. Frank absolutely adored Basie and his band.

    Allan King

    They complemented each other very well!


    Especially  Quincy Jones .

  25. emykol

    The Chairman!

  26. Steve Silverman

    There are three rather obvious reasons why there's no "better" version of this: Sinatra, Basie & Jones. The "waltz" wasn't "lost," Quincy arranged it in four/four. As to the sexist lyric or any other variety, consider the times in which they were written. While Mr. Jones has an exceptional voice, on this number, he sounds as though he's singing in a tunnel and too many words are clipped. He also lacks Sinatra's singular ability to communicate a lyric. As Jimmy Roselli said, "Frank's #1, the next guy, whoever he is, is #36."

  27. jett woodward

    Wouldn't this be a lovely song to serenade the enchanting Lita Ford, Joan Jett, members of Bikini Kill, Suzi Quatro of any of those delightful riot girrrls on a moonlit evening?1

  28. jett woodward

    Frank and Jack Jones do the best vocal versions of this, and check out Burt Bacharach's own mostly instrumental Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers-style version of this.

  29. jett woodward

    I miss the waltz too,but it's good and better than Vic Damone's version,even though Burt Bacharach produced that one, but he thought it was awful anyway.

  30. Giuseppe Ferrazza

    HOW do you not LOVE Frank??

    Dar Ramlogan

    Giuseppe Ferrazza Because of wimpy Millennials. I am one of the few who loves older music like this.

  31. Stephen Boyer

    Lost the waltz feel a bit but still grooves

    billy bum

    Because it isn't a waltz. Rearranged in 4/4.

    Stephen Boyer

    thats my point

  32. lre1989

    Sinatra is the man!!!👍🏽👆🏽🙌🏽

  33. My Little Shop Online

    Because today's music in which women are called bitches and ho's is so much better?  I'd rather be told to be pretty for my man, thank you very much!  No head exploding here.  And of course we just love men who call us empty headed cunts.  Wow

  34. InternetSavage

    Hopefully this song makes a few empty headed cunts heads explode.


    @InternetSavage Wow did you learn female anatomy by studying the Manhattan Project? That's not how it works at all! (But seriously... Frank Sinatra's voice IS sex incarnate on this song! So *KABLAM*!! Indeed!)


    @inasez Good one, yeah he sure was the man for sure.

    Ricardo Velasco

    +inasez Yes, but it must also not be forgotten that he had a very big "member"; which the Ladies he shagged commented upon, especially Ava Gardner.


    Until they release an album by  Frank Sinatra's dick I'll reserve judgment.  The voice is more than enough for me, anything else is moot, since it's all that's left of him. 

  35. gymknip

    bacharach couldn't believe they butchered his waltz by doing it in 4/4. Q told him that the chairman can't sing a waltz--go figure.

    Stephen Boyer

    +gymknip wow i miss the waltz feel on this tune too..Too thought Sinatra could sing anything.

    jett woodward

    Check out Jack Jones's version.It's got the waltz style, and Burt Bacharach's version turns it into a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers-style production number.

  36. red fox

    Kick your shoes off baby. :)

    jett woodward

    It's nice to know Sinatra and I both have foot-fetishes.

    Sun Demon

    You, Frank and... Tarantino!

  37. Busy Bob

    world class sexism at its best.

    fuck you Jack Jones, Frank Sinatra, Burt Bacharat, and Friends

    Busy Bob

    @internetsavage Lazy troll is lazy. Incredibly fucking lazy. Why didn't you just post some cookie cutter meme link? It would saved you even more effort.

    Troll better or go home


    First try to come up with an original thought on your own rather than scream sexism like an idiot.


    Busy Bob you have stinky pus attitude because at birth you were squeezed out of your mothers fishy smelly pus.

    Rhiannon Cleetus

    WOW you are so stupid, I would not be surprised if you believed men give birth too. Now go thank the vagina you came out of.


    Nothing sexist about this at all. The song is saying to be loyal to your partner and still try even after you are legally bound. If you reverse the lyrics to husbands should always be lovers too you’ll quickly realize there is nothing sexist here, nothing