Sinatra, Frank - When Somebody Loves You Lyrics

When somebody loves you, you feel it in your heart
When somebody loves you, you know it from the start
Every kiss becomes more than a kiss
Each look, each touch they mean so much
And that's when you discover how it feels to be a lover

When somebody loves you, it shows in every smile
When somebody loves you, your life becomes worthwhile
Always caring, always sharing everything you do
When somebody loves you like I love you

(When somebody loves you, it shows in every smile)
(When somebody loves you, your life becomes worthwhile)
Always caring, always sharing everything you do
When somebody loves you like I love you

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Sinatra, Frank When Somebody Loves You Comments
  1. Leonardo Mattos

    When somebody loves you, every Kiss becomes more than a Kiss...
    Frank Sinatra.

  2. ewiezz

    Thanks to Vampire Diaries... I'm looking for this song after listen to Sybill sing this song... so beautiful..

  3. Marty Kearney

    I feel like I've heard this song somewhere else before

  4. Marty Kearney

    Did anyone else cover this song

  5. Marty Kearney

    When somebody loves you you feel it in your heart when somebody loves you you know it from the start

  6. Fiat 127 GENOVA

    mi ricorda l'estate 1978 e via così.....

  7. Val Trono

    I love Mr.Frank Sinatra :-)

  8. Ian Texcoyoac

    OOOOO Manific!!! sexy

  9. VallaEnglish English classes in Valladolid

    The best singer ever seen in the world, Frankie, in other words....simply "The Voice" miss you so

  10. Antonio Sánchez Briones

    The song was written by Jack Keller, who also wrote the grand cha-cha-cha "Fantastico" or the theme song for "Bewitched" TV series.

  11. José Miguel Gutiérrez

    Luis Miguel en inglés o mejor dicho Luis Miguel es el frank sinatra en la música en español...👌🏻

    rafa guillen

    NO mms Luis Miguel es muy bueno pero Sinatra es de otra liga !!

  12. María Fabiola Campos Posada

    Frank Sinatra, sinónimo de excelencia musical.Mi admiración perpetua.....!!

  13. Владимир Поляков


  14. Angela Avery

    One of the best from Francis Albert Sinatra!

  15. itsyourjose

    I can't believe I keep forgetting this grand masterpiece's name!

  16. 18661873

    "What's you play?"
    "Sinatra. Six dollars worth of Sinatra."

  17. JuicyTaz201

    "Chairman Of The Board!!!!"

    Nikki Barrett

    Ol’ Blue Eyes

  18. keith glenn

    Maybe the best song Frank did that's not known. Just magnificent!

  19. sherif mahmoud

    nice song Konul Valizade

  20. Lloyd Pacini

    Listen UP!

  21. Нина Крылова

    С Наступающим Новым Годом 2015 !!! и Рождеством!!! Счастья!!!

  22. Theresa Marie Visagie

    how lovely <3

  23. Shakir Qiyasli

    feels like I'm walking around New York of 60s-70s..


    Shakir Qiyasli 40's!

  24. April Black

    What a voice...Bring back these kind of melodies right away please.

  25. bagie valenz


  26. liamthespaceman

    Love these songs! Sinatra was the best singer to ever live on this planet!

  27. Luke LoSpecchio

    i am sick of people commenting that they are born in the wrong age or people claiming to be 13 years old and loving the music.

    Isaak Gasca

    Luke LoSpecchio I have loved his music since I was 13 not everyone is the same.

  28. furkan topal

    wine, dance and this song .. life seems like pretty

  29. raghda Salah

    شكرأ لك

  30. blowfishrule


    How to win. Facts.

    blowfishrule Damm your ulgy

  31. Torrident

    Buddy same here forget him\her who is hating our wrong era dreams!

  32. Julia Deri

    I agree Ashley. feel the same way!! Born in the wrong era..

  33. Masiel San Martín M.

    Me siento igual que tú *-*

  34. PAM

    وكيف جميلة أنت أنت

  35. raghda Salah

    كم هي جميلة هذه الاغنية
    حقأ انا بدأت اعرف و اكون على يقين ان كل شيء قديم هو كنز ♥
    كم هيه رائعه كلمات هذه الاغنية
    لقد جعلتني ابتسم :)

  36. TheColtonator

    And I admit that a computer is great but like I said before, I would get rid of it, along with everything else I have, to be born in 1920

  37. TheColtonator

    Personally, I would trade everything I have now to be born in 1920. I know what I have and I would get rid of it all. She probably does also.

  38. Folklorasica94

    Me too! I understand you completley!

  39. Jackda

    So you preffer music like Justin Bieber o something else, right?

  40. Joel Davis

    i dont like the modern times i wish i lived back then

  41. Guil, the Hedgehog

    my right headphone is lonely...

  42. Joey Bagadonuts

    I hear you my sister!

  43. Chanelle Roman

    lol i agree with you so much lol..ever since i was a lil girl i used to listen to old music i mean the music now i listen to of course but i prefer the music from back then instead of the music we have now. i dont really like when so many people curse in there songs.there's no reason at all to do that.

  44. Wouter Bakx

    can I come along ?

  45. Morgan Howard

    It's terrible how true that is.

  46. Haya B.

    Lol, like Kesha... Sorry, I mean Ke$ha

  47. underwwraps2

    Leon Russell plays on this song here.

  48. ProfetadeAlcaide

    Come on, we are optimistic! People aren't wrong, friend! People are as they are, and no more. Now, we can change the Global General Ideology, but, don't try to change people, all of us are free!

  49. Eslam Tarik

    انا داخل اشوف الفديو عشان ابو ثعلوب بس يا ولاد المرة

  50. NaiJorJul

    Talent?? What's that?

  51. Eileen Shelton

    am loving re visiting the past for these great love my life has changed dramatically these are are now a big part of it and we both love them so much.....

  52. willbellick

    better start listening to these instead of some senseless rap, heavy metal songs

  53. Freddie Garcia

    Its the chairman of the board: In a time when Men knew how to dress,before cool was even cool....Men dress like slobes these days!

  54. myriam leon urrutia

    Frank ,el mejor cantante que existirá en la historia .Su voz incomparable.Esto sí era música e interpretación.

  55. Morountodun Okedara

    why is this song so short ugh >.<

  56. AltairKamahl

    yeah but still he had TALENT. thats different when you create a fake image of a wanna be gangster or using auto sinc mics and lip singing. sorry to rain on your shitty generations music.

  57. Livy Wade

    now this is what you call music <3

  58. Pawel Skala

    Well its a know fact and it makes the whole story even more romantic mate.

  59. catman916

    This is from the album, Sinatra 65, and was arranged by Ernie Freeman.. I personally prefer his work with other arrangers, such as Nelson Riddle, Billy May, and Don Costa.

  60. lola calta

    well i agree however Frank was basically an investment from the mafia- sorry to rain on your parade :/

  61. Frankincensed

    Epic classic.

  62. Mad Malice

    starssss & heartsssss & more starssss & mooooore heartsssssssss
    * <3 * <3 * <3 * <3 * <3

  63. Ирина Белова

    Потрясающе!!! Легенда при жизни, а сейчас ... вообще не существует равных!!!

  64. stopthetime83

    only bad people don't like Frank Sinatra. !!

  65. chad peterson

    no more class then sinatra and dean its real music

  66. IrmaHamster

    Its funny because its true.

  67. 95dank

    17 years old and I know good music :)

  68. The Voice: 1915

    After re-reading your post I realized what you meant. I am a church goer every week and do all I can for my church. I apologize for that.

  69. uygar özdemir

    America's Tanju Okan !! ( beğenin beyler)

  70. MrIndianman95

    wu tang

  71. Josh Post


  72. The Voice: 1915

    What does that mean?

  73. Reyes

    screw the future! Lets go back to the past!

  74. Reed Harvey

    You should go to a Christian church.

  75. Ashley Bennett

    i was born in the wrong year i dont belong here. i belong in the 1950s so off to the time machine!!!!

  76. Tere Aicardi

    Thumbs up! The Unbeatable YOU, Frank....Golden voice !!

  77. dreamwithme365247


  78. SuperJiggawhat

    I am actualy. I suck at spelling,english and math. I cant even finish a sentance some time's because I'm to fucked in the head. Some time's I think killing my self is the only way. My wife throw's thing's at me just like my parent's used to do. I cant keep a job and I just plane out hate my self. I just want to say sorry for saying your stupid and have a good one.

  79. SuperJiggawhat

    your an idiot.

  80. TheForbiddenv

    i thought i have killed all bieber fans.i had no idea 5 were left.


    "When somebody loves you, you feel it in your heart; when somebody loves you, you know it from the start; every kiss becomes more than a kiss; its look, its touch, they mean so much and that's when you discover how it feels to be a lover; *when somebody loves you, it shows in every smile; when somebody loves you, your life becomes worthwhile; always caring, always sharing everything you do; when somebody loves you like I love you* "

  82. KindHrt77

    *Sigh* I wish...

  83. SheerSniper7

    music every kid i know listens too: rap with the same beat over and over and they say it's amazing

    music i listen to: classics with an amazing rythem and they say its gay and shit

    i was born in the wrong time....

  84. SmallThought

    Peer pressure.

  85. Chris Soto

    But it makes me feel so cool!

  86. bladejr123

    Creativity at its finest s(^-^)=b

  87. James Duncan

    I try my best. Everyone is always like "Yo come make a sand castle with me" and I'm like "Be gone, plebeian, for I've got some grammar to study."

  88. C989898j Cnhiuhih

    I'm 19 years old, I listen to music... Everyone was writing there age so I figured i would too

  89. Shpendi Rakipi

    Someone has good grammar for a 6 years old boy!


    Your in Kindergarten and you understand percentages? O.o IMPOSEBRU!

  91. Chance Coton

    Back when you had to be talented to be famous.

  92. Frankincensed

    One word comes to mind when I think of Frank's singing: effortless.

  93. Harry

    Wow your a smart baby!!! o.o

  94. serina tsang

    he is so handsome