Sinatra, Frank - When I Lost You Lyrics

[musical intro]

I lost the sunshine and roses, I lost the heavens of blue,
I lost the beautiful rainbow, I lost the morning dew.
I lost the angel who gave me summer, the whole winter too.
I lost the gladness that turned into sadness,
When I lost you.

[musical interlude]

And I lost the angel who gave me summer, the whole winter too.
I lost the gladness that turned into sadness,
When I lost you.

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Sinatra, Frank When I Lost You Comments
  1. Satenik Ghimoyan

    Missing you my beautiful grandma

  2. Warongrat Ratanawarang

    Dedicated to the one i love R.I.P. thank you 25 Sept 2019

  3. janet Goldstein


  4. Carl B

    Remarkable rendition.

  5. L mc

    I miss you so much grandad an I will forever my whole life through, together with you granny 💖💕♥️💞

  6. Alif Muhammad

    One of the most underrated torch songs of the early 20th Century. Irving Berlin was an unquestionable genius.

  7. thomas nuthall

    Absolute perfection for Berlins melody and lyrics.

  8. Bill Landers

    This is music!not screaming and yelling,the greatest voice

  9. Dolors Cirera

    Simple the best singer all over the world, god bless you frank"

  10. hallilad -john

    hope you're doing well up there dowie

  11. Ada Jones Fan

    Henry Burr is the only man who had sing this song great. This is not great in my ears. I go back to the version by Henry Burr and says good bye to the bad feelings this gives me.

    Joann Rhamy

    I had to go in and listen to Henry Burr's rendition of this song after seeing what you had written and all I can say is "no way". If you haven't yet, then you need to listen to both of them once again. There is no competition here...maybe it is because of the age of the recordings but Henry was like listening through an echo chamber. Sinatra was and will always be tops at his game.

    Nicholas Ennos

    Something died in music when amplification came in.

  12. Rob Jones

    When Frank recorded this track, he had been the pallbearer to his friend Eddie Kovacs,
    an unfairly forgotten comedian who was very innovative at the time. Eddie was killed in
    in a car accident. This astonishing track exposes Frank's grief.
    Only Lady Day, Frank's biggest influence surpassed him in terms of heartbreak and

    M.J. Leger

    You are right, except "Lady Day's" vocal "emotions" were largely the effects of drugs and alcohol, and attributed to her raspy vocal tone.

  13. M.J. Leger

    You people who transcribe the lyrics to these songs, way too often miss the correct lyrics -- it's who gave me summer the whole winter THROUGH" -- not "too" -- please listen more carefully!  We see it all the time -- incorrect lyrics can change the meaning of the song!

  14. SINATRA 38

    Happy birthday Frank

  15. Nancy Bates

    loved the man!!

  16. Wayne Brasler

    The album, arranged and conducted brilliantly by Gordon Jenkins, was to have been titled "Come Waltz With Me."  But it turned out so profound that song was dropped and the album retitled "All Alone."  Mr. Sinatra's interpretation of this Irving Berlin masterpiece was and is remarkable, so confessional and so steeped in tragedy. And so honest.  The entire album was overwhelming.  This is among many now almost forgotten Sinatra masterpieces, mostly notably "Moonlight Sinatra" conducted by Nelson Riddle.  Sinatra always recorded live with his musicians and, interestingly, preferred having an audience in the studio to respond to what he was expressing. Besides being a genius, he was a kind and thoughtful and classy gentleman, despite his reputation otherwise.  I had my own experience that thoughtfulness.


    Wayne Brasler greatest album he ever recorded (possible exception of Sinatra/jobim)...........

  17. jmarie Martin

    My God his voice was incredible

  18. Dorcas Wood

    So very beautiful frank was the best!

  19. MzJsweet83

    sad  and beautiful it reminds me of  losing my grandparents

  20. Bolesława

    Spokojny utworek.

  21. Peter Gordon

    Whatever reputation Frank Sinatra may have had outside of his music, he was one of the few singers who not only cared about his audience, by seeking a perfect interpretation of the composer/lyricists work, but he gave credit to those writers and was well regarded by the musicians who accompanied him.

    Rob Falgiano

    Sinatra admitted to manic-depression, which has affected many talented artists.  You can hear it in his performances, from high to low.  Sometimes the artist is more noble than the man, though they are one.

    M.J. Leger

    Wow, that is certainly a true statement Peter Gordon; he always credited the song writers, the orchestras and arrangers in his concerts, every time!  BTY,   manic depression is now called "bi-polar disease" obviously because too many resented the word "manic" in the phrase!  But it IS characterized by periods of mental highs and lows, sadly.  The worst cases may even be suicidal, but there it is more recognized now and there IS treatment for it today.

    murp h

    Well said and true ___ your reasons are why in part he was the best EVER

    murp h

    @Rob Falgiano excellent observation _____ never thought along that line ______ I think your right

  22. Luigi Salbo

    questa canzone è meravigliosa! grazie!

  23. phlarrdboi

    what do you mean "although"? Would anyone be like, "well my wife is dead but we haev been married 5 mths, so no biggie."

    btw thanks to both the top commenters for sharing your insights from wikipedia.

    Francis Marasco

    It could happen to you sinatra

  24. REALBANGER musicNtv

    Looks like Henry Hill from GoodFellas..

  25. Murp h

    So sad so beautiful -- frank was the master

  26. Luigi Salbo

    superb SINATRA!!

  27. King Ward

    This is a hauntingly beautiful rendition. Perry Como also did a wonderful job on this song, but I can't find that track. I truly wish someone would upload it.

  28. Corrie121

    Brilliant post !! Frank at his best ! Listen to Henry burr's version - he includes the verse.
    Thank you for sharing this excellent post.

  29. Michael Sganga

    what a gem.....tthis is one of frank's best .. berlin only writes great music..he is missed

  30. Bob C

    tessie1061---You are 100% correct. Hard to top a song written by Irving Berlin and sung by Frank Sinatra.

  31. Joe Burchard

    Berlin wrote When I Lost You after his wife of only 5 month died, the song charted at #1 in 1913 and stayed #1 for 15 weeks.A vocalist by the name of Burr had the 1913 recording.

    M.J. Leger

    You are right, Irving Berlin wrote this song in 1912.  Sinatra had one of the highest sales on this song, which he recorded in 1962, 5 years after his divorce from Ava, and he didn't marry again until 19-year-old Mia, in 1966, which he recognized was a mistake, and he divorced the child in 1968.  He never really got over Ava, and helped her financially until her death.

  32. Christian Corrao

    absolutely brilliant.

  33. lois m

    I understand that Irving Berlin wrote this when his wife died . She died , I believe at an early age. Berlin, being a sentimentalist penned a treasure full of music and this I feel was one of his best. They just don't write music and lyrics like that anymore.

  34. SineCordis


    Jody Carver

    When I lost my Marilyn, this was the theme on her memorial cards this beautiful  but true song, I will never ever love again she was  the LOVE OF MY LIFE  I Miss  you Marilyn and  I will always Love you, Your  Jody-