Sinatra, Frank - The Little Drummer Boy Lyrics

Come they told me (pa-rum pum pum pum)
A newborn King to see (pa-rum pum pum pum)
Our finest gifts we bring pa-rum pum pum pum
To lay before the King
So to honor Him (pa-rum pum pum pum)
when we come

Little Baby (pa-rum pum pum pum)
I am a poor boy too (pa-rum pum pum pum)
I have no gift to bring (pa-rum pum pum pum)
that's fit to give our King
Shall I play for You? (pa-rum pum pum pum)
On my drum

Mary nodded (pa-rum pum pum pum)
The ox and lamb kept time (pa-rum pum pum pum)
I played my drum for Him (pa-rum pum pum pum)
I played my best for Him
Then He smiled at me (pa-rum pum pum pum)
Me and my drum

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Sinatra, Frank The Little Drummer Boy Comments
  1. Donna Jones

    Draft dodger but he makes woman scream but so do mice.

  2. Ian Simmons


  3. Johnathon Smith


  4. Marcy Erickson

    ❤ forever

  5. Domagoj Mijo Betin

    Sritan Božić from Croatia

  6. Jeff Kaufman

    Frank sing it the best

  7. Giorgos From Asgard

    Huge beautiful voice coing out of a tiny dude. The one and only Sinatra of our hearts..

  8. george venis

    the VOICE...

  9. Kathleen Parr

    Pa Rum Pa Pom Pom...

  10. John Larrabee

    The most hated Christmas song ever. It was like bees buzzing on my ears. Then I heard Sinatra's version. Frank does his magic again. This is so beautiful.

    johnny sac

    On repeat

  11. giasemmi

    I PLAYED MY BEST FOR HIM!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Mario Velasco

    can someone provide me music sheet of this arrangement?

  13. Sarah Clague

    Wow cant stop crying, the little boy gave all he had to God i wish i could give my ego to the holy. What a version by the greatest singer

  14. Sabine Stüdle

    Amazing version

  15. Robert S. J. Hu

    I agree wholeheartedly. Frank Sinatra is in a class of his own.   Robert S.J. Hu   Nov. 28, 2018  .

  16. salvatore avegna

    dont forget the big drummer boy Ringo did a version

  17. David Fabian

    Frank did very well on this song but Bob Seger is the best for this song

  18. jim sandberg

    Perfect for Donald Trumps Presidency   God bless our great Country and May  we allways  have the backbone   To uphold Our Lofty standards

  19. Tim Scabnib


  20. Bob Olson

    Frank Sinatra's version of The Little Drummer Boy is one of the most beautiful versions of my life he can only lift your spirits make you feel Christmas has some sort of meaning not just Christians and Muslims and Jews but to all of us humans and if more people take the high road and not the Lower Road this planet would be a lot lovely place

  21. Many Aliases

    It is the best sung version, but Bing Crosby sung with hope in his voice, this version is too melancholic. Bing' s version always cheers me up when I am feeling low at Christmas.

  22. Virgen Alicea

    Nice... But loneliness

    im alover

    Virgen Alicea Sinatra voice is one individual just like life.


    Best solo version EVAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa!

  24. Perry Linda

    I really hate Sinatra but this one is sublime.

    Mister Lupus

    how could you hate Frank Sinatra he is one of the best singers ever :( just my opinion though



  25. Lidia van Niekerk

    First time I hear him  singing this song,. lOVELY

  26. ClassicMoviesYes MMCHNo

    Love this song and Frank both!

  27. Kamila Borzym

    If you wanna hear the best version of this song, listen to Pentatonix. It's unbelievable.

  28. PanTroll19

    Poor Felicity :(

  29. Militza Rivera

    What else can we say, it´s SINATRA  doing what he knows best.!

  30. Karolus le Grand

    Thanks for posting this video. Great interpretation !

  31. Rafael roa mera

    Magnifica interpretación del tamborilero, la mejor.

  32. Emily Hutsell

    that was awesome

  33. Wilfredo Portillo

    que bonita interpretacion de frank sinatra me gusta mucho inolvidable escuchenla amigos

  34. Zach Ihle

    Bowie and Croby's version is better

  35. maxbatch70

    Perfect version

  36. Clockwork Wolf

    Stunningly beautiful! The "singers" of today don't hold a candle to Sinatra, Bing Crosby, etc.

  37. Antonella Mottola

    FRANJY was really a grat singer---BUIT.... NOI for this song sorry

  38. Michael vitale


  39. Hunter

    One of my all time favorite songs and not just Christmas songs all of them.

  40. rob burt

    not,,,bob seger best ever   ,,,period

  41. Edith van Diggelen

    Gänsehaut pur

  42. jacwood22


  43. lavixl

    Whats a "Pra, rum, pum, pum, pum"?

    Dirección de Arte

    +lavixl the song is typical of Spain for his first interpreter was Christmas ... was singer RAFAEL, rum, pum, pum, pum is the imitation of the sound of the drum
    good luck from SPAIN

    Dirección de Arte

    thanks for the information

    Bob Olson

    lavixl it's the drummer boy playing his drums you twit


    @Bob Olson It didn't sound like drums it sounded like his mouth make a sound resembling a drum noise.

  44. Sandra St.


  45. Boris Huxley

    So good

  46. skeena59

    Happy Birthday blue eyes. 100 years!

  47. Toasty Gamer

    Frank and Pentatonix sing this song the best

  48. PMA Judge


    Robert Wordell

    +PMA Judge Perry Como had a softer more mellow tone than Frank but you're right both are great.

  49. enrohau

    That was not Frank Sinatra.


    +Robert Wordell He talks about the man on the picture in the end of the video, and he is right.

    Robert Wordell

    +szabok1999 That is Francis Albert (Frank) Sinatra. I have seen that picture many times before. I think it was used on a Album cover


    I stand by what I said 7 months ago, the singer was not Frank Sinatra. I don't know who it was, but it was not Frank.


    @enrohau Well, you're wrong. It was him. I have this album. It says it's him. Why would it lie?

    Pokums Spark

    Well, nice logic lies behind your words, my friend

  50. lightsidemaster

    Ha! Frank Sinatra showing everyone how it's done. As usual :-)


    can't beat Ray Charles' version

  51. Daniel Jones

    best song. kinda emotional

  52. usmctanks1

    There are many great singers, there is only one king... Francis Sinatra

    Demoros Juan

    maybe you mean "one voice", 'cause the king is Elvis

  53. graeme noone

    thank you gianfrancogr. and you and yours, have a happy christmas 2015.

  54. ferrel gillett

    Frank Sinatra Christmas music are the best

  55. PMA Judge

    FROM (U.K.).

  56. dennis cervik

    frances albertt

  57. N. E. Barton

    Your family's old school picture is cool

  58. richard zumaran

    the version ot this song by the tokens is my favorite, checkit out, it,s pretty amazing

  59. Alex X

    If you guys think this is the best version, you need to see and hear the Roger Whitaker's  version, just a thought, enjoy, Happy Holidays

  60. elizabeth boston

    christmas is to honor Jesus on his Birthday Awsome

  61. elizabeth boston

    love this classic christmas song

  62. Patri Dominguez

    La versión de Raphael mucho mas bonita!


    @Patri Dominguez ¿Porque esta versión no la comprendes?

    Pasquale Mignano

    +cumberlan2009 hahahahahaha... obviously Rafael got to do something upon Sinatra interpretation. he could not fall behind...

  63. fossie32

    Very good

  64. Franz Bauer

    danke, wundervoll, einfach THE VOICE

  65. Fredenucci Raymond

    Thank you very much  !
    Version  wonderful   of  Sinatra  !
    Friendship  of Marseille's  !!!!!!!!!!

  66. John Benn

    Wonderful performance of a great tune by ( in my opinion ) the greatest ever male vocalist of all time.

  67. Raymondo Nikolai

    Wonderful voice!
    Christmas without this song - impossible!

  68. Arvind Saraogi


  69. DarkApocalyptiaX


  70. Isabella Knabl

    erinnert mich so an meine kindheit mein papa hat es mir immer vorgesungen IN DER WEIHNACHTSZEIT :-)

  71. Elea Bell

    End picture makes me melt.

  72. Iza Jakubosz

    Rapapampaam! Marry Christmas Everybody!

  73. dan nichols

    Morman tabernacle choir has the best version!

    Bob Olson

    dan nichols funny thing about Mormons most people don't know they have to wear magic underwear when there is a tabernacle for whatever those crazy lunatic call it

  74. Thor and Sharon Hedges

    Thank you for posting!

  75. Karl Brunner

    Genial !

  76. Bolisius

    ich mag irgendwie das Lied

  77. MrRolemaster

    Sorry. The best Version is the one by David Bowie and Bing.

  78. Kasia Kaczmarek

    Best ever, but befor Pentatonix. Sorry Frank :)

  79. Han Nah

    peter griffin ' i brought these gifts for you they're up in my bum'

  80. Ricardo Mujica

    Esta canción fue compuesta por Katherine K. Davis, en 1941, no por Raphael, quien cantó una versión en español en 1967.

  81. Damian Delafosse

    A penis?

  82. maylene paz

    Rapapampam! <3 <3 <3!!!!!!! love u Frank!

  83. John Benn

    You don't think this is gold?
    Are you tone deaf or just ignorant?
    Amazing sounds & so,so good.

  84. StubbyToe

    me and my drum :)

  85. yehemdi drirez soufiane

    you the best singler ever

  86. han roberts

    There is a mention to "hey-zeus" (Jesus) in these lyrics ...;in comment back to juan97marchena :)

  87. Pearl

    Hahaha I'm just saying <.<

  88. Matthew Dunn

    Did I say anything about Justin Bieber? Not everything the Chairman sang was gold. Certainly, not this.

  89. Pearl

    Better than Bieber's at least Duh!

  90. Matthew Dunn

    Best version ever . . . NOT.

  91. RedSkaal

    Wow, what a voice!!

  92. Lucarius1

    According to Wikipedia: "The Little Drummer Boy" (originally known as "Carol of the Drum") is a popular Christmas song written by the American classical music composer and teacher Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941. It was recorded in 1955 by the Trapp Family Singers

  93. Ádám Heffner

    Does'nt matter :)...Me too, since September...

  94. Henrik Oestreich

    Extremly awesome song, rum pum pum pum pum pum :)). <3

  95. Saga Brink


    the christmas tree, the candles, the smell of ginderbread, the shimmering snow outside, the frosty trees, the christmas decorations and Santa Claus is coming to town!

  96. Saga Brink

    who is singing the original?

  97. matkotejko

    I am listening to this even theres no christmas time

  98. Mariam Emmanuelem

    I agree with you 100%... and I have heard it sang by a lot of singers... Lots of Love xxxxx