Sinatra, Frank - Softly, As I Leave You Lyrics

Softly, I will leave you softly
For my heart would break if you should wake and see me go
So I leave you softly, long before you miss me
Long before your arms can beg me stay
For one more hour or one more day
After all the years, I can't bear the tears to fall
So, softly as I leave you there

(Softly, long before you kiss me)
(Long before your arms can beg me stay)
(For one more hour) or one more day
After all the years, I can't bear the tears to fall
So, softly as I leave you there
As I leave I you there
As I leave I you there

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Sinatra, Frank Softly, As I Leave You Comments
  1. Amauri Roa

    Who in 2020?

  2. MicioMix

    Music by Tony de Vita (italian composer)and original italian lyrics by Giorgio Calabrese. Original title: Piano.

  3. Biscuit Bucket

    This is my papas favorite song

  4. deetown46

    I know my husband did this intentionally. God rest & bless his beautiful soul. I have never known a man who could have ever been a more perfect gentleman, his entire being. I love and so miss you Roger .

  5. LocoJohn66 !

    This is a beautiful arrangement with the choral background and the flutes. One of my top picks for a F. S. song.

  6. Lisa Foy

    This song came to me out of, I guess, old memories of my Mamma playing it....Wow

  7. dario rossi

    Music by Antonio "Tony" De Vita, italian composer, conductor, arranger and pianist.

  8. Derrick Sutton

    Just one of his very best.A touching and heartfelt song

  9. Judy L

    Simply the best...Francis Albert

  10. Marco Deo

    My first memories of music were The Beatles and the 60-70s groups all bands had 4 members ,guitarist, bass ,singer, drummer. Dad was into Sinatra, Mom loved Elvis. I one day realized Frank had no guitarists, Mostly horn orchestra music and I learned to love the sound.

  11. Marco Deo

    2 great Sinatra stories 1) Frank goes to tip a Limo driver he asks the driver "What is the highest tip you ever got? Driver- $100. Frank gives him a $200 tip. As Frank is leaving the limo he asks-"btw who gave you the $100 tip". Driver "You Mr Sinatra". 2) One of Franks last shows he forgot the words to a song and mysteriously paused, the crowd was silently concerned, a guy from the rear of the auditorium yells "thats OK Frank we still love you". Frank then continued with the song.

  12. Marco Deo

    thank you George Noory.

  13. docsmithdc

    This is my favorite just ahead of"My Way".Sinatra was a tremendous person-still miss him.

  14. Charles Barry

    Matt Munroe's version compares very favourably with this version.

  15. Derrick Sutton

    this is just an awesome song by OLD BLUE EYES

  16. Simon Edgbaston

    The Original& best version ❤

    idan willenchik

    Actually this was originally an Italian song.

  17. Elio Costa

    Una canzone di Mina, Piano. Anni '50.

    dario rossi

    Musica di Tony De Vita, cantata da Mina nel 1960. Poi notata, apprezzata e cantata anche dal grande Sinatra.

  18. Juan Masday

    Matt Monros version was the best! But i dont know Frank Sinatra hits my heart!!!! Ahhh!!

  19. Jackie Mcmeekin

    I always fill up when I hear this beautiful, passionate song about leaving someone you love! Frank was a consummate vocalist, actor, and performer. R.I.P. Frank! 👍☺️

  20. Al Gorel

    Frank was America’s trophy! How proud are we still of him? Study his personal life,
    he was something!

  21. hategreed1

    He knew when he heard Matt's that Matt's was far better, so he did not want this released. He was right. Matt never needed and never had backup singers.

    Price Pittsburgh

    Lol okay enjoy your kool aid

  22. Nina LaQuino

    This was the first thing I heard aftet my husband passed. I van never forget it.

  23. Charles Kroncke

    This is our story for Col. Greg Townsend, U. S. Army.  A true servant leader.

  24. Hans van den Bos

    In saw him in New York. Unforgettable

  25. Whitney Devlin

    I keep coming back, year after year... more so after the loss of my life’s partner.

  26. Henry Holloway

    Lyrics: Hal Shaper.

  27. Jeffrie Mejia

    Damn, Sinatra really ghosted her 😂😂😂

  28. Frank

    Francis Albert Sinatra- the best of the best , bar none, 100%, - this man is in a class of his own.

  29. John Tempest

    Played this at my dads 84th year funeral it gave everyone a tear sand was so poignant

  30. David Craig

    This song really brings back a very special moment. That being, talking to my father about his favorite music. He told me how this song made him sentimental, then about 4-5 months later he passed. And while cleaning up his possessions, I came across a tape of this and other Sinatra's music. Placed in the machine and this was the 1st song that played. I almost broke down & cried. Now when I heard it, I'm back in that room and enjoying conversation.

  31. Paulo Belchior

    to hear this song by Conrad Grayson in Revenge

  32. Felipe Gulka

    Frank Sinatra ❤

  33. TOOTy psycHO

    Piece of art ❤️

  34. F.C. Bellemare

    @Caroline Mc Cormack ,i feel the same ,my father liked (among many others) this song!

  35. Dave Youngdahl

    Not certain I can deal with it, without begging for one more hour or one more day. So, yeah. Do what you need to...

  36. Loretta Hovanec

    In memory of my Mother.

  37. PabloMartinMed

    Los Simuladores brought me here!

  38. Florencia Caporali

    Softly, as I Leave You is a 1964 studio album by American singer Frank Sinatra.

  39. Florencia Caporali,_as_I_Leave_You_(album)

  40. Robert Konz


  41. Life goes on


  42. plang527

    Today May 19, 2018 marks 20 years since Frank left us. RIP Old Blue Eyes...

  43. josu millaldeo

    Y si nos queremos tanto..., ¿¡Por qué tenemos que separarnos!?

  44. Jean Claude


  45. albertdiner

    Many vocalists pronounce "softly" without the "t" sound. Sinatra, Bobby Darin and other pronounce the soft "t" and it sounds much better. Whats your opinon?

    Life goes on

    albertdiner it should be softly with "t" i think.

  46. thomas trench

    Greatest song ever, Greatest singer ever, FACT.

  47. rabele123

    He's slightly off-key.

    Marco Deo

    unlikely Frank could play all his songs on piano

  48. Gloria Fernandes

    Beautiful songs

  49. mrdetroitnews gary

    Instrument for a voice

  50. linda hodges

    Lovely Frank but i think this is Robert Goulets song.

  51. Bob Schwartz

    WOW! Great interpretation!

  52. José María Álvarez Martínez

    Frank siempre serás eterno con canciones tan maravillosas como esta

  53. Dana H

    The Voice.......none greater.

  54. rjasin123

    Sid Mark played this on his national  syndicated "sounds of Sinatra" radio program the day Frank left us. I remember crying at the time because Frank was a part of my entire life.

  55. Gordo

    Even though I prefer the Matt Monro version of this song I still think that this one is really great and Sinatra puts his own unique stamp on it. Undeniably, he was the greatest singer of the twentieth century,

  56. Mar Bobo


    jackie meehan

    There will never be another to replace the legend that was Frank sinatra even after his death. Others have tried but haven't come close.

    Marina Tomassi

    Si ma ELVIS........è un altra cosa

  57. Robert A Kehl

    It's Sinataa: There's nothing more to say.

  58. Connie Dellarusso


  59. kevin

    To me, "September of My Years" is sort of a spiritual counterpart to "It Was A Very Good Year," my favorite Sinatra song.

    Brian Mann

    William bell

  60. Catherine Yumping

    lovely. it's a sad song, but it is sang beautifully.

  61. Nareeya Suppamanop

    This song was played over and over when we drove up north to Yosemite in 1994.

  62. Bernie Keys

    I plan this for my funeral. I doubt if Sinatra understood the lyrics. One DJ said
    he thought Sinatra was slipping out of a woman's room, slippers in hand-which he
    probably did often.


    Oggi 1° Aprile 2016 è venuto a mancare Giorgio Calabrese, autore di questa canzone e di tante altre magnifiche canzono: Tributo a lui!

    mentre ti allontani,
    cerca che il tuo passo
    non mi svegli
    mentre tu te ne vai.
    non ti chiedo niente
    oggi ed oltre il tempo tu sarai
    accanto a me.
    Nel ricordo va
    non ti chiederò
    di restare ancora ma
    fa piano
    che non ti senta.
    Piano, piano.
    non ti chiederò
    di restare ancora ma
    fa piano
    che non ti senta.
    Piano, piano.
    Fa piano
    piano, piano.

  64. Joshua Murphy

    my grandads funeral song , what a song to go out to!

    Emily Taylor

    Joshua Murphy I’ve just came hime from my Grandmas funeral, this song gets me to another level ☹️😭

  65. DRT Nick Cubagee

    Disculpe señor fuego tiene?


    Los Simuladores tambien me trajeron aqui.-


    Es una señal

    Agustin Fuldain

    no me había dado cuenta que este tema salía en Los Simuladores, que buen ost tuvo<3

  66. donflee

    Actually written by Giogio Calabrese and Tony De Vita . Check Music Urban Legend. Not by a dying man. Used by Elvis Presley before many of his concerts

    Marco Deo

    funny the song I see to the right of your post, right now is the Elvis version.

    Marco Deo

    Elvis said it was written by a dying man.

  67. Mirjam van Zweden

    sadness and happiness are very close...

  68. E. Alton Robertson

    One of Sinatra's five best songs

    Adam Compeau

    +E. Alton Robertson What are the others?

    E. Alton Robertson

    I left the list unspecified because it really depends on my mood.  That is true of all the singers I admire.  However, "Softly, as I leave you," I've got you under my skin," & "The summer wind"  are for sure.  Then there are a bunch of others, such as "Night and day," "High hopes," "Fly me to the moon," and "One for my baby and one more for the road." 

    Loretta DeLoggio

    @E. Alton Robertson I'm awfully fond of "The Tender Trap."

    Marco Deo

    These are my top 2 the way you look tonight ,house that i live in cue 6:45

    William McLean

    You mean, thee best.

  69. Ray Pelletier

    Nothing more to say......

  70. Mary Bavington

    frank is a million times better than bobby daren in this version

  71. Martin Farbrother

    Just beautiful!

  72. Storm Wedel

    Anyone notice at the end if you listen very closely where he says "next one"? Or something?

  73. Robert Konz


  74. Gary Dougan

    the orchestration if flawless and the background singers really make this a very emotional piece.

  75. Ed Jones

    11 people left in a rush

    M. M.

    Well, 17 now... with no class at all.

  76. Brigitte Bravaccini always  Great Frankie..............

  77. Ernst Pattynama

    Key of B . . . Matt Monro & Bublé & Williams  key of C ... Darin key of D . . .

  78. AnimeRocksxD

    Conrad Grayson, from REVENGE, what a cool way to go out. RIP, even though you bad, cruel man

  79. Badoocee


  80. Thatsgold777

    Conrad Grayson was a good evil man.
    Going to miss him :(

    Jafyk Trebla

    Me too. He was one of my favorite characters. What other shows or movies has he been in.

  81. Above TheClouds

    That last note that he held at the end of this song proves why he's the greatest singer of all time.


    Have to disagree, big sinatra fan,but matt monro knocks this song out the park.

    Terry Charles

    @pb954618c absolutely, both great but for me this beautiful song belongs to Matt Monro.

    Gregory P

    @pb954618c Compared to Sinatra, Monro sings this song like a US Navy band singer with a British accent. Sinatra phrases every word to give life to that word, such as softly, etc.

  82. Lucia buonanni dawson

    This song could kill me !

  83. JR in the 818

    The Chairman of the Board. Nothing else to say other than he had the best song styling. RIP Frank.

  84. Narciso Pinto

    "Softly As I Leave You" is the most beautiful song ever written about a guy trying to sneak out after sex.

    Ray Pelletier

    +Narciso Pinto was written as a man who was dying...didn't want his wife to bear any more pain....

    Price Pittsburgh

    @Ray Pelletier Not true. That was an Elvis fabrication.

  85. Carolina Pongasi

    Shirley Bassey's version is also great* :)

  86. Carolina Pongasi

    Shirley Bassey's version is also great!

  87. Caroline Mc Cormack

    im 33 and everytime i hear this song it makes me cry, it reminds me of loved ones not with me anymore

    BiA BEO

    Sorry to hear your grief.
    May you keep going forward and discover the profound love which is afterall hopefully the source of your depth of emotion at these memories.

    Jackie Mcmeekin

    I fill up also when I hear this! Frank Sinatra owns this emotional and passionate song. 🥰

    Norman Curragh

    @Jackie Mcmeekin Sorry Jackie, just listen to Matt Monro singing this song you will be amazed how good he is.

    Marie Bert

    I agree!

  88. graydon blower

    matt monro only sings this right check it out

    Terry Charles

    Completely agree with you. The late great Matt Monro nails it 💜

    Gregory P

    @Terry Charles Yes, Monro nails it with such uniformity throughout the entire song. I get tired of Sinatra putting inflections on every word, shifting the tempo, saying softly to make it sound like softly. I like Monro's uniform type of singing much better.

  89. Chloé Jennings

    Conrad's death! Hell yeah finally!

  90. Kallen Wingard

    Conrad Grayson from Revenge...


    A chaotic scene deserves a classical tune like this one :) Conrad's death was epic, and way overdue in Revenge. 

    trevor williams

    just watched it in the UK epic episode and what a cliffhanger

  91. Tony Marine

     Barbara to Frank "Keep fighting" Frank to Barbara "I'm losing"...

  92. beatrizrez

    When he died, his family pu this song to play in his official website.

    Marco Deo

    thank you


    beatrizrez omg so sad

    Hernan Zamora

    Yes I remember that day and that was the song on his website.

  93. Pat Grant

    Greatest Frank Sinatra song ever. I remember Sid Marks signing off with this one on his Friday with Frank

  94. EdenZeCohen

    This song is so great Justin Timberlake decided to copy the intro strings Frank had in this song to his, Pusher Love Girl. See Frank still inspires many people!

  95. LoveSugarVictor

    Frank has the strongest voice for this song, but it's not the best interpretation. Elvis' version is a whole lot more meaningful and poetic to me.

    Gregory P

    Good for you.

  96. James Nutt

    not by far bobby darin is neck and neck pal james l

  97. ccxxxv

    when do you think we'll have a time machine? i wanna watch Sinatra's live performance with tux and cig .

  98. d025009

    Beautiful. Well done.

    tony russell

    The best enuf said