Sinatra, Frank - It Worries Me Lyrics

It worries me
You seem to be unhappy
And that worries me

I hate to think that maybe
I have made you blue
Just what did I do
Was I mean to you
Wish I knew

I worry so
If anything is wrong
I have the right to know

So while I hold you close
And kiss you tenderly
Tell it all to me
Darling can't you see
Anything that worries you, worries me

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Sinatra, Frank It Worries Me Comments
  1. Oh Captainmycaptain

    I dont remember where did i hear this song but damn I really like this song.


    Frank at his zenith. The voice was a mixture of his 40's crooner sound and his jazz influenced 1950's Capitol record / Nelson Riddle classic sound.


    JERRY JANSEN Bingo! Spot on analysis !

  3. SweetDaddy

    you're so right dude :)

  4. HannyBunny91

    Unforgettable hours with my mates!