Sinatra, Frank - I Wanna Be Around Lyrics

I wanna be around to pick up the pieces when somebody breaks your heart,
Somebody twice as smart as I.
Somebody who will swear to be true like you used to do with me,
Who'll leave you to learn that misery loves company, wait and see.
I wanna be around to see how he does it when he breaks your heart to bits,
Let's see if the puzzle fits, so fine,
And that's when I'll discover that revenge is sweet,
As I sit there applauding from a front row seat,
When somebody breaks your heart like you broke mine.
That's when I'll discover that revenge is sweet,
As I sit there applauding from a front row seat,
When somebody breaks your heart like you broke mine,
Like you, like you broke mine.

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Sinatra, Frank I Wanna Be Around Comments
  1. sophia doesn't get it

    when you come here from your own amazing taste and not from tiktok

  2. Jazmin Aguilar

    Here from Tik tok :) I’m glad I know the original song

  3. Lee Gibbs

    Not quite on Tony bennetts level on this one but...its Frank...Frank really is something else. Love Bobby darins version too!

  4. Emily

    Here from tiktok?


    Ben DeVore hehehe

    Palmisano Gaming

    That’s great

  5. Jochem B.

    This song is not for him 😭

  6. natzzef

    I prefer this version. It’s perfect.

  7. Joseph DiPirro

    The ultimate revenge song!

  8. harvey Navigator

    One of the best albums I ever owned,the Count and Sinatra at the Sands

  9. Elmeromero

    Keep it playing you fuck!

  10. Paul PaulC

    I sang this to my ex........

    Carmen Demetrio

    Paul PaulC

  11. Priscilla Wilson

    The music is great, but Tony Bennett really rules on this one.

  12. Ultra-Heavy

    (Joey Diaz voice) Tremendous!

    Ryan DeGarmore

    Kick that fuckin mule Lee

  13. Jesse B

    the greatest

  14. Gerald Cook

    Genuine Old Skool!!! G Boogie****

  15. DragonGaming

    I love this! 💙

  16. DownHill Phil

    more cowbell....

  17. Foo Hoe Vincent Low

    15100 views only? i guess most people prefers tony bennet's version more?

    Patricia Nolan Stein

    Unfortunately, Tony's version of this wonderful song has been "banned" from Youtube. His sons are very active in taking his songs off the internet.

    Foo Hoe Vincent Low

    what a shame. good music should be shared.


    Peggy Lee did a nice version of this also.
    Frank was the greatest interpreter of the Great American Songbook so it is okay that other vocalists had the best versions of some tunes.
    The reality is Frank "invented" this type of singing.
    Everyone else is derivative.


    Foo Hoe Vincent Low it's because Sinatra Enterprises or Reprise/Warner bros. keep taking down the videos

    Life goes on

    Because this song is not signature for Frank Sinatra . He has lots of song so this is normal

  18. James Johnson

    Surprised that I like Tony Bennett's version a little better, but based on today's music, I shouldn't say a word.

    Keefer Hazlewood


    Daniel Steele

    James Johnson me to James,Tony did it better

    Oscar Silva

    Shut up, you old piece of shit. You're so irrelevant it's not even funny. Get dying or get living. Guess you chose gramps

    Johnnyc drums

    @Oscar Silva ; You need to shut up until you get an education.
    Thank me!