Sinatra, Frank - I Think Of You Lyrics

In the hush of evening
As shadows steal across my lonely room
I think of you
I think of you
From afar the music
Of violins come softly through the gloom
All I can do
Is think of you
O I can see you standing there before me
And I can hear you whisper
You adore me
So when dusk is falling
I live again the loveliness we knew
I think of you
I think of you

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Sinatra, Frank I Think Of You Comments
  1. Mannix Music — Mixing & Mastering

    No one can touch him.

  2. paul catch

    Two classics of ' I think of you' Sinatra and Como.....two different songs.

  3. Жанна Воронина

    Привет от Сергея Рахманинова )))

  4. Жанна Воронина

  5. Rickey Engle


  6. Rickey Engle

    i don't no who you are,,

  7. celt67

    Was this just around the time of his breakup with Ava Gardner ? You can hear the heart-ache in every line.

  8. a m

    Sinatra can sing a love song like no one else, as he seems to read all the unsaid words in your heart...

  9. MsKayfrank

    Doesn't get any better than this.

  10. GERALDO Maul

    The best singer of the world

  11. a m

    Frank Sinatra's voice heals my broken body and fills my life with joy. xo Thank you, Francis Albert.

  12. keona ukulele

    Perfect for driving through the big city at night.

  13. dominique dubent

    Frank Sinatra et Ut2

  14. Phil Kokinis

    May 14th, 2018
    Marks '20' years
    Since 'The Voice'
    Has left us.
    However, time
    Stands still - as we
    Enjoy the many
    Movies, Concerts,
    Videos, and the
    Numerous Songs
    He has willed to all
    Of his dedicated
    The commemerative
    New album ( Standing Room
    Only )
    Released May 4th,
    2018, is a
    Testament to
    Frank's greatness as
    A singer and entertainer. We should all take a
    Moment, and give
    Thanks to the
    Memories which we
    Are able to enjoy.
    May the legacy of
    'Francis Albert
    Live on into
    Generations of
    Music lovers.
    Frank spoke the
    Truth with his song -
    "You Will be
    My Music",
    And. as he told us -
    "The Best is Yet
    To Come"

  15. Tristan H Music

    Does anyone possibly have a lead sheet or chord changes to this tune?

  16. M.J. Leger

    I think this is one of my 3 favorite "suicide albums" (as Frank Sinatra called them), "Where are You," "No One Cares" and "Only the Lonely." I'd add "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning" to those 3, somehow, my favorite albums of his. Such feeling, emotion and anguish in his voice on some of the songs, rare and beautiful. "Where Are You was recorded in 1957, the year he and Ava's divorce was final, and he sings the hurt! It's heart-wrenching!


    M.J. Leger “all alone” is the best

  17. jared may

    I have this lp, its beautiful

  18. Edith Maniago

    So beautiful! Truly, one of Frank Sinatra's best ever.

  19. Tvde1

    Description is wrong.

  20. Beatriz Elena Arango Sosa

    Adoro su vo... Tan romántico

  21. Corno di Bassetto

    So many pop tunes gleaned from this great 1900 concerto: "Full Moon and Empty Arms" (3rd mvt. also recorded by Sinatra), "All By Myself" and "I Think of You."

  22. Andy Hiscox

    Franks voice just sends me to a different time and place 💙

    Carola Becker

    Andy Hiscox Frank WAS another time and place, a far better time when music moved your soul.

  23. Edith Liggayu Maniago

    Love this sweet song so much! Thank you for posting.

  24. Gian Nuesca

    fans: he creates good music and sings good
    Rachmaninoff: -.-

  25. Don Miata

    every song became a standard after Sinatra sang it.....

  26. Joy D'Alessio

    Man, how I love that man

  27. Shirley Steen

    got the box set of his Columbia years for xmas best present  I have  ever had

  28. GrizzledGeezer somebody else

    The lyrics are overly sentimental, but Sinatra's sincere and understated delivery largely neutralizes the excess. One of the greatest pop albums by any singer, by the way.

    Carola Becker

    GrizzledGeezer somebodyelse, he has a way of watering down the sugariness, doesn’t he? Turns it all to understated elegance.

  29. Paul's comments and questions

    Incredibly beautiful!

    William & Donna Mazure

    Paul's comments and questions m

  30. J J Townley Sometime-composer of Piano Concertos

    Perfect companion piece to Full Moon and Empty Arms. You gotta love Rachmaninoff.

  31. Karen Williams

    So absolutely beautiful...what a love song. Beyond brilliant! Thank you Frank xxx

  32. Dennis James

    Frank is and was the greatest

    a m

    I agree! :)

  33. Eugenio Cassina

    peccato che questa magnifica versione di I THINK OF YOU
    nulla abbia a che fare, come è scritto sopra, col CD Box Set
    "The Columbia Years", poichè fu registrata con lo stupendo
    arrangiamento di Gordon Jenkins nel 1957 negli anni della Capitol

  34. Worldofnana Berger

    Happy 100 Birthday Frank we love and Miss you ,12/12/15

    Books With Benjamin


  35. Dennis James


  36. Nelly Gnattali

    Baseado no tema do primeiro movimento do Concerto n. 2 em Do menor, para piano e orquestra de Sergei Rachmaninoff. Aconteceu o mesmo com "Full Moon and Empty Arms" (segundo tema do terceiro movimento do mesmo concerto) e com "All by Myself", tambem inspirado no concerto Concerto n 2. Como gostam do Rachmaninoff!!!!


    a musica "space dementia" dos muse tambem tem presente motivos do 1º andamento :)

  37. Lawrence Jacinto

    Gotta love Rachmaninoff! Heard the first line and immediately thought of his Piano Concerto in C Minor, first movement :) It's based off of it, for sure.

    Sterling Bowen

    Checked the link.  Very instructive to be able to match the Concerto with the Sinatra.  Such a beautiful passage.  Well done, Merlin.

    Merlin Erdogmus

    @Sterling Bowen
    No problem. If you have other songs in mind that might sample or interpolate, feel free to submit. Great site for submissioners and browsers too! =)

    marti cochran

    Lawrence Jacinto 8

    Tom Jamrose

    Two tunes in the same concerto? all by myself @ 13,30. thanks Maestro for birthing 2 more
    exquisit beauties.


    Lawrence Jacinto no one has ever done a song, that I know of, based on Rapsody on a Theme of Paganini. They have used the music in a few movies "Somewhere in Time" and "Groundhog Day" but no one ever made a song out of that melancholy but complex lilting theme.

  38. Barry Taylor

    No one sings a love song better than frank

  39. Fabricio Silva

    Simple, elegant, and beautiful.

  40. tonydee


  41. knarfartanis

    Nobody comes close to Sinatra, when he sings a ballad like this one, magic fills the air,

  42. TheMusicguy68

    I have listened to this album since I was 16 years old. Many decades have passed. But this album is still one of the finest albums that Frank Sinatra ever recorded!

    Susan Bruns

    Sings right to the soul!!!


    So simple and sincere. Like musical speaking.


    Where are you , all alone , Sinatra/Jobim = Franks greatest

  43. T.E Lawrence

    Unmistakably Frank ! 

  44. catman916

    This is actually from Frank's 1957 Capitol album, Where Are You? and can also be found on The Capitol Years Box Set.

    Tony Andolini

    Perry como version wat year was that?

    Brad Markell

    catman916 what's the title of his song...with words like 'on n on...boys n girls'.? Thank you

  45. Terror

    Adios Sharon..........

  46. Jaime Gómez Plaza

    Cuán cierto es cuando uno está enamaorado.