Sinatra, Frank - I'm A Fool To Want You Lyrics

I'm a fool to want you
I'm a fool to want you
To want a love that can't be true
A love that's there for others too

I'm a fool to hold you
Such a fool to hold you
To seek a kiss, not mine alone
To share a kiss that devil has known

Time and time again I said I'd leave you
Time and time again I went away
But then would come the time when I would need you
And once again these words I'll have to say

Take me back, I love you
Pity me, I need you
I know it's wrong, it must be wrong
But right or wrong, I can't get along without you

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Sinatra, Frank I'm A Fool To Want You Comments
  1. Will O'Neil

    He put his hold soul and being in this song and we all know why Ava 💔 I'm a fool to want you yeah 💔 Ava must had some mean good loving 😭💔 damn heartbreaking 💔

  2. MLG

    He never got over Ava

  3. Anna Antoniou


  4. Kenya Gabrielle

    A perfect way to describe a despised fascination I had with a boy throughout 5th, 6th, and early 7th grade.

  5. abdullah waleed

    غضب مو اغنيه


  6. Brandy Webb


  7. Hope Heartnet

    i feel like I'm going through a breakup while i haven't even been in a relationship 😔

  8. Sounds With Voice

    My life story in a song

  9. MissFanGirl

    His voice is so beautiful I love it ugh

  10. Jeff George

    Best song ever

  11. Disney Dame

    Current mood!!!!! 😢😩

  12. Cindy Lou


  13. Always Sinatra

    Once you hear this sad song by Sinatra you will never forget it ! So moving and heartbreaking it takes your breath away 💕

  14. Krishnaiah Rangaiah

    You are a monster you bastard. Even I don't want you. I hate you. If you would have come near me and touched or kissed me I would have slaped you. Fight happened because of you. Ive got beaten up from my dad are you happy now go and have a sweet.

  15. Liana Soares

    The beginning music kind of sounds like Snow White’s Someday My Prince Will Come.

  16. Lia22

    OMG!!!! This was all for Ava!!! What a love... the passion, the pain, the heartbreak, the despair, is all there for all to see/hear

  17. Leigh Leigh David

    Trump’s torch song to Democrats!

  18. FREE Child

    U hurt me because I loved u for real.

  19. Gwendoline Gwendoline

    Folle folle folle désespérément 💔☀️

  20. French Paul Kalbrenner

    J'adore cette chanson ! Frank the best crooner !

  21. First Blood

    Frankestein Junior soundtrack inspiration.

  22. tomatojuice12

    Does anybody know the name of the solo violinist that is playing at 1:47? It's timeless playing.

  23. Wênita Gama


  24. Kelly Mae

    Take me back ... to this time era.

  25. iljada

    What does Billie eilish have to do with this song?

  26. Cliff Smith

    This reminds me of my mother and father.

  27. Judy L

    Ava broke his heart, so many times

  28. PolishViking

    Really love his singing but the schmaltzy opera chorus with high notes should be blocked out of this wonderful performance! It detracts from the intimacy in a big obtrusive way! Yecch!

  29. Billie is Queen

    Who came here after seeing finneas post

  30. OldworkbyEmmaCRB

    I discovered this song because of Seth MacFarlane a few years ago- he tweeted it out

  31. Doug Piranha

    Insufficient melodrama.

  32. Faltunpak 27

    Damn i wish i were alive at that time (1951) but im A BIT late with 2006😂

  33. Joseph Triolo

    Ava brought this out in him. It had to hurt to sing it.

  34. Eren Sarikcioglu

    I love frank Sinatra

  35. Eren Sarikcioglu

    He was such a beautiful singer

  36. Toby Wood

    Apparently he sang one take of this, and then disappeared out of the studio, not able to do any more work.

  37. Müjde Dural

    Ava Gardner için yazmış ama bence üç çocuğunun annesi, ilk eşinin ahı tuttu bence :(

  38. Paul Jones

    This song is underrated

  39. Maria Cardenas

    Omg Harry Sang Me This Song To Me In The Morning Over The Phone

  40. Mshabbak

    For the first time in my life, I have fallen in love. My dear Irishman, I'm a fool to love you when you are moving to the US for good, leaving me here. I wish we'd met before you decided to leave... I'm a fool to want you.

    Pat Zalusky


  41. Eduardo Oliveira

    Quando até o Frank Sinatra foi gado d+

  42. Jean Claude

    Nobody can sing like Mr Sinatra , they will talk not sing its a fact

  43. Anna P

    Wow, if that doesn't describe his relationship with Ava Gardner to a tee.

  44. AS Red eye

    To all the boys out there with broken hearts, save your heart, those chicks doesn't deserve it, go out, make money, be the best version of yourself to yourself. And everything will come along the way.

  45. cr 95

    Today guys don't sing about about women with lyrics like this. Its more about giving her a beating

  46. domingo federico

    George. gracias por bajarla y compartir las caciones de este monstruo sagrado,

    domingo federico

    Sinatra tiene canción nes no muy conocida s, pero esta es mi favorita, me lleva a mí juventud, cuando estudiaba inglés con un profesor que hacía un esfuerzo porque le gustaba otra clase de música, pero como iba a casa, lo escuchaba en el combinado con mis discos de 78 revoluciónes. Otra más nueva es let me try again.

  47. herrbetto 55

    I felt stupid when I said to a girl that I loved her

  48. Jane Woods

    It hurts me to think you'd think I " studied you out" to manipulate you. Really????? WTF***!!!!! I never did that to you nor would I. If you don't like what you are seeing. Think how I be drove that direction by your crazy ass judgements all the time. Just go on and forget I ever cared at all. That's what you want anyway. I swear on the Bible tomorrow I'm throwing this fucking phone in the lake!!!!!! Why do I try to have a better life anyway ????? This is always the end result!!!!

  49. Jamais Vu

    Pro tip : NEVER listen to this song when you're heartbroken

    abizit gill

    This tip should come as a disclaimer with this damn song

  50. phaasch

    At this time, Sinatra's stock is at an all time low. His records arent selling, and hes playing to three-quarters empty theatres. The winter winds are blowing strong, and hes completely hung up on Ava.
    On top of this, Columbia force him into the studio to record the worst, cheesiest novelty song he would ever have to make; "Mama will Bark!". Sinatra never forgave Mitch Miller for that humiliation at the lowest point in his career.
    And somehow, that frothy throwaway nothing gets b-sided by this, one of the bleakest, darkest cries from the heart ever put on wax by any artist.
    One of those times when the world makes no sense...

    Esmee Phillips

    There is a legend that around this time Sinatra, touring Britain, played a theater in Ayr (a small town in Scotland) where only the first three rows were sold.

  51. Jose Goncalves

    The love is here baby!



  53. Yogin Tickoo

    I love Chet's version! this is nice too!

  54. kitty cat

    I wish songs were like this now.

  55. Laura Bulfoni

    Frank Sinatra was a great man😍😍

  56. Natalia Tarasova

    Ava Ava Ava... And Ava again...

  57. R Graves

    Why do you always find these songs when you are living them? I wasn’t even looking.

  58. Strawberry

    Frank Sinatra is like if princes were the star of Disney movies.

  59. Tiago El Hariri

    how can someone dislike this?

  60. Vera Salpeter

    Thanks a lot for downloading!

  61. Marten Dekker

    Lacks real feeling. He's "performing" too much.
    Dean Martin is better.

  62. Dilara ŞİMŞEK

    Hayır değilsin çok tatlısın 👍👍💜💜💏💏⚡⚡Dahi sevgilim

  63. lara Flores

    Amo clássicos!!!🎵💜💜💜

  64. Michael DiRoma

    Wow Frank sang that to Ava...He May have even wrote it...

  65. Tatjana Komšić


  66. Tom Reedy

    Thanx for putting the date on this song. I have it on CD and I wondered when it was made.

  67. Ahmed Maher

    Like 2019 ♥️

  68. Katana Sakura


  69. Creator Carlo

    inizio romantico

  70. legend vito


  71. Andromeda 37

    نحن أسرى معاً. و في قفص الحب. يعاني؛ السجان والمسجون!

  72. Questionable bathwater

    How is this related to Billie eilsiebs?

  73. Laura Garnier

    Incomparable ,and fashion voice,how many in that time...the person falling in love,married, for listen this romantic,
    Unforguet,thai voice...😍😍😍forever, Frank Sinatra!!🎶🎵🎼🎙💓💓

  74. Daniel Ramos

    Será que o Frank Sinatra viu o Mundial do Palmeiras ?

  75. Lynn Fernandes


  76. T Hyslop

    Frank was the man! Elvis who?

  77. Ziggy Hammons


  78. Rickey Engle

    don't want no,,fools

  79. TheReturnofStephan1

    In truth, Sinatra's singing about screwing over a woman who was great to him.

  80. Antonella Sturatti


  81. Leo In Wonderland

    Mr blue eyes🙃

  82. Love Alone

    Time and time again I said I’d leave you
    Time and time again I went away
    But then would come the time when I would need you
    And once again these words I’ll have to say
    I’m a fool to want you
    Pity me, I need you
    I know it’s wrong,it must be wrong
    But right or wrong I can’t get along
    Without you
    I can’t get along
    Without you.

  83. Paula Laye

    Oh my god what a voice, had forgotten how marvellous and heartbreaking this song is, love you Frank rip Paula x

  84. Nilam Borage

    I am too sir

  85. Linh M

    Oh is this Sleeping Beauty’s theme song?

  86. Ân Mai

    Tks Taehyung~

  87. Journeil Fajilan

    Im here because of Billie Eilish🖤 and its a very excellent song 😊 missing the good old days

  88. MrMusicguyma

    Semi-operatic. Frank is is in full command of his voice. I'm not as as thrilled with the arrangement . Cheesy background chorus, IMHO.

  89. Aly Portanova


  90. Perry Weiner

    I'm a huge Billie fan. But Sinatra is the best here! His last great song!

  91. Estrella Duarte

    Im guessing some people will probably come here because of Jazz for Two


    .. Τhe voice!

  93. Calina Savonowa

    Спасибо,Прекрасный певец.

  94. Yoli Collazo

    Exquisite crooner.

  95. Julianne B.

    This song speaks of my current relationship status

    gol keeper

    I feel for you.leave her

  96. Chris Esca

    You are a fool so stop loving me go away I’m not your toy you don’t love me you study me get lost you fool love you loves no one you are wrong to love me your a dam fool