Sinatra, Frank - I'll Never Smile Again Lyrics

(I'll never smile again until I smile at you)
(I'll never laugh again) What good would it do?

For tears would fill my eyes
My heart would realize
That our romance is through

(I'll never love again, I'm so in love with you)
(I'll never thrill again to somebody new)

Within my heart
I know I will never start
(To smile again)
Until I smile at you


Within my heart
I know I will never start
(To smile again)
Until I smile at you

[very brief instrumental]

(Until I smile at you)

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Sinatra, Frank I'll Never Smile Again Comments
  1. big wumbus

    Im still in my dads balls and i love classic new music sucks.

  2. compass

    What genre would this be?


    We live in a wonderful age where we can still listen to this music for hours at a time.

  4. Rebecca Hernandez

    (short story some of the audio of this song appears on a pop "rap" song called smile) my sister sent me this song and idk why im crying its so beautiful..<3

  5. Clinton J. Black

    It's interesting to me that this arrangement is really the Pied Pipers featuring Sinatra. His start with Dorsey was pretty low key.

  6. Oop its Jo


  7. René' Cruz

    This is my mom & dad's music, I want to cry😭(RIP)

  8. René' Cruz

    I want to cry, it makes me feel good to let it all out😭

  9. Angelina Santos

    sleepy songs marathon

  10. Thomas Conlon

    80 years ago.


    Derek if you see this, Its me, josephine.
    I really miss you, please come back.

  12. Drawsome Pics

    Now I got a crush on Frank Sinatra

  13. paprikash

    A classic frozen in time for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Gabriel McGuoirk

    Johnny Fontane in the Godfather and his time with his big band getting an offer they couldnt refuse is based on Frank Sinatra and his time spent in this band.

  15. GÖUHT beats

    what is the first instrument that starts the song? Please

  16. lesley.l

    Was robbed. I thought of this song as my consolation. It shouldn't have happened. I shouldn't have let it.

  17. sofija.

    For some reason,this song rly reminds me of 101 dalmatians 😻

  18. Charmander Kelly

    im here because of ben beal-smile their both beautiful songs for winter time im telling yall😭😢

  19. Cove AKA Covergeist

    the first #1

  20. DSXD3 - Topic

    Anyone else come from mathias tyner??

  21. petrox41musica

    Meravigliosa musica, che , da bambino sentivo sempre a casa ! Tra i tanti, mio Padre, aveva un debole per Paul Witheman !

  22. David McKinney

    Great song

  23. Https. jesssica

    I’m 12 and love this song ❤️

  24. Jam3zo

    Anyone come here from that simpsons episode???

  25. Jhonathan Itzumaki

    this is pure music

    Aren Avetissian

    liquid gold

  26. Detective Incognito

    *My Grandfather died of a Coma and every morning he plays this.*

  27. Valeria o karina 7w7 :v


  28. philip norris

    Absolutely wonderful stuff (incidentally, I was born in 1954, and I'm British).

  29. Collaborative Filmworks

    The days of beautiful music, with lyrics we could understand.

  30. Collaborative Filmworks

    Who's here because of Leave It to Beaver?

  31. DB choobie

    They should've used this for the joker movie.

    They should use it IF they are doing a sequel.

  32. lilchopcone

    so relaxing

  33. Lucas Yeh

    this song is nice

  34. Tima75 R

    وكانها غنوه من المريخ 🤦🏻‍♀️

  35. Joyce

    O foda é não achar um brasileiro aqui

  36. Manuel Banzon

    Ben beal - smile

  37. Alondra Vargas

    About 4 weeks ago I rescued 4 kittens, all girls, and nursed them back to health, I found them a loving home that took them all together. I cried to this song because they made me extremely happy and i devoted all of my time to them. Then 2 weeks later I found 2 more of their litter, both boys, they were mischievous and clingy but I also found them a home together and Wasn't as close to them but why am I crying now? This song always reminds me of all my babies. Banjo, Kazooie, Theodore, Vito, Benny, and Bubbles I will always love them and I hope they are all safe, happy, and comfortable. <3 Alondra

  38. pancho villa

    Damn brings back so many memerios form all my freind form 1960 now their all gone

  39. L. eve

    muito boa ;-;

  40. Gina Devega


  41. GüLSe Gül

    This song sphagetti

  42. Kanata Sayori

    Googling “how to never smile again” brought me here oof

  43. Bianca Bagnolet

    magnifique trop trop trop jolie merveilleuse comme toujours j'adore merci beaucoup

  44. Sxmuru

    if you like this and lofi hip-hop, i would recommend
    Smile by sophia meiers and ben beal

  45. *ZBFWZ*

    Nunca volveré a sonreír.

  46. ХузЈое ¿

    I really wish i was born in 20'.Times are awful now. That times seemed way more better for life.

  47. 2Legit2Quit

    This reminds me of the trips I used to take with my grandparents to Cape cod 😌

  48. Valentin Kuzmin

    Среди этой пятерки сразу выделяется голос Френки одно па и ты на небесах этим все сказано

  49. Alecia L

    Ugh they need to bring this type of music back

  50. Astrid

    a e s t h e t i c

  51. Daaniyal Khan

    does anyone have a playlist with lots of songs like this? thanks in advance :)

  52. ursoburned

    here because of the simpsons


    This Song Just Reminds Me Of Anne Frank ❤🎵

    shistar emilia

    Can you say why? No hate I'm just curious


    @shistar emilia This Song Has To Do With Anne Frank's Time, Just Watch Her Movie.

  54. Pazpaws

    this is to my future self, don’t know how much time will pass until i see this again but please continue to listen to this song

  55. Kokos Bops

    Wow everyone here is so quirky. Y/N is shook

  56. Booh

    I love this comments :))
    Plus, music was so much better back then ;-;

  57. Wilkaa

    This song gives me sort of a creepy but calm and nostalgic feeling I can't describe it

  58. David Pahtoon

    Man imagine the war raging and this is the hit track.

  59. Leon Jack

    So this is the very 1st ever #1 on the billboard charts...🤔

  60. LoloBeauty

    I'm reading SINATRA The Life written by Anthony Summers and its interesting listening to all the songs while reading lol great book recommended

  61. GogglesODoot

    Wandering thru adult life, never found anyone to love, everyone left as i just sat in the corner looking at the stars wondering if there was something worth it... I may like to listen to sad music when i don't wanna exist, but damn this song is a masterpiece. gn

  62. Impiriuz

    2:31 I imagined him saying Ill know ill never fart

  63. Lauren Simon

    The first few seconds sound like Gravity Falls

  64. •Julinea_ Pavan•

    Qual o estilo dessa música?

  65. Alejandro Jara Paredes


  66. mecruzn

    I think of my dad when I hear this. He was such a fan of swing music. Every morning while getting ready for work he'd play the radio and listen to swing music. He passed away last year at the age of 96. I'll never smile again until I smile at you.

  67. Desolate Film

    only 15 but I love this type of music

    The Strange man

    Only 11 for me

    big wumbus

    Im still in my dads balls and i love this type of music

  68. drug nugget

    thank you tik tok :,)

  69. Diane O'Shea

    So smooth, so romantic. I wish I was dancing to this with the man I loved.

  70. The Great Dominion

    Ruth Lowe also wrote Frank's closing theme of many years, "Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day)".

  71. Bianca Bagnolet

    magnifique trop trop trop jolie j'adore merci

  72. Jessica Machado

    This song is one of the most gorgeous songs I've come across. It's so smooth and relaxing to listen too

  73. rinnegan*

    This will be Remembered.


    Can u post the miller version

  75. bts bitch

    Listening to old songs make me feel happy but sad at the same time.

  76. bill elsbury

    LOVE !!!!!!!!

  77. Issie C

    this makes me nostalgic. I am sixteen going on seventeen ladies and gentlemen.


    I love 🇧🇷❤️

  79. Hey it's Livvie

    Anybody watching this in 2019

  80. mari

    this is such a beautiful and lovely song . as a 12 year old girl living in the 21 century i get teased for listening to such wonderful music . i'm in love with this piece ... i was born in the wrong generation.:(

  81. Bianca Bagnolet

    où là là magnifique trop trop trop jolie j'adore

  82. Fernanda UwU

    que genero es este?

  83. edwin lonas

    Love this music!

  84. alyx carr

    Am i the only one under 18 here?

  85. skk neutro2

    Ya know, the '40s would be pretty great for me if I wasn't Jewish.


    Emmanuel Lopez

    skk neutro2 I’m not Jewish but I’m not white either so 40’s wouldn’t be pretty great for me either 😂

    skk neutro2

    Manny Boe big oof for both of us

  86. Faye Millet

    Remembering Tommy D. Playing at a Citadel Hop in Charleston, S.C. 60 plus years ago.

  87. Michael Kayfes

    To my six wonderful kids, empty nest sucks hard

  88. Yajaira guadalupe

    Put this on the joker movie !!!!
    This should appear when joker meets batman !!!!

  89. Tommy Tometich

    This song makes me think of my folks and their 63 year love affair. My dad died first and my mom followed soon after. We’ll meet again someday on the other side.

  90. charles brown

    I wish people were listening to this music again as they did then.

  91. charles brown

    This song and "No Other Love" by Jo Stafford are the best love songs I have ever heard.

  92. jernt dood

    too young to recognize...but still

  93. Chicken NoodleSoup

    Imagine this song in the new joker movie

    Yajaira guadalupe

    Yes i imagine that it will appear when he sees batman !!!!

    syntaxx !

    Yajaira guadalupe only before his parents died

    Yajaira guadalupe

    @syntaxx ! yes :")

  94. tfw nogf

    I'll listen to this and Gloomy Sunday right before I end it.

  95. Cora_ xo

    I'm Just here after watching Avengers endgame.

  96. bellfitsu

    bro so this is what ben beal sampled

  97. •Hoseok •

    Tenho 12 anos e amo esse tipo de som!❤️

  98. Vintage IPAD

    i honestly like how everyone is more mature in these comments

  99. uh oh stinky

    i can just imagine the titanic sinking to this song.