Sinatra, Frank - I Can't Stop Loving You Lyrics

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Sinatra, Frank I Can't Stop Loving You Comments
  1. Judith Barvinek

    2020 and this turns me into a young girl again and I am eighty

  2. Judith Barvinek

    And I did not and want to see you in heaven so that I can tell you again Tom

  3. Elizabeta GDJ

    Love it!!!

  4. Phuong Anh Vu

    They say that time heals a broken heart
    But time has stood still since we've been apart

  5. Judith Barvinek

    I never did stop and now you are in heaven. Think of the memories every single day

  6. Georgia Stratigopoulou

    Dedicated to my beautiful father who passed away 4 years ago. I’ll never stop loving you.

  7. dalecarlia carcajou

    So groovy! All-time greatest singer. There's nothing to compare, not even Nat Cole.

  8. Taekwondo Greece

    Im 18 yo YO I LIKE THAT!

  9. My My

    Frank's got to be the number one coverer of songs of all time ... great job as usual!!! Credit to Don Gibson, the singer/songwriter who wrote this, as it is a who's who of all time greats who has covered this song.

  10. Capt ανδρεία Andreia Al

    Brilliant! Quincy Jones arrangement...

  11. rodney kitchen

    great version of Don Gibson song Love you both !!

  12. mocha mochiña

    Ja ja ja ....miedo .....pavor....
    Ja ja ja ...

  13. mocha mochiña

    Precioso blues !!!

  14. Me Yoo

    All of sudden my heart sings!

  15. Abigail Saucedo Picazo

    2019 <3

  16. Edward Bottomsworth

    I will be conceived in a decade, but I think I will like this music!

  17. evelyn persia

    I can’t stop loving you and no one can replace you in my heart.

  18. Mr. Slayer

    This music can and will never die

  19. albertdiner

    from which Frank Sinatra Lp is this song?

  20. Paul Morley

    How can you not love this song ? Was sung by the chairman! Love you Frankie ❤️

  21. Larissa Semjonova

    Вот кто умет Слушать.

  22. Chris Jar

    I am the sperm of of someome who is a sperm still and love this muzic

  23. Luke Stacey

    Ray Charles version is better imo

  24. Alejandro Sanchez


  25. Robin U

    517 people were rejected.

  26. stpaulimdog

    I love his version! I'd only heard the Ray Charles one before.

  27. min yoongi’s gummy smile hurts my soul

    i was born before franks parents and i still love this

  28. teo mouse

    there's one love for me. that one love is you....Please try to find me at the next life.... I miss you so much....

  29. Luka Mandic

    I can't stop loving you, so I've made up my mind
    To live, to live in memory of old lonesome time
    I can't stop wantin' you, it's useless to say
    So I'll just live my life, I'll live it all in dreams of yesterday

    Those happy hours that we once knew
    Though long ago, they make me so blue
    They say that time heals a broken heart
    But time has stood still since we've been apart

    Ain't no use to try, to try to pretend
    there's someone new, I'd been livin' a lie

    I can't stop wantin' you, the way that I do
    There's only been one love for me, that one love is you
    There's only been one love for me, that one love is you
    Hear me, baby there's been only one love for me
    and that one love is you


    Thank you!

    Georgia Stratigopoulou

    Thanks a lot x

    Anthony Phan

    Thank you.

  30. jiji hope

    My grandma has always sung this song to me since I was born and only now I learned that he was the one who sang it and I'm literally singing along to lyrics I memorized in the voice of my grandmother.

  31. Murat OGAN


  32. Nadra khader

    Wounderful song

  33. Nadra khader

    Perfect singer

  34. Codsworth

    I'm the atomic residue of the big bang itself that will eventually become a building block of life, and I love this song
    aren't I quirky and lolrandom for that?

  35. Jules Rensch

    countyfied and dropping the "G's" ...but still pure Sinatra and a big band swinging like there's no tomorrow,....

  36. iraida Margarita rodriguez Purtell

    Awasome, when your beloved wake it up to you with this song!!!!

  37. antiilankedileli

    I am neither alive nor dead and i really love this song

  38. Paint Stiches

    Wow I’m only 9.1573861883982648816638816378194804726173984728818369450927162893497291938473891651910498104762917492736290366191836194819294727926628498563123343141541516289507089677868668588 years old and I just added to this cesspool of shitty unoriginal comments.

  39. J.N.

    I'm a cold lifeless asteroid spinning in the vast outer reaches of empty space and I really love this song.

  40. Dd X

    Hi from K.S.A 🇸🇦


  41. Sheila Barron

    I Can't Stop Loving You Blue Eyes

  42. Japhet Anciado


  43. Chef Mike

    I've been around since the big bang and I love this music as a human mortal.

  44. Sandeye Samurai

    I’m 35 years old and I wipe front to back. Oh yeah, and I love this music.

  45. You have been Chosen

    "Frankie Babiiieeeeeeeeeee, Afta da show We'S gots a little job ta dooo"
    -MOBSTER- Fkin love this music.

  46. kiba vlood

    This describes a moment which was true and perfect...Memories.

  47. Sweet Lueh

    Didn't realize how many babies listen to Frank Sinatra

  48. MrFlyingSourcer

    Who cares if you're born in the 21st century music is universal

  49. Kathryn Maxwell

    Frank is an all time favorite. Never tire of listening to him. He never grows old.

  50. That Guy

    I really like this music even tho I'm just a speckle in my dad's eye

  51. vex gaming

    I dedicate this song to my grandmother (Jan)that just recently died.she was like a mom to me and got me interested in this type of music.

  52. Simsim22

    I'm 101 years and and couldnt hear a thing but I liked it

  53. Go commit dont breathing

    me apareció en música electrónica JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJJA

  54. SlipSnot

    Age doesnt matter this man is timeless 👌

  55. manaf 2012

    I feel a live through the sixties

  56. casper zwaal

    I'am 23 seconds old and i love this music i hope i'am not the only one

  57. Tanglemane Wes

    I'm an aborted human and I love this song.

  58. Patrick Finch

    In the year 3475 B.C I was cursed by Imhotep and forced to walk the face of this earth for all eternity, and I really love this music.

  59. Ryan Schrempp

    this song sucks

    Ryan Schrempp

    yeah for real

  60. Muhammed Seyda Cömertler

    buralara bir yorum bırakalım,belki bir gün beraber dinleyebileceğimiz bir kadınla geri geliriz diye..

  61. donthaveone donthaveone

    Sqeeze harder 33!

  62. Francesco Gaetani

    Girls open your legs, Frank Sinatra is here! the number 1. Great

  63. Cristián Vlrr

    Grande Frank Sinatra te las taladreaste a todas

  64. Nora M

    I'm a sperm and I love this song, I'm the only one who's my age that does 👌

  65. Umbrella The Great Detective

    Guys really? Just be happy there are other people, possibly close to your age, that you COULD HAVE related to if you weren't being such jerks. Seriously, this is uncalled for, kids saying they like this is probably a good thing.

  66. Fathia Firdaus

    Honestly i like old music better than computer music

  67. beesechurgerz

    Just commenting this- I love Frank, why I cry at night? Frank Sinatra is dead (i'm joking obviously, but it's still very saddening that such and amazing man has passed)

  68. Dolors Cirera

    The huge singer ever known;

  69. Love prince Omar

    I love this song

  70. [REDACTED] posters

    lol the age jokes are annoying as the age comments now

  71. rudbeckie1

    SUPER!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ! PPP (Y)

  72. Dogfart

    Jaide. *drinks 10 more beers* :(

  73. Nathan

    Damn im in love with Sinatra's Music

  74. julinho solis

    2017!! y aun sigue sonando e pegando en algunas estaciones de radio :)

  75. Charlie

    i wonder why i did not hear such great songs in the past

  76. Angry Philosopher

    Im from 20 minutes in the future and im really enjoying this

  77. Jeff Sabayle


  78. Ahmad

    I'm 5 years old and I only listen to this kind of music

  79. Ruben Lugo

    Just sit back,
    Relax, and enjoy

  80. jehovahuponyou


  81. M R

    I hope there 's a lot who in my age , i'm 6months old and adoring this song

  82. Turbulent

    Toda una leyenda ese Carlos Gardel(?

  83. Nick Uhler

    I'm not sure if everyone knows this but frank did have ties into the mafia not taking anything away from him just sharing some facts I found out about him

  84. Spider Head

    Look at the like to dislike ratio of this video. Pretty good right? Now let's look at the like to dislike ratio of a dumbass liberal trailer to show known as dear white people. Yeah, not too good...

  85. Joris Dino


  86. Создатель222

    Оу гад

  87. blobbypaint

    I'm an undeveloped fetus in a 14 year old body and I'm living.

  88. Joel Hernandez

    ( JOANA & JOEL ) 💖💕💝💗💟💓💞💘😍😇👰👀💭💍

  89. Javier ortiz navarro


  90. Jade Johnson

    It's 2017 baby

  91. Bruno Câmara

    Linda demais

  92. Talkbox: Mike Accardo

    I'm 25 and listen to Sanatra. It's Relaxing.

  93. Andrew Everson

    so smooth. frank's vocals backed by a jazz band (and an excellent trumpet solo might i add) just sounds phenomenal, this is truly a timeless track.

  94. Maria Corazon Amante

    Always a beautiful song and a wonderful singer

  95. jolanta lizewski


  96. jolanta lizewski

    I feel with Frank like "at home".home is where you memories are.lovely and sweet.THIS IS MY WORLD MY HOME.

  97. BaybarsKurto

    Wow! I don't exist and I love this song!