Sinatra, Frank - Golden Moment Lyrics

You're young for a golden moment, you sigh and it flies away
And then in the silent September, you dream of the music of May.
You're young for a shining hour, but soon it's remember-when,
Take hold of that golden moment,
For once it's gone, it never comes back again.

[music interlude]

Take hold of that golden moment,
For once it is gone, it never comes back.
You cry, still it won't come back,
It's gone and never comes back again.

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Sinatra, Frank Golden Moment Comments
  1. Hugh Jones

    Song for the anti-hero played by Wm Holden in the movie Picnic: the down and out guy who comes back to see his buddy whose dad owns grain elevators and hoping for an executive job.

  2. Hugh Jones

    Outstanding song from a failed musical HOT SEPTEMBER based on from famed play/movie PICNIC.

  3. Jade Zee

    one of Franks wont pay attention to it..until it is to will understand what he is saying....but...guess what......

    Julian Albert

    Any more ..... to add?

  4. poetgb

    This is a very dramatic and powerful song. The lyrics speak about life, something we all can understand and deal with. The music is well arranged and the singing is sung with great conviction.

  5. Ed House

    I feel like this every this way all the time  thank you Frank.