Sinatra, Frank - Go Tell It On The Mountian Lyrics

When I was a leaner
I sought truth night and day.
I asked our Lord to help me
And he showed me the way.
Go, tell it on the mountain,
Over the hills and everywhere.
Go, tell it on the mountain:
that Jesus Christ is born
He made me a watchman
Upon the city wall,
and if I am a christian,
I am the least of all
Go, tell ...

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Sinatra, Frank Go Tell It On The Mountian Comments
  1. Bird Lover

    Great version!


    That Jesus Christ is....Born

  3. Christy Lynch

    I forgot to mention, my choir will be combined in singing the song!  Boy I'm so excited for next year already!

    America The Free

    Christy Lynch Well Ma’am, It’s come!

  4. Christy Lynch

    I suggested my boyfriend's barber shop quartet sing this next year in their Christmas concert!  Heard them beginning to practice.  Cannot wait!  Been playing this throughout our house.

    Patches Malone's Colorful Thinking

    Updates?....its almost time

  5. James Marshall

    Frank, Bing and Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians! Best version ever!

  6. Pumpkin Pie

    Love this song, sad we can't mention the name of our lord JesusChrist without some people getting offended.


    They're not really offended, you know. Just a bunch of self-righteous narcissistic white liberals wanting to be assholes. That's all.

  7. HeidiLuvsElvis35

    Bing Crosby too

  8. GennieBre

    You don't have to be black. It is in the hymnals of most denominations in the US.

  9. VelvetGun

    nice describtion :D i guess nobody really care about the rights :D and it´s a nice version

  10. IAmPlaysWithSquirrel

    I've been searching for this song for ages, thinking it was sung by Nat King Cole! And now I finally found the version I was looking for AFTER Christmas.

  11. Katherine Joy Photography and Video

    i looove this song!! it makes me wanna be black lol

  12. MrDeanMartin

    I have also bought this album and wanted to post right this song :-) It's already there,thank you !! Merry Christmas ev'rybody !