Sinatra, Frank - Empty Tables Lyrics

It's like singin' to empty tables
Or a gallery full of ghosts
Or like givin' a great big party
Where nobody shows but the host
That's what it's been like, baby
That's what it's been like all night
Without you around to applaud me
Every night's just like closing night

And I'm singin', singin' the same old numbers
`n' I'm tellin' the same sad jokes
And there's nothin' out front but mem'ries
And lot of transparent folks
So, please call, call and make a reservation
In our favorite spot for two
`cause I'm singin' to empty tables without you

Without you
Without you

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Sinatra, Frank Empty Tables Comments
  1. Zachary Schultz

    If anybody is reading this comment please transcribe this song to piano and share it to the world 💛

  2. Chris Vegas

    I prefer the 1973 version it's my favorite I have it on the suitcase

    Paul Marinaro

    Chris Vegas Wow. Didn’t know another existed

  3. Father Adam

    the voice of integrity.

  4. Lucinda Chulia

    Me gusta, pero en Español y me gustaría q pusieran música de Adamo en Español gracias..

  5. john white

    He does this soooo damn well!

  6. ralberty

    one of my favorite Frank songs...

  7. Marion Newberry

    We've all been there............ fabulous song!

  8. Roy Smiles

    Oddly overlooked late Sinatra can imagine him slumped in his own drunken filth singing this...! GLORIOUS world weary lyric.

    M.J. Leger

    Sinatra never had any drunken filth -- that's WAY below him!  But no one can make a song sadder than he, when he wishes to sing it that way!

  9. mike cane

    one of my favourite sinatra songs which doesnt get half as much air play as it deserves, thankyou so much for posting as i no longer have the recording myself.

    Jack war

    Where does decent music like this ever get time in the USA anymore?