Sinatra, Frank - Charmaine Lyrics

[Male Verse:]
I can't forget the night we met how bright were stars above
That precious memory lingers yet when you declared your love
and then you went away and now each night and day

I wonder why you keep me waiting, Charmaine, my Charmaine
I wonder when bluebirds are mating, will you come back again
I wonder if I keep on praying, will our dreams be the same
I wonder if you ever think of me too ..
I am waiting my Charmaine for you ...

[Female Verse:]
You went away on dreary day I knew you had to go,
Mid tears and cheers I heard you say "Charmaine, I love you so"
Tho old years turn to new my heart keeps calling you

"I wonder why you keep me waiting" Charmaine cries in vain
"I wonder when bluebirds are mating, will you come back again
I wonder if I keep on praying, will our dreams by the same
I wonder if you ever think of me too"
Charmaine's waiting, just for you.

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Sinatra, Frank Charmaine Comments
  1. jacecleo2

    Just heard this on instrumental the other day and I fell in love with it.

  2. Charmaine Parker

    I was named Charmaine as it was the first song my mum and dad danced too.

  3. Charmaine

    To have Frank Sinatra sing your name--doesn't get much better than that. :)

    Charmaine Manalo


    Eatmyapplesauce Boi

    Omg same 😭


    @Charmaine I have a niece named Charmaine and she agrees, lol! 🥰

    Charmaine Jamie

    I know right? 🥰

  4. Charmazing

    All Charmaine's are worth waiting for! <3

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Charmazing for viewing.


    @Perping Josol Thanks for posting. Someone told me Frank Sinatra had a song named after me so I came here to check it out. Such a beautiful song! :)

  5. Charmaine Gonsalves

    My mother named me after this song... I love the song and the name!!! Thanks Mom!!

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Charmaine for viewing. Your mother was right in naming you Charmaine. Maybe she is a music lover too.

    Stephane Picault

    It's a great name. If I had a daughter, this is what I would call her.

    Perping Josol

    @Stephane Picault, That's one of the reason i made this music video. Thanks for viewing.

  6. Cejy Parks

    My mother's name is Carmen, named after the song so she decided to name me Charmaine...I am so not a charmaine...I've never liked the name and because it was sooo unusual a name I was teased horribly...anyway...I don't even like the song...but cheers to all of those who like their name it is a beautiful name just not for me. Chow

  7. Adelaida Miclat

    A very beautiful song.

    Perping Josol

    Thanks Adelaida for viewing and for your nice comment.

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Adelaida Miclat for viewing

  8. Charmaine B.

    My Dad, a musician name me after this song. When I grew up I actually got to play with Guy Lombardo during the KY Derby Banquet at Churchill Downs. This is very special to me because of my Dad who passed away in the 80s.

    Perping Josol

    thank you for viewing as well as sharing your memories.

  9. Charmaine Mitchell

    My mother named me after this song-it was very popular the year I was born-and Sinatra is one of my favorite singers.

    Perping Josol

    Thank you Charmaine Mitchell for viewing. You have a nice name !!!

    Charles Pieters

    I named my little girl "Charmaine" some 43 yrs ago. Born in Woollongong NSW. I often play this tune on the guitar. Have not seen her for many years, I live in Europe. [4.9.18]