Sinatra, Frank - An Old-Fashioned Christmas Lyrics

Give me an old fashioned Christmas, an old fashioned Christmas,
Family faces, wide open spaces, covered with snow,
Right now my mom there in the kitchen, basting the Christmas bird,
You'll have to take my word, you can't find that at the automat.
An old fashioned fireplace, give me an old fashioned fireplace,
My heart remembers smoldering embers, warming your glow,
I'd trade that whole Manhattan skyline, the shimmering steel and chrome,
For one old fashioned Christmas back home.

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Sinatra, Frank An Old-Fashioned Christmas Comments
  1. MonkeyMan

    This song is dope when it’s chopped up in a beat.

    James Sancimino

    Don't screw with Sinatra songs!

  2. seidel shiffer

    I agree with you Frank

  3. Mary Rozario

    Ooohh aaahh

  4. hlurpseed

    you will never find music like his, so sad he died but that was like a long time ago soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ;]

    Jack LaVancha

    is wasn't too long ago, well to me it isn't. 1998 he died


    As long as we can listen to his great albums or watch his movies, he's still with us.