Simpson, Jessica - Merry Christmas Baby Lyrics

Merry Christmas, baby
You sure did treat me nice
Well, I said merry Christmas, baby
You sure did treat me nice, yes she did

You gave me a diamond ring for Christmas
And now I'm living in paradise

I said merry, merry Christmas, baby
You sure did treat me nice, yeah
I said merry, merry Christmas, baby
You sure did treat me nice, yes you did, oh

You gave me a diamond ring for Christmas
And now I'm living, living in paradise
Sing it one more time Willie, hey yeah

I'm feeling mighty fine, baby
I've got some good music on my radio
I said Jessie, I'm feeling mighty fine, baby
I've got some good music on my radio

And I'm gonna kiss you right here
While you're standing beneath the mistletoe
Merry Christmas, baby

Oh, I'm feeling, I'm feeling, feeling mighty fine, yeah
I've got good music on my radio
Oh, I'm feeling mighty fine, baby
I've got good music on my radio

And I'm gonna kiss you, baby
While you're standing, standing beneath the mistletoe

I said merry Christmas, baby
You sure did treat me nice
I said merry, merry, merry Christmas, baby
You know you really, really treat me nice, oh yeah

For the things that you give me
Feels like I'm living in paradise, hey yeah, yeah, yeah

Merry Christmas, baby
You sure did treat me nice
Well, I said merry Christmas, baby

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Simpson, Jessica Merry Christmas Baby Comments
  1. Ella Horgan

    Merry Christmas baby
    Sure do treat me nice
    Merry Christmas baby
    Sure do treat me nice
    Bought me a diamond ring for Christmas
    I feel like I'm in paradise
    I feel mighty fine, y'all
    I've got music on my radio
    Feel mighty fine, girl
    I've got music on my radio, oh, oh, oh
    I feel like I'm gonna kiss you
    Standing beneath that mistletoe
    Santa came down the chimney
    Half past three, y'all
    Left all them good ole presents
    For my baby and for me, ha, ha, ha
    Merry Christmas baby
    Sure do treat me nice
    You bought me all those good ole presents
    I love you baby rest of my life
    Merry Christmas, girl
    Merry, merry, merry Christmas baby
    Sure do treat me nice
    Merry Christmas baby
    I said you sure do treat me nice
    You bought all those lovely things, yeah
    I feel like I'm in paradise
    I wish you a merry Christmas baby
    Happy new year, ha
    A merry Christmas, honey
    Everything here is beautiful
    I love you, baby
    For everything that you give me
    I love you, honey

  2. Bryon Jackson

    I absolutely love this performance

  3. Marwa Scrap & fit

    he sound better in live.

  4. Victoria Marie

    I luv you Travis!!!

  5. Aislin

    Hmm..I miss his NLT hair..

  6. ali dawdi

    This song would be nicer if travis would sing it alone!! but a TALENT STAR who ever sings with him he has his owns NICE VOICE

  7. Raffy G

    now that jess is set to become a mother, she should SING for her kid now! GO GIRL! make an album that has POWER BALLAD SONGS with thoughts about your child, your ups and downs, your heartbreak and being in love again... that will be a sure fire hit album baby! you baby is your lucky charm and i bet you will be coming back to your first love and that is SINGING with HEART & SOUL. i am proud that i've been a fan of JS for more than a decade now. i have faith in her coz she's a beautiful woman.

  8. Gabriyel Thomas


  9. DeJai Balentine

    OMG thats my TG singing! I wanna be singing with him one day my idol

  10. Kayla Pankonin

    I totally forgot about this. I love Travis. Been with him since the NLT days. Glad to see people are still supporting him. He deserves it.

  11. twixxygirl67

    @Galaxymutt yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss scream his name ooo he gets me sooo orgasmic

  12. twixxygirl67

    but TRAVIS is 1 ILLION times better he is a true born singer wh ydont people understand this i looooooovvvvvveeee you sooo much travis WHOOO ill always be rooting for you ever since nlt! i didnt know jessica actually had some talent

  13. Bucatariu Alin

    Travis is 10x more good than jessica. she just suck`s from the distance and it`s so ignorant. good job travis . i respect you ;) you rock man

  14. Chris Banks

    @lovemy4boys1 what was the occasion

  15. MrxCasz

    @Galaxymutt You are totally right!! :)
    jessica is amazing in so many ways

  16. Galaxymutt

    this is dedicated to everyone who has ever talked shit about JS. Now u lookin stupid. she still got it. she might have had some misses but damn she got it and a hell of a lot more back

  17. Galaxymutt

    HOLY F***in SH*T OMG aaaaahhhhhh travis

  18. Espinosa2015

    jessica?!?!?! wow i did NOT know she could sing like that... and oh travis :))) amazing as usual

  19. ROSE

    did jessica gain some weight? or is she pregnant...?

  20. Holly N

    I got goosebumps in the beginning. :D

  21. Chris Banks

    When the fuck did this air!?

  22. pompom2001

    How did I not see this?

  23. Shelley S

    If I was Trav, I would feel awkward without the I miss NLT :(.
    Keep up the good work, Travis. :)

  24. Taria Daughtridge

    @lovemy4boys1 he was it's called NLT but theyy broke up and now Kevin ( who was in nlt ) is now n glee playing as Artie! :)

  25. 808Ladypride

    @lovemy4boys1 i'll just link you it in a pm

  26. 808Ladypride

    @lovemy4boys1 he has a mix tape that you can download on his tumblr

  27. Ruthy Saechao

    @lovemy4boys1 i think so

  28. Ruthy Saechao

    hes not new :P
    he's great


    Such a beautiful note travis song before the guitar solo

  30. ZeroPoint88

    Somebody tell her ass to lay off the ho-ho's and twinkies ffs.

  31. Rayanne Piaña

    his gray spot. HHNNGGGG

  32. xMerciex17

    Take out Jessica. Leave Travis!!

  33. Maxine Baker

    travis!! ahhh! i love u! :D love this performance :)

  34. Jana Fromm

    travis is SO hot... but he wasnt the eyecatcher... good god, all i can see are J's boobs!

  35. HellsIrony101

    One word: Amazing

  36. L K

    Travis Garland <3

  37. NivethaaM

    Even when Travis laughs it is music to my ears
    this was amazing!!

  38. archsimmusic

    Travis jumped all on that...

  39. The Bookish Penbabe

    oh they diiid that lol

  40. AngelStuff3

    LOVE Travis:p

  41. taffycool

    @ImUnderYourSpelll I have to disagree, Christina does not have a powerful voice than Jess.
    But whatever, I love both.
    Travis was very good, I didn't know him, I guess I will now :)

  42. Ray Ibanez

    Wow, wow..
    She really rocks!

  43. ThePrincessPurdy

    Travis <3

  44. Janelle Terry

    I'm so glad Travis is finally getting out there and showing his God-given talent! GO TRAVIS!!

    Jess surprised me too.

  45. Kayla Pankonin

    @mellynumerounoo It's okay, lol. && thank you.

  46. mellynumerounoo

    @ImUnderYourSpelll Oh, my apologies. Well, you're very articulate for someone your age. :)

  47. Kayla Pankonin

    |: Fail. I just accidentally deleted two of my comments. Oh well. And No, I obviously don't know anything about vocal pedagogy because I'm only 16 and last time I checked my school doesn't teach or care about that. Neither does my choir instructor.

  48. mellynumerounoo

    @ImUnderYourSpelll If you knew anything about vocal pedagogy, which clearly you do not, it would make perfect sense. The fact is that Jessica has been projecting her voice incorrectly ever since she first came out. The tension in her throat when she sings has been obvious from day 1. You can only belt out stratospheric high notes without proper technique for so long until your voice begins to rapidly deteriorate. That is the story with her.

  49. mellynumerounoo

    @ImUnderYourSpelll Christina Aguilera overpowers Jessica TODAY because Jessica's voice is airy as hell today. But back when they first came out, Jessica would have drowned her out easily. I saw them BOTH live at the same event in 2000 (radio show Zootopia) and Jessica was the loudest singer that night, by a MILE.

  50. Kayla Pankonin

    @mellynumerounoo Why does it matter if her voice is a lot more powerful than his? Travis has a somewhat powerful voice. If were gonna start talking about more powerful voices, I saw Christina Aguilera over powers both of them together. Travis has a amazing voice, and so does Jessica.

  51. cadycandy96

    TRAVIS<3333 :)

  52. LeaL714

    love love travis!!! but this song sucks!

  53. Darling , I

    sweet! Travis looking all fine :)

  54. FutureJazminGarland1

    omg O.o ididnt no he sang with jessica simpson! :D GO TRAVIS SHOW OFF UR VOCALS! :]

  55. Isaac Rodriguez

    Great performance!

  56. mellynumerounoo

    @ShortyBabyE1 No one cares. Her voice is a LOT more powerful than his.

  57. Panda2070

    So far the best duet song by Travis Garland and Jessica Simpson(:

  58. sharon lo

    omfg my favourite man on earth <3

  59. Ketchamillion

    I forgot that girl can blow! Jessica can sing, boy. And go head Trav! I know he just got some new fans! Go boy!

  60. Jacqueline

    God I love that man :)

  61. MrsDrams

    really awesome!!! love it!

  62. Stephanie Garcia

    Travis's stage presence is really beaming and getting better!!! I'm shocked!! LOVED the vocals! and of course, he's still charming..LOL at the hug/kiss bit at the end <3

  63. NLTBoi

    love itttt!

  64. Kayla Pankonin

    Simply. Amazing. I love Travis, and Jessica is amazing also.

  65. OMGitsRG

    I love Travis Garland and his voice! He hits notes that I thought weren't even humanly possible. I LOVE YOU TRAVIS!!

  66. Leah Long

    I really love Jessica Simpson and Travis Garland!! Thank you so much for posting this!!