Simply Red - Something Got Me Started Lyrics

Something got me started
You know that I will love you
Lately since we parted
I truly know that I need you

I'd give it all up for you
(Yes I would)

Totally broken-hearted
Guilty of what I did to you
Lately since we parted
I truly know that I need you

I'd give it all up for you
(Yes I would)

You've got to help me, help me,help me

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Simply Red Something Got Me Started Comments
  1. Porko Glavinic

    Only 15 milion views??????

  2. jay x

    2018 ???

  3. Juanito I. M.

    This song is hypnotic!


    We should accept this universe though we know it is not the best universe because it is not empty !!!! ❤

  5. Anna Solenne

    Hai una voce che fa'resuscitare anche i morti,provare per credere🤗😘😎💘💝💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤

  6. Anna Solenne


  7. Mary Ann Knox

    ♥️xoxo 💋

  8. Robbie MacCee


  9. Rancho La Abundancia

    This was my sons and I song whe he was five year old, now he is 18 and I'm 53 😊😊😊❤❤❤🤘🤘🤘

  10. Emmanuelle Boyer

    divin ! Que dire de plus ? Rien d'autre !!!

  11. Victoria Aznar

    Un álbum super como todos los de Simply Red

  12. david bay

    Cette chanson me rappelle quand j’étais jeune coiffeur
    Vraiment dés belles années

  13. jaguarête kaingangue

    great. i love it.

  14. Gabriele Siegert-Engelbrecht

    So great

  15. Luna Govea

    ¡So sexy and handsome, I love him!

  16. Rosanna Martino

    Fantastici...!!! Bellissimo brano!!!

  17. Leyla Strelets

    2018 👍🏻 super song

  18. Jennie f

    Put it up, all the Cuba vids ) they kicked me off G+ ha ! Hugs Jen ) Happy Christmas from Canada and UK of course )

  19. Michael Wilson

    Stars actually knocked Nevermind off the #1 spot in the U.K. charts! I have Stars in my collection and I traded in my copy of Nevermind a long time ago.


    life is where you find the unluckiest !!!!!! 🖤

  21. Maurice Kiely

    I lived in a house once in Nova Scotia and, one day, the landlady threw the keys on a shelf by the door and phucked off and never came back...Later, I heard she'd ...and had been very curious and had entered my room during the night to watch rte on my peecee...which is against the law of course. Uninvited, u know.

  22. Lion Lion

    That is simply red... 80'S

  23. TheDreReichDude

    I really like this song, I was was 13 when it first came out. When I was a pre-teen and teenager I always liked music that was marketed towards older people i.e. in their 20s and 30s. It was the late 80s and early 90s when I started hearing top 40 style rock pop that I really liked!

  24. Ariel Queijas

    Funky jazz the best of history

  25. Gerda van Opijnen

    Still Simply one of the best....

  26. Aleiyah West

    Love simply red! love his look...voice... everything... bring back the old stuff! 😆

  27. Jade Elizabeth

    This tune is 🔥🔥 and always will be 👌

  28. Ruales Nancy

    Yo si me goze los 90s😍

  29. Μαρια Κουρουτατζη

    Best music!

  30. Lily Of The Valley

    I love this tune. Great dancing!

  31. Jaime Plata


  32. cgpal78

    I Give It All Up For You!

  33. Anna Maria Ferrarotti


  34. rudolf cerman

    Year is 2018 now listen 😎

  35. Fer 28


  36. Tony Stark

    We used to take wonderful songs like this for granted when we were younger, but they really don't make music like this anymore. And that model is so gorgeous.

  37. İpek Cebeci

    Growing up with Simply Red, it was the best decision ever! Thanks mum, i ❤ u

  38. Lion Lion

    Yes i would

  39. Tomas Horvath

    Fresh funk still after 25? or so years. Dope.

  40. sassuke bi

    El colorado is the king

  41. Berenice Adams

    Great vocalist, but watching this has reminded me what a terrible dancer Hucknall is/was. Painful on every level ;)

  42. domingones frança

  43. pudding

    Yes I would

  44. AJ BOSS 77

    My neighbours know this song,,,,,

  45. Ruales Nancy

    Yo si me goze los 90s 😉😉

  46. Gretchen Thies

    love you

  47. kiria pepe


  48. EZ Frags

    mmmm I love listening to this song when i'm blowing people up in my Hydra and Oppressor

  49. Tomas Horvath

    A shame? Liverpool suporter right here. I love Mick Hucknall. Man United fan... What can I do? Superb song. Mick got me started.

  50. bathiya01

    I was searching for this song for a long time. Amazing song

  51. Princess Peace

    non stop pop

  52. wee bogi

    i love his long hair....too bad he had cut it is awesome, remarkable <3

  53. Johann Schumacher

    1:51 seems like he likes the European Idea

  54. Gretchen Thies

    eu o daría todo por ti. ama a túa música.

  55. Terry Steve

    This song has got me started alright....

  56. Martin Kulle

    Nach wie vor, obergeil 😎👌🏻

  57. Orietta Cristoforetti

    Per sempre nel mio cuore 💟 💟💟

  58. Maggy Slater

    Can I live in this music video??

  59. Franco Agustín Sánchez

    2018 y la sigo escuchando !!! Genial!

  60. Mauro Gómez

    Que hermosa esa mujer

  61. Bassem Bees

    Who's still enjoying this master piece on 2018?

  62. michela derry

    gran bel pezzo!

  63. Gretchen Thies

    yes I would

  64. Mehwish Owais

    So good

  65. Tâmara Cândido


  66. Kuro

    2018 and still going 👏

  67. mamonpret

    Yes i would

  68. Just Some Dude

    Well the song/video is one thing - but seeing SR in concert is something else - i'll never forget it - just epic.

  69. Johanne Blouin Bourque

    I'm listening to music.I'm singing
    WOW and dancing on my chair.

  70. Gretchen Thies

    Yes, I would yeah

  71. Gretchen Thies

    Awesome video, super awesome music

  72. Jamila Andersson

    Simply Very Amazing
    Anyone With me In 2018?? ♥

  73. Soledad Barrenechea

    Cuantos buenos sacos en un mismo video

  74. juan martin rojas


  75. lesley vermeir


  76. Zodinzayama

    Good tune. Im in the process of creating a time machine to allow myself to go back in time. Its a little tricky because im able to view the future and past live, but havent figured out how to transport myself there without the risk of dying. You think im joking dont you.



  78. Mom/Color Love All Colors


  79. Rapid GT

    I heard this song First at GTA V. 2018

  80. Marie H

    Spéciale dédicace à la gueuse of jouques !!!! Ce n'est que partie remise pour son concert ! La gueuse of Paris

  81. cukimuki jajdejo

    Only 12 millions 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  82. Christina Hahn

    Love him and the song

  83. Christina Hahn

    Love you to

  84. dave oneill

    Wooouullld he Thooough

  85. Anonymous

    GTA V brought me here 😆

  86. Eduardo Retrofiguras

    Mick Hucknall la mejor voz del soul y del mundo para mí, tan solo escuchar el intro me hace emocionarme.

  87. Kenneth Wilkinson

    good music brought me here

  88. Evan Crawford

    He's the shit

  89. Ruales Nancy

    Excelentes los 90s como siempre😍



    from turkey

  91. Спанч Боб

    Song from GTA 5

  92. evelyn miele

    they are an amazing group.

  93. Arda Özkan

    kim milyoner olmak ister D:

  94. Patrick Thape

    I Really like Simply Red! I have all the Albums. From Picture Book til Big Love, And also The Compilations. This Song Something got me startet is taken from the Album Stars, Released in 1991. Greetings from Germany!