Simple Minds - Up On The Catwalk Lyrics

Up on the catwalk, a big wheel is spinning
And Dollars to Deutchmarks, and pennies from heaven
And up on the catwalk, there's one hundred million
With letters from thousands that say ``Just who are you?''
There's one thousand names that can spring up in my mind
But you'd call it blackmail and that's just not my kind
And up on the catwalk, up on the catwalk
And I don't know why

I will be there, I will be there, I will be there
I will be there, I will be there

Up on the catwalk there's street politicians
That crawl in from Broadway, say then who are you
And up on the catwalk there's one thousand postcards
From Montevideo, say that I'll be home soon
Get out of Bombay and go up to Brixton And look around, to see just what is missing
And up on the catwalk, girls call for mother And dream of their boyfriends
And I don't know why

I will be there, I will be there, I will be there
I will be there, I will be there
Tonight, under the crystal light, I'll tell you everything I need
Tonight, under the crystal light, surrender everything to me

Up on the catwalk, and you dress in waistcoats
And got brilliantino, and friends of Kim Philby
You float through the night time, like manna from heaven
But what, what do I know, and just what do I know
And up on the catwalk, in sweat that glistens
And I don't know why and I don't know why
I don't know why

I will be there, I will be there, I will be there
I will be there, I will be there
Tonight, under the crystal light, I'll tell you everything I need
Tonight, under the crystal light, surrender everything to me

Angel Angel Angel Angel
Ah huh Ah huh Ah huh Ah huh
One thousand names that spring up in my mind
One thousand names that spring up in my mind
Like Deodata, Michaelangelo, Robert de Niro, so many others
Natasia Kinski and Martin Luther - there's room for others, away from me

Up on the catwalk, up on the catwalk, up on the catwalk
I don't know why.

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Simple Minds Up On The Catwalk Comments
  1. Aaron Davies

    This brings back Weymouth Chesil beach fishing with brothers with a beer's love this album 👍

  2. Thomas Carter

    I love the red leather jacket. I need one.

  3. Mauricio alexis Martinez Martinez

    Derek forbes and mel gaynor

  4. Papeando Música

    Eles são
    Uma das maiores bandas de todos os tempos!

  5. Pinco 1999

    L avessero apprezzata di più..gran pezzo

  6. Matt Celis

    Fantastic singer, love the drumming and keys, have no idea what he's going on about but I love it

  7. RICARDO Pons Torns


  8. Freddie Burnside

    I love this 80s music video simple minds they are my favorite band and the lead singer is very hot and cute I love listening to this music video up the catwalk

  9. CJ Beaven

    I love the effect of that synthesizer harmony effect through the song which is very effective as they did from 'Theme from Great Cities'. It is very difficult to pick out a favourite song from Jim Kerr and Simple Minds as they had their very own effective unique style which was never matched by anyone else. Still regularly listen to Simple Minds today.

  10. Johan Planting

    Is that a promise "i'll be there" mr. Kerr?

  11. TheMeridian808

    music nowdays is for imbeciles...

  12. calmster

    The drums.

  13. GaryGuevara

    This is epic

  14. 4evaclapham

    a very strange dancer

  15. Keith France

    Mick Macneil keyboard magic !

  16. uyauabing

    The Sparkle in The Rain LP was the 'New Romantic' to Stadium Rock crossover done right.

  17. Laurin Hennig

    The way Jim used to move and dance is just great and very special :-)

  18. Hudson Hawk 63

    The beginnings of a fantastic band, they made my 80’s

  19. Terry Gum

    Supremely brilliant!

  20. hashtagpopculture


  21. Lucio Garofalo

    È uno dei brani musicali più eleganti degli anni Ottanta...

  22. Alex Partenopei

    A really great song.
    Simple Minds from Empires and Dance through Sparkle in the Rain were superb.

  23. Michael Parker

    what year did this song come out???

  24. Brendon McMorrow

    The album Sparkle in the Rain had a big impact on me when I was a teenager and I still think it is one of the edgiest albums of the 80s. This track is a great opener.

  25. Gideon Hoen

    Nice minimalistic keyboard riff.

  26. fat head

    the keyboard makes the song

  27. Kboy

    Just as the rot was beginning to set in.....thanks to U2's producer Steve Lillyewhite, who in his greater wisdom chose to turn up the volume to the thumping of Mel Gaynor's drums and drown out the great Derek Forbes's bass. And that had been at the fulcrum of Simple Minds's sound....tragic

  28. The Grinch

    Jim Charlie Mick Derek Mel the best band ever

  29. pesoff

    The keyboard skills of Mick MacNeil..!

  30. Mauricio alexis Martinez Martinez

    Derek forbes
    El mejor bajista que a pasado por simple Minds
    Y el mejor baterista mel gaynor

  31. Kevin Prior

    Lead guitarist in this... That guitar looks too big for the wee man

  32. chris marshall

    been a crap 2019 so far.............( there is still 2 and a half months to go too till the end ).
    Just for a while, music like this takes me back to a much better time, where music mattered and influenced people, made people happy.

  33. Marco M


  34. Terry Gum

    Totally awesome, unbelievably good, gorgeously original, never seen anything quite as brilliant, outstandingly amazing, tremendously beautiful and insanely perfect... "Up On The Catwalk" an analogy for something else? Hidden esoteric meanings? I wonder?

  35. Stephen Campbell

    Fuck me, but I love this band. I am sickened I never saw them, and I could have, and during their pomp too. They were fucking brilliant.

  36. ladyelegance5

    2019 🤸‍♂️

  37. jamie foyers

    Ah..classic "Simple Minds" before Jim Kerr went all "stadium" and got a bit of a "Bono" complex!..

  38. marc vanhoof

    Love this song. What An energy

  39. John Hoffman

    Fell in love with CATWALK instantly when it was released on the air waves. It's on my A-list, a spreadsheet collection of my favorite songs spanning the decades (primarily 70's and 80's). I hope to post it on YouTube when it fills out more (159 songs so far). The list is exclusive and includes only the songs that, in my opinion, are unusually terrific, special and unique.

  40. Oblat parisien

    Ce groupe a vraiment une âme

  41. Stuart Gray

    Played today on Absolute 80s 👍

  42. southerner4566

    Id love to be able to dance like Jim Kerr.

  43. Marino Donelli

    Musica semplicemente fantastica, quella odierna a confronto è ben poca cosa.

  44. Christophe L.

    Brilliant music I grew up with. Personnally, the Big Six ''New Wave'' 80's bands where: Simple Minds, New Order, The Cure, Echo and The Bunnymen, Japan and Tears for Fears.

  45. Arnaud Ronda

    "Sparkle in the Rain" should be acknowledged as a classical pop-album. Indeed! This band never disappoints us with their live albums....gracias!

  46. Salvatore Carboni


  47. Bob Doubter

    Such a great band the got swallowed up in the greatest decade of music: the 80's. But I knew them then and bought their albums and still have them and the record player from 39 years ago.

  48. john miller

    good drum beat and nice keyboard sounds!!

  49. oren ron

    i cannot "move on" and leave this "long long ago" music behind ...still crashed on the 80's !! -but -since it's 2019 -is something wrong with me ? :)

  50. Patrick Ryan

    Those were my teenage years listening to Simple Minds.... Up on the Catwalk - What a tune.... I loved dressing up as a new romantic and giving it large on the dance floor.

  51. james murray

    minds pure brilliant cheers guys all these years massive

  52. Philippe Cordier

    Pour moi Simple Minds est ici à son apogée,mais pour moi ils ont déjà perdu l'energie créatrice de leurs débuts qui les rendaient irrésistibles,un peu comme U2 qui est devenu insipide au fil du temps.Mais j'adore cet album bien sûr

  53. Gerald Bishop

    Massive production and timeless sound and the drum line is addictive as hell

  54. Yossarian67

    Featured on the "Formel Ein Space Hits" I bought on my first visit to Germany in 1984...

  55. Dave Williams

    Let me see your hands

  56. David Ellis

    Mel Gaynor on drums ! Amazing ! Steve Lillywhite excellent Production. 😎 🎶 🎸

  57. Kevin Prior

    Scotland's U2? Listening in 2019

  58. Gerald Clark


  59. Gerald Clark

    1000zd,things that go through my minnnnd,great words

  60. Lucio Andriulo

    What's this song about?

  61. karl bongi

    Remember having the picture disc of this song,what a group

  62. Spike Burst

    Treasure by Cocteau Twins and Sparkle in the Rain .Sister albums.

  63. Auntie Pasti

    Amazing drumming!

  64. Midwich Youth Club

    The sound of my 1983/84 last year of school-love it to the grave.

  65. PEM

    Uno de los mejores temas de Simples

  66. Adnilyoj

    This is by far The Simple Minds' best sing. DON'T YOU forget about UP ON THE CATWALK!

  67. ericgelders

    I was 12 years old and then this came on @ Top of the Pops in the Netherlands. Did'n't know much yet about English language and Simple Minds back then. It intrigued me right away: who is this guy in the red jacket with the cool moves? What are the models and super heroes doing there? What is 'catwalk'? 'They all look kinda cool, but are they wearing makeup?" I knew this was friggin' COOL! My initiation in Simple Minds, there is live before and after. They became one of the pillars in my (now very diverse) musical taste.

  68. ¿Word Salad?

    Thee incomparable Mick MacNeil.

  69. Stephen Mccarthy

    80's beat the shit out of todays crap. How can you compare Simple Minds to the likes of Olly Murs and is ilk

  70. Salvatore Feinstaub

    A question to the philosophers : I have read about this video, that the masks, and so the flashbacks of these famous minds, are intended to be as the finiteness of humankind, in opposite to the infinitive of the whole mankind. Heidegger ?

  71. Luc Courleciel

    Amazing song, fantastic band, the best of the 80's pop culture!
    How i miss those times !!!

  72. dmg uk

    mick mcneil soooo under rated with those chords and electro soul melodies...

  73. Gus en

    So lucky were WE to have grown up with such an array of awesome movies AND AWESOME BANDS. Simple Minds were incredible... thanks for the best music which STILL resonates in my brain. Awesome band!!!! 80's RULE!!!!!!

  74. Shaun foley

    The last album I bought of SM once they started touring with U2 and went to America it ruined them they became mainstream and mundaine

  75. Peter Pan

    great song from their best period 1979-1984

  76. Andrew Hart

    Wicked bad ass song oi woo woo

  77. David Hackett

    The facade-parade of humanity’s own phantasmagoria, our pantheon of the (in)famous, the allusion to military dictatorships (both home and abroad), disappeared people + letters. The echo and reverb of the staccato synth piano, the clacking of Mel Gaynor’s sticks to start it off. The surreal hope in Jim Kerr’s voice imploring us that we’ll all sort of be there together in the mystery and majesty of Christiandom’s afterlife. I think about this stuff more and more these days. Was 11 when this song came out and I threw it on a mixtape. Listened to it just constantly while wondering at the lyrics and their broader contexts in the world. Lots of waiting around after school, rain-soaked, lonely, in cars, in England. I wouldn’t trade those days or memories for anything.

  78. Mark Arandia

    What a fabulous band! Got to see the live here in Dallas, TX a few weeks ago. Spectacular!

  79. samantha lewin

    Do people watching this remember deutschmarks, I wonder and were you old enough to use them?

  80. samantha lewin

    Jim Kerr was strangely gorgeous.

    No Name

    Still is!

  81. lady Buggy


  82. SuperBlackted

    They really where quite special in their youth. Intelligent and innovative. Love it

  83. david bee

    UP on the KACK walk............yeah...sniff .

  84. david bee

    Glesga Drivel .

  85. Kristina Mock

    Best band ever..

  86. Willy Dafoe

    I love the keyboard.

  87. ruth talley

    This song, along with the lesser-known "Waterfront," proves that this band could deliver a driving rock-and-roll punch, not just the Top-40 "John Hughes movie soundtrack" songs that is all the general public knew them for back then. And on further investigation, they delivered everything in between as well.

  88. Kboy

    Though I can't deny I like this song, the album Sparkle in the Rain was good too......BUT the great Forbes was totally drowned out by Lillywhite's bombastic over grandiose production, Gaynor's thudding started to drown everything else out.....a harbinger of things to come.??? As Kerr grew his hair, and Forbes became a peripheral figure musically, so everything that had made the band great was lost......Stadium Rocking beckoned !!😭😭😭

  89. _ Johnatan Wick II_

    Fantastic song

  90. Free Future

    I have that Oberheim OBXA Synth Keyboard among my collection of nearly 30 vintage keyboards still in working and Mint Condition.
    It was a very popular Keyboard used on so many applications/ 80’s Hits.

  91. Angel angel

    Ho le lacrime al pensiero di quei tempi.....mitici simple minds

  92. James Scott

    They should perform at the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

  93. Berni Parker

    Le meilleur de la new wave des années 80....

  94. MediaWatchDawg

    I've never, ever heard this song. And, with a little luck, I'll never, ever hear it, again.

  95. Mountain Prairie West

    Simple Minds was such a genius band. So many of their songs appeal to my ears.

  96. Philip Simpson

    Simple minds at their best, not much more to offer after this album