Simple Minds - Stay Visible Lyrics

The road opens wide
There's space here for the two of us
We'd like to call you
But now we are tired

The text is the same
The music as well
I'm just making this up
As I go along

Stay visible
How to stay visible when driving a motorcycle
Stay visible
How to stay visible when driving home alone


The road keeps on flowing
I feel like I'm drowning
And in this little place
My bike does not fit
It does not fit in my parking space

Stay visible
How to stay visible when driving a motorcycle
Stay visible
How to stay visible when driving home alone


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Simple Minds Stay Visible Comments
  1. olivier geoffroy

    yeah forbes is back on this one ouh the difference .....amen

  2. rain73ful

    A truly great album.

  3. Country Life

    And i thought I've listened almost all their albums, this one caught me by surprice, such an underrated find!

  4. Emilie Smith

    It’s not true .... Mike Lund etc... was not born a women ... he had a twin maybe a girl .... they switch off ..!!! Yeah .... illusionist.... !! It takes two ... boy girl etc... twins maybe ..!!! My brother s friends were born guys ...!!!

  5. Emilie Smith

    Just tell me the truth ... your just teasing me ..!! Lol...

  6. Emilie Smith

    My bro was born a boy ..!!! I don’t know about his friends but he was a boy..!

  7. alessandro alessandri

    è l unica dell album ... sopra la media !


    The bass line sounds like Dereck Forbes ' ; but it's not him !


    What a smash tune !!!

  10. Jari Pynnönen

    Music in high quality. Simple minds is getting better and better with years. I`ve been big U2 fan in many years and i have had many good moments with U2 music. But i think i have to use more time with Simple minds music now and in the future. Aiting for new album feb. -18


    I think u2 have been trumped by simple minds with the latest Albums.. hate to say it.. but its true.. Bono and the lads need to go back to basics.

    Jari Pynnönen

    I agree U2 really need to go back to basics. I really loved them in Joshua tree and Zoo tv era especially Zoo tv was something big with glorious Achtung baby. I listened it nights and days. Those were the days. I hope that one day they come back and made my day.

  11. REDHILL 00 Gauge

    Wow such an epic song!! It has a U2 kind of feel but with a simple minds flare!! 2017

    Craig Cochrane

    What song of U2's reminds you of this Redhill (mining town)?

  12. see me see in the mirror

    Great song !

  13. James Lacey

    Pure genius. The American part 2.

  14. Pirata Informático

    que tema por Dios!!

  15. Peter Shaw

    The album that started their rebirth! No doubt! From the first note it's obvious that it's the distinct SM sound and the bass is back!

    Glen Bowley

    Almost agree, although I would say G.S was the (re)start of it all. Either way a brilliant album. I have loved SM since I was 8...some 36 years ago!I hope they continue to get the respect and love they so richly deserve. On the SFY front, when it came out I was very underwhelmed, however a few years after, maybe due to being that much older I actually love the album. LIACD,SFY,TIYL,SCO are all brilliant tunes.

  16. Stuart Bennett

    I love this track with the intro and the lyrics, I enjoyed the live version on Jonathan Ross shown a number of years ago. I am not sure why it was not released as a single it has such energy.

  17. venera maria licata

    Nulla oltre loro. The best!!!!

  18. Ola Ullsten

    .... too technical....

  19. M B

    best album they ever made is street fighting years ...without doubt 20yrs ahead of its time ..

    Peter Shaw

    sorry, Sfy was by far their absolute worse album. it's the album that ruined SM for me.


    well if you think that album was 20 years ahead your going to have to time travel well into the next millennia to gauge EMPIRES AND DANCE

    Nina Ferreira

    New Gold Dream ❤😊

  20. Renato Querino

    fantastica banda

  21. Lucas Lima

    David Arias Rose,I think Good News From The Next World (1991) is too a great album for me Black & White 050505 (2005) is the best album since Good News.

  22. essie finch

    love this one!

  23. essie finch

    smooth as ice!

  24. johnny chrome

    fukn awsum charlie brings it home love love :)

  25. JOHN

    the best album

  26. Luis vèlez

    Gran disco gran banda

  27. Luc B.

    Un morceau qui déménage grave...Bob Clearmountain au mix...le pied !:


    La voce di jim è semplicemente da viaggio....ehhhhhhhhh...quanti viaggi!!

  29. PositiveLastAction

    Black and White is probably SM most underrated album -  also sound a lot like U2 LOL but that's a good thing!  

  30. Philip Goddard

    amazing tune

  31. Forgoodnessake3G

    Brilliant track.  Should have had a single release & the album deserved much greater promotion.  U2 would have creamed their pants to have come up with a tune like this so deep into their career.

  32. rmzidann

    Very nice song. This whole album was great. If it had been U2's album, I am sure it would been #1 everywhere. Only because of the name. Love the bass line ( Really? Derek Forbes and not Eddy Duffy?), but then again, the guitar, drums and vocals are all very good as well.

  33. Belfrank

    The bass line is played by their original bassist Derek Forbes, as you can probably tell.... He was not credited for it on the record. Letting him go was one of the worst ideas they had - plays with Big Country now.

  34. ploperator

    the rhythm section has been their problem for years. No imagination. I think it started in the 90s.

  35. Daniel Midi

    Amazing song from amazing album, thank you Jim!

  36. stupideejay

    very very underated 'Minds tune-

  37. Craig Cochrane

    the one thumb down is a U2 fan lol


    Craig Cochrane - How can you mock U2 when this sounds exactly like U2. Idiot.

  38. David Arias Rose

    Thank you very much. Follow me on Twitter @DavidAriasXY . Regards! Much love

  39. Mark The Harmony

    ..the bass line...and I´m on the road..!!

  40. Daniel Midi

    Yes David Arias Rose, the best album since Real Life!

  41. gwyn griffiths

    i wish simple minds would be back together as a band,as i miss their music,as those wrote some excelent tracks over the past decade,and they are one bank i would like to see playing live.

  42. curzio saetta

    che servirebbe?
    servirebbero Derek e Mick..ecco che servirebbe...sigh!

  43. Nuno Santana

    the band that made u2 simple minds one of the best band ever

  44. digitalceo95


  45. spikelive

    I love simple minds since 1983 and because of simple minds ,i love also U2! but what if song was by u2....immediately in the top ten ,i think!!! make the difference! this is one of the gretest song of the decade 2000-10 and 1 of the best simple minds song ever! simple minds are really an underrated band! for me ,with Muse one of the greatest band and live band ever!! greetings from Italy!



  47. Andrea Bello

    Charlie Burchill, Mel Gaynor.............Jim.........che serve d'altro? meglio è servito!!

  48. Ian Denby


  49. Rijecanin1980

    no dislike!!!!!!!!!

  50. Miguel González

    The old guard's Rock in action, simply a masterly song. I love this bass line

  51. MrPuertoescondido


  52. madsav0

    Never thought to listen to any new Simple Minds songs since they went downhill with the likes of glitter ball until I read about how good this song is.... And it really is!

  53. DMG

    Quite possibly the most epic song ever recorded.

  54. davyjones800

    @chamillionaire96 Yeah, Simple and effective bassline

  55. davyjones800

    @chamillionaire96 I love the way the song starts off really softly, slowly builds into it with the piano then the guitars just explode the song into existence, Burchill And Duffy - This song wouldn't be the same without them

  56. David Arias Rose

    @davyjones800 yeah, the bass line in this song is also great

  57. davyjones800

    Burchill on guitar makes this song just unreal