Simple Minds - Someone Somewhere In Summertime Lyrics

Stay, I'm burning slow
With me in the rain, walking in the soft rain
Calling out my name
See me burning slow

Brilliant days, wake up on brilliant days
Shadows of brilliant ways will change all the time
Memories, burning gold memories
Gold of day memories change me in these times

Somewhere there is some place, that one million eyes can't see
And somewhere there is someone, who can see what I can see

Someone, Somewhere In Summertime
Someone, Somewhere In Summertime
Someone, Somewhere In Summertime

Moments burn, slow burning golden nights
Once more see city lights, holding candles to the flame
Brilliant days, wake up on brilliant days
Shadows of brilliant ways will change me all the time

Somewhere there is some place, that one million eyes can't see
And somewhere there is someone, who can see what I can see

Someone, Somewhere In Summertime
Someone, Somewhere In Summertime
Someone, Somewhere In Summertime
Someone, Somewhere In Summertime
Someone, Somewhere In Summertime

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Simple Minds Someone Somewhere In Summertime Comments
  1. Vladi Marcus

    Preciosa cancion. Años 80, Creatividad por todos lados. Tuvimos suerte de vivir lo que vivimos sin saberlo.

  2. Stephanie Noirot

    Magnifique Magnifique 🌟💖💎😇

  3. Paula Joyce

    it happened... yes, it did....

  4. Martin finbar Scully

    Pure class

  5. carla sander

    Assisti ao vivo pela primeira vez em 1988 no Hollywood Rock no RJ.

  6. Ryencarnation

    The world is mine. :O

  7. Bianca Hehmann

    Soooooo nice! 🙂👍

  8. Jerome Campbell

    Bought the album when it came out! Brilliant to this day

  9. Tita Cristi's Channel

    The UK makes the best music. End of.

  10. Jake

    ⚘ samantha PAV Vimodrone... ti amo

  11. товарищ фабси

    My dad and his army friends (served in northern Ireland) always used to listen to this when they met up miss ya big man.
    Gone but not forgotten

  12. PositiveLastAction


  13. Jorge Acevedo

    i love this band!!

  14. Carmen Maugeri

    Bellissima canzone 🥰

  15. d b

    Grande pezzo.

  16. Andy Brown

    I love 80’s music but never heard this song before I heard it on the inbetween, fell in love with it the second I heard it!

  17. Grover Grandle

    This song lifts my spirits

  18. lewan gillard

    This such a good fucking song! Reminds me a lot of Swamp Thing by The Chameleons.

  19. Michele Morandi

    Unica. Irraggiungibile.perfetta.sempre contemporanea.che fa sognare ad occhi aperti.solo+=😆😛

  20. Miki Melillo

    e vero io c ero ma e bello tutto LP

  21. Io Sole

    I was so Young...😧😫😥

  22. Cristiana Lupoli

    Meraviglia delle meraviglie........ Mauro

  23. Anna Bruzzese

    Quanti ricordi

  24. Lorenzo Di Camillo

    Brano capolavoro. Album capolavoro. Grandissima band. Anni 80 magici! Indimenticabili! Inarrivabili! Ed io c'ero......

  25. Stephanie Noirot

    Magnifique 💎

  26. nicolas bouchet

    David guetta sample this for his tube the world is mine.

  27. Marc Small

    Was this in the program the in between

  28. Andy

    Saw them at The Brighton Dome 83. Was starstruck when Jim Kerr came to the back of the tour bus and waved at me ❤

  29. john Torres Araujo

    Todo un Clásico de 1982 New Gold Dream Great Álbum of Simple Minds

  30. George aye

    Some songs capture the magic of a time of your life


    2019? bro we still listen to this in 2020 <3

  32. 2old2BTold

    I had the colored vinyl album and God knows where the heck it is now. Great era for me.

  33. anadin0612

    Gold Memories, for sure.

  34. Ballet Girl

    Who is watching in 2020? 👍🏼❤️


    First from me hell yeah

    George aye

    me and you doll !

  35. Dagmara Brauning

    I can’t stop listening!!!

    Daniel Leduc

    it's a good song

  36. Jose Joaquin Molina Salazar

    Un temazo del 82 y sigue siendolo hoy en dia

  37. Dadan Cigan


  38. revolverocelot213

    I would like publish a mix between Simple Minds and David Guetta but it is impossible with YouTube with the authors rights of shits

  39. David Of Portugal

    David Guetta sent me here!

  40. Daniela Galotti

    BRIVIDI ....

  41. The80shilling

    Takes me back to 1982 in Edinburgh... This song playing in my head, the festival in full swing... I was 19 and dating the most gorgeous girl from Norway, the sun was shining. Maybe the happiest days of my life.

  42. Uwe Fenstermann

    Best Album EVER - Simple Minds

  43. frank fiorini


  44. scodee

    Vividly remember this being played at the first gig of their new gold dream tour at the caird Hall Dundee.. Class

  45. Darla Draven

    I need to find you sooner understand what we missed " Officer and a Gentleman" partnership in August 95, thought I would be your interpreter and you my back up. We managed to never see each other confirmation that we did have cases in common "I was her genie in a bottle" Christina Aguilara getting her to school then bad cop would go visit mom....cases cases cases....who's the someone somewhere in summertime possibly both !!!!! I'm around thanks for saving my life Winter of 2014. Safety and Wellness check Rite Aide after closing the manager knew me well I was always on there with Nathaniel and Sissy everyone thought they were mine. Yes in many ways there are still today. Capptan Jon Benjimin Hicks aka Baby Daddy me Baby Mama. All his girlfriends called me baby mama,. He would bring young single moms or we would go visit them after hours. He had already given them my background of how I made it and he wanted the same for them and their babies. Off we would go visit a couple and he advise them ask her all the question you need to so you can help in all you need sometimes she just helps away from school to make it easier she is Federal Educate and Enforcement of Federal Education Codes and any others. She the one that will tell the office staff and administration any issues call me at will address that way you're not harrassed. I dislike when those trying get bitched at and others are it's ok things happen....I worked year round. If Baby Daddy and I both worked we we're your fairy godparents. Imagine we did gang intervention, awareness, suppression as well both Street and school. Freelance Admin Field Support Specialist 3 of us helping because we recognize who needs help with those sensitive issues. Things are not always what they seem Someone Somewhere in Summertime Hoping he"ll just show up at my door soon. Two December's I have seen him at the theater on main St. as I walk past it going to family Dollar we both jump back at eye contact as we look up I don't it's him or other way around either. We both want to look back but I am to shy. It's time to start or end my fantasy future with a fivell 5 O OMG It can be summer in December. Maybe we should play Sweet November. Ending up alone wasn't an option , I didn't want a step or half sibling nor step parent at all. Child saftey first

  46. leila armeni summer time...astonishing of the best of Simple Minds.....

  47. sebas hess

    91 / 92 / 93 / 94....and SLOWLY GETTING BETTER..............HIPP HIPP HURRAY, YN EXCELSYS DEODENAIL...................

  48. gold finger


  49. ohm mag

    open your mind open your heart dont make this important let the music play

  50. butt cheek

    so happy i heard this on the radio today omg i love it

  51. duncan w craig

    Part of my DNA. I was 14 in 82. Love simple minds (early cuts).

  52. Re Blue

    Amoooo 😍😍

  53. John Bennett

    I am I love it

  54. Helen Owens

    Love this song, don't hear much of it on radio. They don't make them like that anymore!

  55. pierre-jean breynart

    mes places pour le concert de Bordeaux le 6 avril 2020 .lol

  56. John McCasthy

    Yep iam still listening to this its awesome song

  57. backyardpainter

    Played full bore Friday nights then out on thee pull , fuck time is a thief!!!

  58. Roberto Kye

    Questa è storia. Ci sono nato e cresciuto con i Simple Minds

  59. philip formby

    The subliminal genius of jims lyrics

  60. Angelo Lopes

    One of the great songs of all times

  61. J. Buildingmen

    Greatest time of my life, will never come back.

  62. Margit S

    My all time favourite of Simple Minds. So futuristic and still getting excited to seeing them in 2020

  63. Kit

    i feel old knowing that i bought this record back in the days. i feel young when i listen to it and this is the magic of a good album. timeless.

  64. Gyada Sallywan

    Cultura offenda

  65. Вася Петров



    this is so good my brain can’t even process it

  67. Régis Leturque

    Il est de bon ton de hair Simple Minds. Moi j'aime bien. Excellent souvenir.
    Someone somewhere in the summertime.

  68. _mynewcareer

    Love it in 2020

  69. Geo solo

    2019 ✊💟🇧🇪the song To simple minds

  70. Alessio Berti

    Too be 16 again, I’m 53 now, wow life is like a blink of the eye. Rejoice in thy Youth.

  71. belgrader 68

    This song is danger for my feelings,like so mutch

  72. gutter snipe

    Back in the day when a band was class and a band ..

  73. Anto Pal


  74. philippe

    time machine to 1982 anyone?!!!!

  75. Tatjana Sim

    Thanks for brilliant song👍😊💕

  76. Gareth Jones

    Classic - better than some of the c*** today!

  77. Fabienne Girardot

    WOW toute mon adolescence au "Psychedelic" Argeles 1984 :-)

  78. Luca Gitani


  79. roberta norris

    If you don't feel this in your heart and soul you are well and truly dead

  80. nina Astoria

    L album que j ai le plus écouté. .souvenirs..

  81. Alan Strom

    This is one of the finest moments of the 80's.
    From the best and greatest decade in Earth's history.
    This song gave us hope during the doom and gloom of The Cold War and impending Nuclear Destruction.
    Thatcher and Reagan were in power..........................

    Tim H.

    Thatcher and Reagan were in power, taxes came down, communism was in retreat, the Berlin Wall came down. Great days indeed.

  82. MrGravito

    les plus grandes passions se réalisent avec ça !!!

  83. ladyelegance5

    Sound year 2019 🤸‍♂️

  84. Кристина Корженевская

    no way! that is how David Guetta made his "the world is mine"!

  85. monica blessent

    Un sogno

  86. Klebber Schmidt

    David Guetta sampled this song to create THE WORLD IS MINE.

  87. Dave Compton

    Italian summertime brought me here, and a beach juke-box! cheers from Alexandria VA! ;-D

  88. tinoracing

    le mie vacanze a varazze degli anni 90

  89. Damien Murray

    That bass line is insane!

  90. Hackosef

    The World is mine

  91. Bill Carmona

    One of the greatest bands ever.

  92. CasualAgent

    More cow bell please

  93. damian foley

    The greatest song ever from the 80s

  94. Sandro Puleo

    Masterpiece 💜

  95. ocn14s

    Fantastic, superb, timeless music

  96. phil billon

    Best album, intemporel