Simple Minds - Promised You A Miracle Lyrics

Promised you a miracle
Belief is a beauty thing
Promises promises
As golden days break wondering
Chance as love takes a train
Summer breeze and brilliant light
One love she sees
He controls on love
Love sails to a new life

Promised you a miracle
Belief is a beauty thing
Promises promises
As golden days break wondering
Only love she sees
He controls on love
Life mirrors a cure
Everything is possible
With promises
Everything is possible
Oh no

I promised you a miracle
Belief is a beauty thing
Promises promises
As golden days break wondering
Chance reflects on them a while
Love screams so quietly
Slipping back on golden times
Breathing with sweet memories

Promised you a miracle
Belief is a beauty thing
Promises promises
As golden days break wondering

Only love she sees
He controls on love
Life mirrors a cure
Everything is possible in the game of life
Everything is possible
Oh no

Chance lost pearls of great price
Take care of family
Only aches for love
Love waits for fame
In chance in chance they'll see

I promised you a miracle
Belief is a beauty thing
Promises promises
As golden days break wondering

Only love she sees
He controls on love
Life throws a cure
Everything is possible in the game of life
A burning dream
You can be Queen
Everything is possible

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Simple Minds Promised You A Miracle Comments
  1. Nicholas Maude

    I wonder who the hot blonde is?

  2. Rea Watters

    Takes me wayyy back to groovey haircuts 😂Brilliant, love these beauts ✌

  3. Edward Hannah

    When Jim Kerr married Chrissie Hynde back in the day to me was a bit unexpected.

  4. Patrick Stocks

    Who is listening 👂 2020?

  5. david campbell

    What position in the charts did the English language version reach?

    Andy JS

    Number 13 in May 1982. Pretty good for their first Top 40 hit.

  6. Kate Deluxe

    Looking forward to seeing U guys in Melbourne-"Day On The Green" Australia-November 2020!!

  7. Lino Eric

    Bonjour !!!!!
    BON dimanche à tous !!!!!
    C'est tout simplement exaltant cette musique !!!!! ❤️💙💜

  8. Lp Oude Weernink

    Simple Minds one of the best bands ever.

  9. David Butler

    Derek of the most underrated bass players ever !

  10. 303danc

    Don't mean to be one of those guys but I've been looking for this song for forever.. so 2020 anyone??

  11. Cheeky

    What is the blonde woman's name? She is the star of this video, I've been fantasizing about her for nearly 4 decades and I can't even get her name!!! All that wanking and I can't get her name! She is stunningly beautiful, too hot for a mediocre band!

  12. Paul James Brady

    I always thought this was Phil Oakey

    Andy JS

    Phil's voice is a bit lower than this.

  13. Billy Times

    Still listening to 80's music always and will be a great sound.

  14. Martina Darcy

    Nearly 50 in May 22 in my head but very young drinking in the alderman cork city happy days they had this on big screen... 😂

  15. Roger Fritz

    I always wonder what happened to "extras" in 80s music videos--like the girl in this video. Does she now weigh 175 pounds, works a branch manager at a suburban bank, and posts memes about cats on Facebook?

    Andy JS

    She looks Scottish to me, which wouldn't be surprising since the group is also from Scotland.

  16. Alan Devlin

    One of Scotland’s greatest bands

  17. Laura garritano

    I love this song so much ❤ it reminds back in the day in the 1980s

  18. Mark O'Neill

    One of their finest.......

  19. Maja Neralic

    Nice song.... I enjoy....

  20. Rylee Wyatt

    I wonder who’s the actress in the video? She looks lovely and mysterious with that hat ☺️

    Andy JS

    I reckon she's only 18 or 19 in the video, so she could be about 56 today. Not that old.

  21. Keith France

    3rd favourite record of all time. To me , the song is about being optimistic on what to make of your life choices & what you wish for can become true or not. Mick Macneil Brilliant keyboardist. One of the reasons why I got into Simple Minds..haunting melodies.

  22. jamie foyers

    80's graphics done in music videos..those were the days!.Supposed to be "cutting edge tech" as look at what we can do!.

  23. FourSeasonsHD

    This song is even more cooking on the live double album "In the city of light".

  24. Miranda Ahnström

    Yes, it smells🎶Scotlands Pride👑 mixed with Miracle💋& Love💘

  25. John Terry

    Just brilliant 80's class

  26. quarles1939

    Listen now

  27. Adrian B

    Off to see them next year in Notts. Can’t wait


    Quando accompagnavo mia sorella grande all'aereoporto

  29. Tommy Hutchinson

    Brilliant track.but even more brilliant is the girl.who is she?

    Andy JS

    Wish I knew.

  30. Irish Kabyle



    Un gruppo che piace a mia madre

  32. tuuuuune

    2020 anyone?

  33. tuuuuune

    Choooooon my favourite simple minds song

  34. Yohei


  35. Paul Corvers

    Always return to this song. In 1982 I was 14, when good popmusic makes a lifelong impression.

  36. superskunk013


  37. backyardpainter

    2019. 66 years young still hear !!!

  38. Mr Gobrien

    2:20 - I suppose the famous nikola tesla experiment with `wireless electricity' to illuminate light bulbs was considered a `miracle' at the time (that part of the video obviously alludes to that) - but i'm guessing these video makers just wired the light bulbs to an ac current under the sand though!

  39. Ian McGreevy

    I had forgotten that Simple Minds did funk early on.

  40. Ryan Symons


  41. Margit S

    So glad you are coming to Australia, I will be there with bells on. Rock on the 80's.

  42. Mark Kendrick

    Another Masterpiece from.this incredible band.....

  43. ledsith

    KROQ !!!

  44. john Torres Araujo

    Dios que Clásico que para mi gusto Nunca pasara de moda New Wave 80' Forever

  45. dave harris

    After all these years & so many great concert memories I never get tired of listening to the Minds

  46. Jan Thomson

    My kind of music.


    J adore☺
    J ai envie de vivre en l,écoutant.
    La bonne époque😈
    Catherine mancini😈

  48. Delajuan El Bey

    I will promise you all a miracle brings back memories that we’re so simple and priceless

  49. Delajuan El Bey

    I will promise you all a miracle brings back memories that we’re so simple and priceless

  50. Kyle byrne

    Love this song

  51. Brian Nash

    The worst that can happen is we have more to help the poor God would do this to i believe this!

  52. Brian Nash

    Is Anybody With Me?

  53. Deana Marin

    Meravigliosi gli anni 80 per la loro musica e le bands che la interpretavano ♥️

  54. GonsalvoDeCordova

    That woman terrifies me

    Andy JS

    Why? She's beautiful.

  55. Yesenia Zoe

    i just don't get the thumbs down , This is good music !!

  56. Brian Nash

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  58. milan mernjik

    fanki elementi vade pesmu,inače više mi se sviđa koncertna verzija

  59. Benjamin Thomas

    Geez, I love a rearside ride,
    Summer breeze, and shave a lion,
    I am in constant contact with the deceased soul of Joe Stalin,
    You have been re-allocated to Siberia.

  60. Craig Duncan

    Derek Forbes 🎸🖒

  61. David Hargreaves

    By far their best best best track....went downhill from here!!!.......

    Andy JS

    Glittering Prize was pretty good as well.

  62. Ricey Martin

    ONE FM Countdown voters, explain yourself as to WHY this is #51.

    Coming from the person who nominated it

  63. Pupster 68

    Just glad I was a teenager in the 80s

  64. Alexander Alston

    Who is the girl?

  65. cristiana suler

    he looks so stunning

  66. Malazgirt 1071

    That's right, Al You lost. And let me tell you what you didn't win: a twenty volume set of the Encyclopedia International, a case of Turtle Wax, and a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat. But that's not all. You also made yourself look like a jerk in front of millions of people. You brought shame and disgrace to your family name for generations to come. You don't get to come back tomorrow. You don't even get a lousy copy of our home game. You're a complete loser!... prosper now

  67. adam shep

    Very unrated band

  68. John Smith

    Upbeat banger

  69. Kboy

    At this time Kerr and his cohorts were possibly in their element ...untouchable...anything was possible...then Steve Lillywhite ( U2;s producer) got a hold of them, elevated the thumping of Gaynor, Forbes's bass was forever drowned out..and the rest....well we know what happened.what a tragedy....At least Kerr and Co knew how to dress here.

  70. bizbazboz

    Derek Forbes, all time bass legend !

  71. Steven Pallet

    2 , 000 Years later on YOU - TUBE ,,,,,,,,, JAY - MZ

  72. godking

    My soundtrack whenever i ace an exam

  73. Richard Ames

    Rap music ruined the wonderful pop music like this. What a pity😞

  74. Martin Norris

    Saw Derick Forbes last night play , amazing,can't wait till next gig.

    Adeline Lebargy

    Martin Norris Lucky you ! I wish I could see him one day in France. This Guy is incredible on bass!

  75. Martin O'Hara

    Utterly evocative. I was 14 in 1982 and I’m transported back there every time I hear this. Aural honey.

  76. marc vanhoof

    Nice still love this song😃

  77. swordscot

    I love Jim Kerr but he had the most awful taste in clothes.....even for the 1980s

    Andy JS

    He had good taste for 1982.

  78. Jo Blogs

    One of their best songs. Love this

  79. Joaquin Gonzalez

    Cool to see the bassist pulling double duty as the drummer!!! I love this song

  80. Nico Vercetti

    As golden Days break wondering!

  81. astrotrain21

    All of them are bald now. Even the girl.

    Andy JS

    I'd like to know who the model is. She might have been about 18 at the time.

  82. Garry Baldy

    Mike Ogletree playing drums with a very lifelike Derek Forbes mask on.

  83. vinto34

    Great stuff...the 80s were cool.

  84. Nick Carlson

    Comments on YouTube about 80s songs:
    I'm in my 50s remember when this song came out Better than todays music
    I'm 12-18.This music much better than today's music (neither comment is wrong BTW)

  85. Solar Dillon

    Golden days...…..

  86. Mr. Kolohe

    With New Wave anything is possible

  87. Jamila Andersson

    WOW This Was The Amazing Great Old Time The 80's Era! When They Could Make Real MUSIC SONGS. .Real Masterpieces True Art
    I LOVE IT FROM ALL MY ♥ HEART. .Please PLEASE Make Songs Music Like This Again
    Wish They Could...
    Miss It Madly. ..♥

  88. Pani Smith

    Rrr!!! Memorys driving in NZ...2000.
    With this CD blasting in...😊💋

  89. rodstewartshow

    The only song on that album to feature Kenny Hyslop on drums... although Mike Ogletree's white kit is used in the video at 14 seconds in... Mike and Mel Gaynor played drums on the other tracks,

  90. christine cleavest

    This song still holds up.

  91. Daniel Francis

    Anyone listening in 2019

  92. Nasreen

    👑 2019
    Bring back the 80's..An era when I was still growing up and my precious mother was still alive. My happy place!!

  93. maha77

    iconic sound

  94. GrecoCalabrese

    Best Simple Minds Song.


    I was 6 when this came out in 1982 I remember this song I liked it then and now at 42

  96. Richard M. Arnold

    Transports me. 😊🎵🎶♥️⛱️🌴

  97. Thamer Arafat

    Wow 😮 pure from the beginning to the end🤗