Simple Minds - Moscow Underground Lyrics

Descended from a world of darkened places,
Descended from a world that’s lost control,
Suspended between time and fractured places,
I’m waiting for the fall here on my own.

Please take me down where the rain drops,
Please take me down, down below.
Please hold me here where the dreams stop,
Please leave me here on my own.

It was fate that took me down into the place,
I want to cross the borders of control.
Take me to the shrine that’s in your basement,
And hold me in that place I’ll lose it all.

So please take me down where the rain drops,
Please take me down so far below.
Come take me down to where my dream stops.
I don’t know where else I can go.

So please take me down to where the rain drops,
Please lay me down, down below.
Please leave me here where the dream stops,
Cause I don’t know where else I can go.

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Simple Minds Moscow Underground Comments
  1. Oliver B


  2. Ernest Motta

    One keeps finding Simple Minds music one haven't heard before! This song is awesome!

  3. Cambodia Travel Tips

    Wicked.... kicking.... and alive. Great song. Live is awesome too😎

  4. fax701

    The best.

  5. Roberto Sanfilippo

    Mi rivolgerò alla corte dei diritti umani. Come capita! 🎱

  6. Roberto Sanfilippo

    Cari Sert di merda, la mia pelle costa cara. Voi non siete Dio!

  7. Ian Craig

    One of thee greatest tunes EVER!!!


    always have been and always will be

  8. Dave Shields

    Aberdeen AECC 12/12/2009 Support from OMD, Great gig

  9. G S

    Sounds like peak era U2. This is a high compliment.

  10. Stefano Cini

    One of their best track ever!

  11. mark L

    Bass upfront in the mix + icy detached vocal + stinging guitar passages = sons & fascination. Fantastic song

  12. janne pitkanen


  13. StayVisible

    This music is so underrated.

  14. Lia

    this is the best piece I've heard for many years; not only from Simple Minds
    if you're sensitive to music and you know the Moscow underground you feel the emotional impact ), no artificial stunts or tricks"; and to me it sounds deeper than just an echo of the material city underground

  15. Eugenioworld

    Buenisima cancion.

  16. Thomas SHARONIARD

    1:31 : is this REAL and spectacular music ? Yes, it is... thanks to god 30 years after they are still impressive and innovative

  17. PETER CH

    Awesome Album !!!! 10/10

  18. David Mauldin

    This album their best in 30 years......


    Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call can't be overthrown ;)

  19. Peter Shaw

    oh my! the bass is back. Very very good song! And the live version is awesome as well.

  20. Ian Craig

    amazing simple minds simply the best always have been always will be

  21. Petrus

    Magical music !

  22. jorge saragoca

    ONE of the Beste.

  23. User58747

    I hope Jim and Charlie continue to make music for a long time yet. Whatever they do is good, and sometimes it is magical - like this one!

  24. david arrowsmith

    One of the best album openers of all time

  25. Mark Wallace Maguire

    Shimmering brilliance. Heavy echoes of Sons and Fascination.

  26. Pierluigi Mazzocchi


  27. Luis vèlez

    Eddie Duffy gran bajista

  28. david arrowsmith

    Possibly THE best tune simple minds have done in the past few years
    Am I addicted?

  29. Scott Kathan

    Since when did an alleged type of physical "appearance" ever...EVER affect the quality of any music? Jesus, what a bunch of fucking idiots...put aside your thoughts, close your mouth, open your ears and minds...can't you hear what an amazing song this is? Music isn't about a certain look, style or flair. It's about music. Period.

  30. tripop


  31. ChannelMitchy13

    Derek was 1/2 the band! Bassist up Front! Why did they lose him? Then they lost the other half Michael. Still have Charlie to kick around though. The 3 best halves of Simple Minds. It'd be great to get those 3 back into collaboration. Jim and Mel are good don't get me wrong, Mel had contracts and Jim didn't like to be shown up. Too bad for them all.

  32. gregingram1970

    I dont care for your opinion. He looks like a special needs case. Other than that the minds are good. As for knowing member of his family, of course its relevant. Its info on who JK is outwith the media generated impression you have on him. I have an advantage. I guess you dont get the thing about the media telling you how reality is and then you find out for yourself it is much different? You know its been called many things like 'ideological hegemony' and 'brainwashing'. You fuck off now.

  33. PositiveLastAction

    This is probably one of the stupidest comments I have ever read on youtube.

  34. PositiveLastAction

    simply knowing a family member doesn't make you an expert on anyone's character.

  35. TheMotogavlas84

    Why do you say that

  36. gregingram1970

    keep with duran duran...much better than simple minds. I know a member of Jim Kerrs family. Your perception of him is wrong.

  37. 180-180-141

    What a horrible thing to say about a person. Jim Kerr is one of the loveliest blokes you could hope to meet, it's disappointing that you feel the need to make such nasty remarks about him. Anyway, back to the music, I agree that this is an excellent track, could almost have been on 'Empires & Dance'. However, the real treats are yet to come...

  38. Jay John

    U2 has cited Simple Minds as a major influence in the early days

  39. Thomas Kamphuis

    The song wich brought them back on track for good... this song came to me as a big relief..

  40. gregingram1970

    This is my opinion. I think some of their stuff is good...even brilliant. But Jim Kerr, like Jamie Oliver, looks as though he is missing a chormosome like Down Syndrome people have. Its just an observation and i doubt its affected his artistic output.

  41. Alexandra Gahan

    i agree!

  42. ultrafragola2000

    @gazzatopdude1 WHAT?! Look dear i think that Simple Minds doing great without any duet with U2 nor Bono.
    I'm proud to be SM fans,i don't need surely U2.Maybe some fans should simply quite the comparison?Since i think that Kerr has much more value soul style talent and class than Bono will ever has in all his entire life.

  43. Bob Owen

    Simple Minds are a awesome band!!! They still sound great after all these years. It is good that they don't try to change because a lot of bands their voices are dead and they try to make it sound like they use to sound.
    Live on SIMPLE MINDS!!!!

  44. newgolddream0121

    What a song ,greatest hits tour soon shame they wont do this

  45. gazzatopdude1

    if jim kerr wants a UK number 1 then sing this song as a duet with U2, this will also silence the ongoing debate of U2 Vs SImple Minds as the truth is that U2 and simple minds bear no hard feeling towards each other, only the fans do

  46. davyjones800

    Great track from the best Scottish Band

  47. gazzatopdude1

    this album is great

  48. dubayadot

    seen the minds at ibrox on a sunny day back in 86 i think , i was but a boy , this track brings it all back , happy days

  49. DSCH4

    Take away the vocals and I would gave guessed this was a New Order tune.

  50. MegaJohnny

    Great stuff this new album. I've never heard a Simple Minds song before this came out, and for a band that's supposedly 30 years old it's great that these new songs sound so fresh and new.

  51. Amberitus

    WELL! I was starting to think that Simple Minds had lost their luster for me. But this album has polished them up again for me. This is a great track. I've learnt something about myself tonight. Thanks guys.

  52. Mark Liddell

    I dedicate this superb, atmospheric song to the victims of the Moscow metro bombings. Spareathought for them and their friends and families.

  53. Leonardo Scrote

    Simple Minds used to outsell U2 in the early eighties - Bono actually said he aspired for his band to be as dynamic as Simple Minds in 1983..

  54. mike mancini

    Canzone Straordinaria.....

  55. mirkodascanio

    SM is the music;U2 is the business

  56. jayno1cutler

    True true

  57. jayno1cutler

    And by the way after looking more on the comments... Just because Simple minds do a great song it doesnt mean that U2 Sucks!! U2 is still great, If you like simple minds you can pretty much call yourself a U2 and Coldplay fan to because they make similar music that is amazing. Though simple minds arent that famous they are just as good as both U2 and Coldplay but not so much better and i think that it isnt allways good to be the most famous and popular band so GO SIMPLE MINDS.And U2 And Colplay

  58. jayno1cutler

    Scary song...Great though

  59. sweetassugar69

    lol get on your boots or shall we say we get on your bike with at comment

  60. Aqua949

    This is good but U2's No Line On The Horizon is better.

  61. spikelive

    if this kind of cd (graffiti soul) was made by u2(j'm also a huge u2 fan) should reached the top in the chart!
    simple minds are a very underrated band!
    they are a great band especially agreat live band(one of the best live band with Muse)
    ciao cheers from Italy!

  62. Marlon Rodríguez

    Excelente tema. Que bien es saber de este grupo.
    Larga vida a Simple Minds

  63. MrLobster65

    Como acá se dice: Alta música!!! Gracias!!!

  64. jorge saragoca

    I thing this is one of the best song of this great band.

  65. afficionado2004

    Great song! Best thing I've heard from them in many years.

  66. 5eurocups2005

    Simple minds are a Great band why should they chnage there music they doing what they know best, i love this song best song i heard in ages. Obviously you mate have a problem with simple minds, and what you said about jim kerr is a disgrace

  67. gregingram1970

    Nice track. I think its great how Simple Minds failed to evolve into something other than the exact same sound they are famous for. They have not changed a single bit. and that will keep old fans happy but it does them no credit to their reputation by being unable to progress in any direction and sound like they did during their 1980s hey day.

    PS Jim Kerr looks like he has down syndrome.

  68. jorge saragoca

    the best track of this fantastic album. they are back.

  69. rmzidann

    Original, inventive, catchy and infectious tunes for those who can appreciate it. Great bass and guitars. Drums are always good with the Minds. Superb album. I am really taken back by the quality of the songs. Thought they were done, but the Minds are back. Hope they tour the States. Buy it, it won't disappoint from begining to the end.

  70. William O' Donnell

    this whole album sounds dynamite.

  71. justin ball

    This has to be the most original piece of music to grace my ears for a very long time, Blast it out loud!! and enjoy..MAGICAL!!

  72. jorge saragoca

    this the best song, from the brilliant graffiti soul. great return

  73. Beasty

    old school!

  74. Keith Phillips

    Sounds like the origional line up did get back together for this track!I for one am looking forward to hearing this live in dec-please play some tracks off sons and fascination/sister feelings call too!!!Well done Charlie for revisiting the textural roots of the minds!

  75. travelyoja

    Hypnotic. The bass is simply wicked!

  76. 20yearwritersblock

    rather good. well done. thank you. album.

  77. Johnny Rep


  78. SLKVP

    Sometimes I think that Simple Minds should release a accompanying CD, with music only of the songs

  79. u2akrobata

    Great song from great Band<<<<


    Does anyone else think this song (especially the beginning) sounds similar to Theme For Great Cities from Sons and Fasconation?

    I think it's the atmospheric sounds in the background. Very much a return to form

  81. jorge saragoca

    No site não faz referência a qualquer dada e local. Esperemos que sim.

  82. jorge saragoca


  83. mike mancini