Simple Minds - Hunter And The Hunted Lyrics

Shooting from the hip
About our faith and love
I see it in your faces thin as shadow
See me as I figure in your late night plan
See me as I'm cocooned up in Badland
The side effects of cruising at the speed of life
The side effects of living in temptation
When only one star is waiting up on all of us
You'll see me as I'm cocooned up in Badlands
And how do I feel living in the eighties
And do I get to see the light of day

Kyoto in the snow but Heaven's far away
Sending their love - passion parade
Hunter and the Hunted
With me first times can never lie

They were young - they were brave - they were the honest set
The greatest show on earth is here tonight love
See me as a figure in the late night plan
See me as I'm cocooned up in Badlands
The side effects of cruising at the speed of life
The side effects of living in temptation
When only one star is waiting up on all of us
You'll see me as I'm cocooned up in Badlands
And how do I feel living in the eighties
And do I get to see the light of day

Kyoto in the snow
Heaven's far away
Sending their love
Passion parade
Hunter and the Hunted
With me first times can never lie
Only with you
Life moves so fast

When your hear me screaming
I'll be seeing through the eyes of love

Tell me can you hear me
Tell me can you see me

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Simple Minds Hunter And The Hunted Comments
  1. Lauren Johnston

    ... gorgeous track; one of the prettiest songs from this era.

  2. paul holland

    I lived in the 70s and 80s thank god music awesome the years ahead hold nothing RIP Britain

  3. Kathleen Chassey

    It exists. There’s proof already of that! I’m in love once again with this one!!!!

  4. Tabbs Smith

    I suppose I’m lucky I have out of body experiences ! So I know that death is not the end, but I understand that when we are young we do look back with roses coloured glasses . But it’s not the end do not fear the end. So don’t despair love and give and enjoy life that you have now. Live it as much as you can as if it was your last day. Took me a shake up of life to say no live.

  5. Nephilim 81

    Well done. New gold Dream is more than just a is a sweet reality.
    My favourite from the Minds and it is timeless!


    Is this the best song from the best christ/bride themed album of time? A stellar mix.

  7. Lee Dummett


  8. Dick Carlsson

    Still in love with this song!!!! 49 years and still dancing!!

  9. Robert Hintze

    this song is the underaretested from the minds,point.

  10. Luca Salsano

    Amazing ! Where are the images that show a girl dancing taken from ? Who's the dancer?

  11. James McCarthy

    When S.M's were at their musical peak, along with all the other gem's on this fantastic album.
    Never tire of listening to this.
    Love it now as I loved it when I heard it for the very first time.
    Epic sound !!!

  12. Jan Pedersen

    This song kills me every time ............ I cannot explain the sensation inside, but with human words of 2019 it makes me feel alive and full of love, especially for my kids, my family, my parents. The song rips me wide open, the sound and the whole musical arrangement makes me joyful and sad at the very same time............. powerful, oh so powerful

  13. Margit S

    Damn I loved this tune back when it first came (lol not can) out and still do today. Magic

  14. Mike Smith

    What a song the lyrics when you hear me screaming ill be seeing through the eyes of love says it all

  15. kadiocalc

    I wish I still had vinyls but Hay Ho. There music is timeless and I'm looking forward to see them when they are on tour in Australia next year

    Margit S

    Tickets are on sale Monday I will have my finger on the ready.

  16. Craig Mcneill

    Still. My favourite album 37 years on. Maybe sparkle in the rain would have been just as good if they hadnt let steve lillywhite destroy any atmosphere or subtlety

  17. Kkaren Tamplin

    A great album also sparkle in the rain is another great album from fabulous group 40 years and still making great music their tour in April cannot wait to see them again in cardiff karen tamplin

  18. aldo oramas

    Herbie Hancock keyboards solo

  19. desq123

    Saw they about 10 years ago at the Albert Hall, still mind blowing. One of the best gigs I've ever been to.

  20. Dominique Rousseau

    C'est toujours un grand moment, a chaque fois cela m'emporte, c'est toute ma jeunesse, good

  21. Davide Santoro


  22. ASSELIN Jean-Philippe

    J'étais déjà désenchanté à 18 ans.Simple Minds berça ma mélancolie d'un monde meilleur qui ne serait pas avec The Cure et New Order.Ce qui advint par la suite ne me donna jamais tort.Ainsi va l'ordre des choses sous le soleil:monter,briller et descendre.Les années 80 furent nostalgiques,élégantes et pas vulgaires du tout! Il y avait encore de la poésie dans tout, y compris le rock alternatif!

  23. Sumeena Hari

    I’m 39 and I love this song so much. My husband who is 47 got me into this song. Good taste in music I say.
    Sends shivers down my spine. Such a great song and I’m guessing era...

  24. Silvia

    This song gives emotions, I love it 😍

  25. Claudia Lallai

    80 music forever

  26. Dan Carty

    Just balling my eyes out, PLEASE take me back - FFS just how good is this? 🙏🙏❣❣

  27. Iona Ramsay


  28. Owen McGee

    good sound, too repetitious with a non-voice. ambient pop/rock influenced later shoegaze. nice production, no virtues. bland.

  29. Kathleen Chassey

    I’m in love. I remember these guys. Always!

  30. robyg70

    Hey andyj66. You told that you don't give a F**k if people like it when you made your "This Fear Of Gods" video. Which was awesome. Now you just made a more awesome video! F**k you dude for being liked!! Great work andyj66

  31. Jan Leeuwerink

    One of their finest tracks

  32. mauro mauro


  33. oklagos

    no puedo dejar de escucharte............

  34. gary bauchope


  35. elrickization

    I feel blessed

  36. Thomas Leeman

    I am 55 and this song still sound brilliant and what can I say about the band simply the best bravo

  37. Ricardo Fortunato Almeida

    Good memories!...

  38. james murray

    what a tune superb classic minds

  39. Pedro Silva

    De Portugal Lamego, que música linda, que génio de letra e video.

  40. Shad0wplay

    Så sykt bedre enn U2

  41. Thomas SHARONIARD

    Jeffrey Epstein in the snow heaven's far away passion parade hunter and the hunted

  42. Indy Jones

    Cool vid.

  43. Mimmo Lombardo

    La più bella è davvero la mia preferita dei Simple Minds

  44. Panjang

    Brilliant mix and a brilliant song.

  45. james murray

    what a song beautiful

  46. Steve Gordon

    Pure class!

  47. nicole van zwam

    niks boven dit

  48. gixxerboy555

    Big Sleep is also...amazing song on this album..

  49. David Stopford

    Been with this band since the beginning and when this came out.. well. Herbie Hancock keyboard solo on this.

  50. Billy Brangler

    Oh man,this keyboardsolo,one of the greatest ever...unforgetable

  51. Bridge Of Angels

    Genius, Best SM song by far along with Book of Brilliant Things. Period.


    better than 70 cities?

  52. Paulo Carvalho

    I,m 51 and love this epic music

  53. Dario Meomatini

    One the best band but i dont understand why so underrated!!!!!!!!!!
    Rolling Stone magazine.

  54. anom pard

    so so nostalgic this song was made to be the wine

  55. Pedro Silva

    De Portugal Lamego, tenho 46 anos, adoro Simple Minds e só agora conheci esta fantástica música.

  56. Toria Ridgway


  57. David Stopford

    Herbie Hancock on main keyboards.

  58. Crepax Crepax

    Life moves so fast.... Bellissima canzone dei Simple Minds... non smetterò mai di ascoltarli....

  59. twilight ocean

    Best band so much....J adore simple minds c est toute ma jeunesse perdue je suis tellement nostalgique de cette époque....

  60. Marco Soderi

    Bellissimo brano contenuto in ottimo album.

  61. Ben Lindsey

    My new favorite song!

  62. anom pard

    this simple midns were spiritual and magical

  63. mark paulo

    05 00 ladies and gentlemen Mr Herbie Hancock.

  64. joost van lijden

    totally destoyed a brillian song and created a sick making soup, make your own music and keep your hands of things that are brilliant without your "help"

  65. Toria Ridgway


  66. Jack Deman

    This song Rocks in all the Good Ways... Love IT...

  67. Stephen Brown

    Blown away by the beauty of this

  68. PDS

    56 and this song still send ripple's of something thrashing around my body.. Man I knew it was good all those years ago when it hammered through the door speaker's on my Ford Capri full BLAST

  69. Giovanni Malagrinó

    Solo in modo esclusivo di produrre questo genere di musica, erano gli anni '80 del '900 .come furono gli affreschi nel rinascimento nessuno più di allora fu in grado di creare tali capolavori. I SIMPLE MINDS lo sono nella musica .

  70. Giovanni Malagrinó

    The Best OF :80 with group :SIMPLE MINDS, Talk Talk,Duran Duran Spandau Ballet ,Frankie Goes Hollywood, Tears for Fears

  71. Giovanni Malagrinó


  72. Edward Lawrence

    This is one very good song!......

  73. M B

    Great times..

  74. marco bertoletti

    musica allo stato puro , non ti stanchi mai di ascoltarla , (a 13 anni avevo il disco) ne ho 53 , ma è come se fosse il primo giorno, le emozioni non hanno prezzo

  75. Hanley Guy

    A Musical and visual treat - a ride into the sublime

  76. anonymous person

    You know you've reached Valhalla when you hear this.

    Alan Foster

    After a Viking victory

  77. Paul D

    Stunning track, understated on NGD as can be overshadowed by the overall brilliance.

  78. veerle fermon

    When you hear me screaming I ll be seeing through the eyes of love

  79. veerle fermon

    Only with you, life moves so fast

  80. StayVisible

    Piece of Art.

  81. Thomas Leeman

    Simple minds fav band best ever love them to bits long may there music last and never God bless simple minds

  82. Big Flat

    Was Herbie Hancock in this

  83. The Dragon Trilogy

    The visuals accompanying this are pretty cool.

  84. Lorena Silvana Pasquetti

    Per me la piu' bella canzone dell'album new golddream 💗💕❣️🙋anche il video mistico esoterico e' splendido. 😍💕💗💥

    Giovanni Malagrinó

    Ciao Lorena Silvsna

  85. Toria Ridgway


  86. Dick Carlsson

    New Gold Dream, a modern milestone!!!! A magic album, I was 12 when it was released, still love it!!!!!

  87. David Ellis

    An intimate song. Like this alternate mix.

  88. keith-lee castle

    Agreed with below...This album reminds me so much of being 14 and different...The uk pop charts were astounding in 1982.


    Sublime Bass lines


    Great track!! THX from

  91. Pam Tufnell


  92. Pam Tufnell

    Mistro mick mac

  93. martin farias


  94. martin farias

    Impresionante los 80 y mis terribles 90

  95. Dale Parfitt

    Cinematic magic solo oh my

  96. Dale Parfitt

    Best band in world fin

  97. keith-lee castle

    I bought the album this belongs to in 1982....I was 13/14.....I played it to death then and still do..
    Sons and Fascination too...I long for the days when I went to HMV to buy an album with pocket money.
    I’d devour the artwork, lyrics and smell....Although this album didn’t have lyrics.
    For me, 1980-82 was an amazing time for records...Japan, Bowie, Gary Numan, Killing Joke, Banshees, Cure etc..


    I was right there with you brother and still am.


    that was the best music ever made...

    Louise X

    I grew up with this album and band (along with U2, Police, Pink Floyd and others) and it was one of the first I ever bought on cd.

    Margit S

    You have the same music tastes lol

  98. Big Flat

    The only the band that ever touched all bases

  99. Big Flat

    Just talented